You have to be very flexible St Maarten. As someone who’s practice hatha yoga for over 25 years, I know the benefits of being flexible. I have thousands of yoga and dance aficionados on Youtube, and the one lesson we always begin with is “stretch’. My slogan is Nokturna9-stretching bodies and minds. But that’s yoga, NOT politics. In politics you have to be somewhat bendable, you have to compromise to get things done, but as a 20+ year Yoga specialist, I see people in St Maarten politics more bendable than me (and I’m good). People like Maurice Lake. I have several recordings of Maurice Lake PROMISING to meet with me and to answer some honest questions. And I mean that. I’m not like our politicians who lie to get you off the phone. Maurice Lake is a cheaply bought Theo Heyliger prostitute, who would make more money at El Capitan for his Pimp Theo, than any Colombianita or Dominicana. If Theo Heyliger were to put his political prostitute, Maurice Lake down at El Capitan, he would put ALL OTHER prostitutes out of business.

But Theo Heyliger wants Maurice in politics…



Because Theo Heyliger is a dirty, Organized Crime connected incompetent.

It would be unfair to call him Mr 10% like the Dutch do, because he actually collects 25%!

Maurice Lake you swore up and down that you would allow me an interview. No gossip, no scandal, just questions.

Kendall Dupersoy who I’m not even cool with any longer, told me straight up!

Maurice will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER meet with you,

he has neither the guts nor the spine.

Now I have have to agree with Kendall, although he is now on my shizz list.

Maurice, I will hold you to your word.

I will run into you with cameras, and ask you why you’re so scared of me.

Do you need Joe Richardson or Al Wathey to whisper the answers into your ears?

Or are you scared that you PAID someone to threatened to assault, rape and kill me?

His name is RO, and when he made his approach to attack me, just by chance my cousin Butch/Killah was there. They call my cousin Killah for a reason.

When Ro saw Killah, he had to retreat, and then YOU Maurice PAID to get Ro outta the country to Holland via France, because RO had arrest warrants in Holland.

So YOU Maurice Lake Financed the man who was supposed to take me out. Rape me and throw my body where it couldn’t be discovered. You used Polla to send Ro, but then all you have to do is Follow the trail Ro-Construction boys-Polla/Jeffrey/Kurt Ruan/Maurice Lake/Theo Heyliger.

And dear Maurice Lake, I have the recorded audio with Kurt Ruan TELLING me, that he was NOT a part of the set up, it was YOU Maurice Lake, and Theo Heyliger who paid him to leave me in a ditch dead, and then finance his illegal trip to Holland via Paris, so that he could avoid the warrants he had in Holland.

Maurice Lake, it’s 2014. A new year, less vulgarity, less profanity.

I have better tools now.

If someone like Theo Heyliger kept me in “The Boston Crab”, I’d call him “Master” and do as he ordered also.

Much more parody on Homeboy Maurice Lake

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