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I spoke to Health Minister Dr Cornelius de Weever yesterday, I guess he didn’t want me broadcasting this, but like many Caribbean sires, Mr Chikungunya evidently left his kids behind in Dutch St Maarten, when he fled aboard a host tourist to the United States. The reason that Cornelius didn’t tell me this on the phone yesterday, is because the St Maarten Government dreads what the Tourist and Investors read on my blogs. I could write a straight article or editorial, but that’s not who I am. I’m not really here to provide you with news about the government, I’m here to entertain you with news about our crazy government and their shenanigans. How many people have written in to the blogs over the years, South America, Europe, North America, Asia. They wanted to know whether characters like Sarah Wescot Williams, Julian Rollocks, Roland Duncan and Theo Heyliger actually existed. St Maarten has other Third World,  Banana Republic countries going …”HUH?”

And for the record, St Maarten is NOT a Banana Republic!!!!

It is a PINEAPPLE republic!

Dont’ believe me?

Look at the top of our Court House, and tell me if that’s a PINEAPPLE up there!

I was told that this pineapple was SHTA’s idea. SHTA( St Maarten Hospitality and Tourism Association)

You would THINK that public relations and marketing GENUISES would not put what sounds like SHIT as their acronym,

but not in St(range) Maarten.

How could you trust people who call themselves SHTA with anything other than toilet bowl cleaners?

But I digress.

Honorable Minister of Health, Dr Cornelius de Weever would NEVER give me these details, because he reads my blogs. 🙂

Happy New Year Cornelius,

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