sxm government st maarten falls


I would like to entertain the minds of the readers a little before the holidays.

Now that Wescot-Williams Cabinet III is up and running, poor people are still in dire straits.


Comrades, begone! These politicians would not tell the truth to God. but, I promised my comrades that I would address the social and political issues more aggressively next year.

You know what next year is? When I tackle the issues I will be more ferocious than my pardner coach Radjouki when he is on the attack in a table-tennis competition, but more on that next year. I am aware that politics is the art of the possible. Now let me engage your minds.

Comrades, if I were to put a government together with all the officials and politicians that are around now, I would do the following:

-Ministerie van Algemene Zaken (Min. AZ): Dr Eugene Haliday (PM)

-Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening, Milieu en Infrastructuur (Minister of Public Housing  and Spatial Planning Environment and infrastructure: Mr William V Marlin.

Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Social Ontwikkeling en Arbeid (Min VSA): Dr Lloyd Richardson.-I believe Dr Lloyd Richardson would shine like a star I have few reservations.

-Ministerie van Cultuur, Jeugd en Sport (Min OCJS): Sylveria E. Jacobs.- her record speaks volumes.

-Ministerie van Financien (Min. Finance): Mr. M.G. Frederick (A former PPA candidate) -new blood; Mike is pretty good.

Ministerie van Justitie (Min JUS): Mr Todd Peterson without a doubt. Sorry comrades, Todd is my choice. Yes, I know that he is not a politician.

-Ministerie van Toerisme, Economische Zaken, Vervoer en Telecommunicatie (Min): Mrs Claudette Charles Hassel or Mr Stuart Johnson.

-Kabinet  Gevolmachtigde Minister (KGM): Mrs Sarah Wescot Williams-rated very highly for diplomacy

The 15 members in Parliament would be:

1) Lourdes Brooks-Lake,

2) Keith Kendall Dupersoy

3) Christopher C.T. Emmanuel

4) Sylvia Meyers

5)Rhoda Arrindell

6) Rodolphe Samuel

7) Richelda Emmanuel

8)  Antonio Brown 🙂

9)  George Pantophlet

10) Don R. Hughes

11) Leona Marlin-Romeos

12) Rudy Engel

13) Henry Salomons

14) Theo Heyliger

15) Leonard Priest.

Comrades Happy Holidays,


Julien Petty

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