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According to Bibi Shaw Hodge, Toachie Meyers was going to sue me. He is Parliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce Meyers husband. I had written a blog, asking questions after being told that Toachie Meyers had his people hold Parliamentarian Romain Laville at gun point down at the Pelican Resort. I never posted the blog as fact, but as the current behind the scenes melee. I was told that Toachie was furious, and behind the scenes was threatening to sue me. He was also mad because I refer to him as a PIMP…..

Well Toachie is a pimp, and a very prolific one. They also don’t like me calling Parliamentarian Sylvia Meyers a Top Bottom Bitch, but in urban slang, The Top Bottom Bitch, is the woman who is married to the Pimp, or his number one. If Sylvia Meyers is upset, insulted, embarrased or humiliated to be called a TBB, then why isn’t she as upset to be married to a pimp?

A flesh peddler and human trafficker according to local and international papers.

So I guess he would have  to sue me in court because of my statements, but it’s only libel when it’s not true.

He has the green light to do what he has to do, but I would advise him, to thoroughly research online and internet speech freedom laws. Now lets see whether Toachie threatens to sue me over this one too.

According to several sources, Toachi Meyers is supposed to be next in line, to be detained and questioned in the Bada Bing Orca scandal.

These reports are unconfirmed, but it’s coming via the best internet sources

This blog is not insinuating Toachie has committed a crime, but Many, many, many Bada Bing employees have stated off the record, that of all the big boys, Toachie was there the most. So he’ll have to be called in to be questioned, one would think.

And the very same sources stated that Toachie and Jaap were the best buddies, when Bada Bing was a strip club, but when Duncan allowed it to be turned into a brothel, the buddies broke up. When Roland Duncan came in with his Hypnotique connections, that was when Toachie (allegedly) couldn’t take the competition no more. Toachie has been head Pimp, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean, for seemingly decades, they were allegedly squeezing in on his business.The Bada Bing employees also implicated many other politicians who frequented the Bada Bing brothel more than Patrick and the rest.

Patrick Illidge, might have a good heart, but he’s all about himself!!!! Patrick Illidge seemingly only cares about Patrick! You can’t make a comeback in this game, unless you  change your ‘me’ attitude.

And you can’t have Duncan as a mentor, he brought most of the heat out of Holland, and you two have been described as being a ‘package deal’.

This is getting interesting………………….

I hope that Patrick realizes that these people are co-workers, and not his friends. These people were happy to throw him under the bus. So who does he trust? Whether he has to go down, he shouldn’t go alone.

Louie Laveist was once ‘down’, but made a comeback through loyal supporters.

If you choose to ignore those who gave you the benefit of the doubt, didn’t join the bandwagon, still have some faith in you, you can’t once again rise to the top.

The hate patrick is receiving right now is terrible, but people aren’t realizing how many key players were involved in this Bada Bing escapades.

I’m not a Patrick fan, I’m leaning towards other options. But Bada Bing doesn’t involve just Patrick, it involves virtually everyone in our government.

I am looking forward to doing an interview with every political candidate and hopeful.

I will ask them directly about their plans during the upcoming campaign.

I kinda want Toachie to sue me for this. It’s been four years and they’ve made many threats, and sued many people……..but not me. Maybe They might have realized  that I want to be sued, and to be deposed, and in a trial. I’ve been trying to get one a them to sue me……four

years…..And NOTHING!!!!

They sued Bibi Shaw Hodge rougly 6-7 times, and she lost.

They’ve made other people retract their story, The Today and The Dialy Herald.

I’ve retracted certain stories, but no one told me to,I did it on my own, e.g. when I was told Koto Wilson was burned badly in an accident, I posted the details, we spoke and it turns out that his burns were minor so I pulled/retracted the blog immediately.

They’ve been threatening to sue me years now, Julian, Leroy…Toachie…etc etc etc.

I’ve posted over ten thousand blogs in four years…….

Everyone who has claimed that I lied about them and slandered them, can get together  for a class action lawsuit

I’m willing to face every last one of them.


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