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My response is to “political analyst” Mr Julio Romney, who believes that the St Maarten Diaspora (born St Maartener living abroad) shouldn’t be able to vote in the upcoming St Maarten elections. Wait a minute Mr Rombley……any immigrant with some cash was able to BUY his residency permit and Citizenship in St Maarten. Are you saying that these people have more rights to vote the the born St Maarteners? Looking at our Government, some might notice how many NON NATIVE St Maarteners are in power, running St Maarten into the ground, allowing it to be taken over by foreigners for a few pennies. And don’t blame the St Maartener for this mess, the voter has his share of the blame, but it is our government who are the cheap prostitutes selling St Maarten out to anyone with the cash to pay for it. Unlike those many Indians who could walk into our Government Building and for ten thousand dollars cash, get a business license within 8 hours, St Maarteners DO NOT have the ten thousand bribe money in cash laying around to pay off our corrupt government officials. And even if they did have the cash, unlike the Indians and Chinese, they’re not going to willingly bribe our phat-cat government. We believe that they make enough money over and under the table. There is a huge St Maarten diaspora (5000 born St Maarteners abroad) Why? Because the St Maarten government will send their youth away to school for higher education, but when these educated St Maarteners return, they are treated like shit. Given jobs way below the living standards and are subjected to treatment worse than any illegal alien. When the educated St Maartener returns, unless they have some high family connections, or are talented at kissing tainted government ass, they are offered the worst jobs, and are frequently told that they are overqualified. Employers who got their jobs not because of their education or qualification, but through the usual route of St Maarten nepotism and cronyism, see educated St Maarteners as a threat. They are reluctant to hire anyone who they may see as being more intelligent than they are because they don’t want the fact that they have a job, but know NOTHING about what they’re doing, to be seen by someone who actually has a brain-and uses it to its full potential. St Maarteners stay abroad because many when they return to THEIR country are grounded down to dust. Many are told to lower their standards, and not show too much intelligence. As much as they love St Maarten, why would they subject themselves to that? Why would they get their Masters degree, and return to St Maarten only to be told by some Human Resources director i.e. Claudine Wescot Williams….Sarah’s daughter, that “Degrees mean NOTHING”!!! Now Sarah Wescot Williams daughter barely made it through highschool, and her mom certainly it seems set her up with a plum position at the Westin. Not because she has the knowledge-she is barely literate- but because of who her mother is, and her mother’s connection to the Westin. We don’t call the Prime Minister Sarah Westin Williams for no reason. Why would a born St Maartener return to St Maarten to get paid $5.00 per hour, when countries like the United States are willing to pay them $50.00 and up for their bi-lingual skills? Why should educated, talented St Maarteners return to a country where THEY are the minority. A country which their incompetent government has run into the sewer and septic tanks. Why should they leave their full IRA’s, Medical, Dental, Social Security etc.. to come to a country that can barely provide them with SVB? The Diaspora have MORE rights to vote than any of these “bought” St Maarteners. They care more about this country, although they live abroad.

These new parasites that every politican is jumping on because they have papers now, will use up St Maarten, and simply head somewhere else when St Maarten is sucked dry. Educated St Maarteners avoid St Maarten because they want to earn an honest living, not sit in some airconditioned bureaucratic office punging mundane melee as their brains atrophy. When will the St Maartener be allowed to return to St Maarten, and be given a small business loan, and allowed to do ‘his thing’, and be given the benefits of his taxes, as opposed to watching his dollar go to promote scams like TEMPO? I will activaly set up a campaign, to make sure EVERY TRUE BORN ST MAARTENER CAN VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS, NO MATTER WHERE THEY MAY BE ON EARTH.
There’s 5000 of us ‘out there’, but they government has allowed 100.000 of ‘them’ to flood our country, making the local voter and vote obsolete.
I will stand by my statement to Lasana M Sekou, that St Maarten should ADAPT the Dominicano method AND REVOKE ALL OF THEIR VISAS AND PASSPORTS!!!! Shanty town Fires, Chikungunya Dengue, and then what? Cholera?
The HIV/AIDS rates have sky rocketed,but what do you expect when you’re allowing these people in-NO PAPERS!-to do as they please? Illegals destroying our country and its tourism. They say we need them.. REALLY? How many unemployed St Maarten youths out there, because they can pay the illegal worker more than the St Maartener? But the St Maartener is supposed to return to this? St Maarteners who actually return to St Maarten, and don’t join the system and point out the flaws are persecuted, labeled, slandered, locked up, institutionalized. How many brilliant minds have returned to St Maarten over the years and have been locked up, institutionalized and KILLED for having the audacity to point out that something is seriously wrong in our country? Until The St Maarten Government treats the true St Maartener better, they will continue to avoid this cesspit called St Maarten, but what they really need to be doing is fighting you from abroad. People like The Anguilla Realist Spikenice have set up a network of Anguillas both at home and abroad, to hammer their government.

When a St Maartener loses everything, they have to be at Parliament day in and day out begging to get a crumb. When those Dominicano shacks in town, and those slums in Cole Bay burned down, government was there kissing butt, because they already sold them their ‘rights’.

We need TRUE activists in St Maarten, not those radio shams, and tv con artist, and newspaper puppets

People with the spine and guts to take on whatever the St Maarten Government throws at them, when they told the truth.

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