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According to sources, a lot of people are going to jail in the St Maarten Government next year. There is so much going on in the St Maarten Government.

Mr VDSM James Richardson was investigating and wiretapping (some say illegally) the most powerful people in St Maarten (both European AND Caribbean Dutch) James Richardson then allegedly went into his VDSM expense account, and used the St Maartener’s taxpayer money to build a wall worth thousands around his house  for ‘security’. So with his brand new wall, he should’ve had the most ‘secure’ home in Sint Maarten, yet he spent several months “hiding” in a Point Blanche hotel-The Tamarind Hotel-the taxpayers ALSO footed that bill, and there’s still thousands of dollars that he has yet to account for. Then three weeks ago by coincidence a security guard at the very same Tamarind Hotel that James Richardson was “hiding” at, got his head busted open. He is now in critical condition with a blood clot on his brains, and his relatives have just arrived from Haiti and are seeking donations, so whatever this man saw or knew, nobody’s helping him now.

There was a “lack of decorum” or whatever in Parliament at the Patrick Illidge hearing. Nobody in Parliament wants Patrick prosecuted now, because if Patrick going down, a lot of people will go down with him. Employees at the Bada Bing have emphatically stated that Patrick was just ONE of the politicians who were practically LIVING at the brothel. And stop calling The Bada Bing a Strip Club, it is a Whore House.

Pelican Employees are claiming that Jules James and his Pelican pals still have yet to pay them out. Over 200 employees, some with over 30 years working for Pelican. There’s a chance that the Pelican saga is NOT over. I ask Parliamentarian Jules James point blank about the Pelican workers money, and he said that it simply was not true. Now my pal Julien Petit says that a St Maarten politician will lie to God, so we’ll have to find out in 2014 whether the Pelican Saga will once again be played out in court. I don’t think those 200 employees and the families are going to go away.

And speaking of Parliamentarian Jules James, he has NEVER dropped the gun charges against Romain Laville, and that saga continues…

If Parliamentarian Patrick Illidge does get tried in court next year, Parliamentarian Theo Heyliger will HAVE to be on the stand at some point. After all the man behind the payments, brothel owner Jaap Van Den Heuvel said that the set-up was done at Theo Heyligers request, and Jaap Van de Heuvel has LOTS more video…. Why do you think they released him so quickly after his detention last month?

Speaking of investigations, wasn’t there an investigation going on of Theo Heyliger when it came to bribing three police officers? Was it three or four 🙂 ? One policeman drove the others to collect money at Theo Heyligers Point Blanch office. One officer had a cell phone.. and recorded.. Welcome to the 21st century.

Parliamentarian Romain Laville, filed criminal charges against Parliamentarian Theo Heyliger this year as Parliamentarian Jules James has declared that he will NOT drop his criminal charges against Romain Laville..

Then we have the Saraconda, Sarah Wescot Williams our dear Prime Minister is under an integrity investigation right now, and she somehow convinced the Dutch that Richard Gibson and Jan Beaujon could be in charge of ANYTHING that has to do with integrity or ethics.

Roland Duncan is staying under the radar, being smart for the first time in his life-but he DARED the Dutch to “arrest me or shut up!” when he was the Minister of Justice, and had Ministerial Immunity. Now he’s just another St Maarten lawyer praying that the Dutch forget his “dare”.

His son in law former Minister of finance Hiro Shigemoto went to jail, he then went to court………and then silence!

Like the bloggers are going to let it go, whatever happened to the Piranha case?

And speaking of piranhas, what happened to the Bas Roorda, Tourism bureau scandal? That was getting so interesting until Bas Roorda fled the island in terror, screaming over his shoulders about death threats, lasers, carbombs, and local “Mulatto” crime families.

The Police department it seems spends most of its time investigating and being investigated by OTHER police department.

Behind the scenes we have a bunch of shady characters in the Prosecutors Office who STILL haven’t told us where Joran Van der Sloot dumped that American girl’s body.

There’s a lot more, and I don’t even want to say it but the only person that you get ANY positive feedback about is Sylveria Jacobs. I don’t want to say anything, because I know Sarah and Theo and the gang will just try to sully her up. Just remember Syveria, They LOVED Rhoda, until the HATED Rhoda 🙂 . She was the best thing for government, until she was every name in the book. So realize that they like to watch you rise, but they love to watch you fall. And the more spectacular the fall, the more they’ll enjoy it….just ask Maria “Marietje” Molanus Buncamper about ‘the fall’.

Speaking about Marietje, whatever happened to that ‘leased land’ investigation? Are we just supposed to forget front page headlines? Remember that idiot Hilbert Haar screaming up and down that he wouldn’t let this case rest? Now that his boss, Richard Gibson is working the “Integrity Investigation” for Sarah, Hilbert Haar and the Today Paper have to remain very quiet, unless they want Toontje and Marietje to drop some unfortunate bombs on them, right in the middle of this “Integrity Investigation” and right on time for the 2014 elections.

So my question in all of this is……

If YOU were a St Maarten politician,

and YOU were headed to court in 2014….

Who would you want as YOUR lawyer?

{all photos judith roumou}

I gave a varied selection above. Local female criminal lawyer Brenda Brooks, Dutch born local attorney Cor Merx is considered one of the best legal minds in St Maarten.

There’s Geert Hatzmann of Bermon, he appears to be a very dedicated lawyer.

And there’s Bush Lawyer Mr Maduro, who is known for his cunning in the Courtroom and always has realistic attorney advice.

There are many lawyers in St Maarten, feel free to add your own choice in the comment section.

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