Leroy de Weever beats and assaults another woman


Leroy de Weever is being sought by the police assault and battery on a woman, and theft. Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever, whether he was drunk or sober, walked up to a random woman, kicked her in the crotch (she’s now bleeding) and had to go to the Emergency Room. Leroy de Weever than took the tablet, believing that his assault had been recorded. The police have the official report, physical assaults, death threats, and theft. Cornelius de Weever witnessed the whole thing, now he’s in a bad position. although he witnessed everything, he is now being forced to lie. Hey advice 4 campaign 2014. Leroy de Weever you are a notorious woman beater, who beat your own sister Millicent de Weever on stage. You have a history of brutalizing women. According to the police, this will go to the prosecutor. Parliamentarians have NO immunity when they steal or assault people. Police record with incident will be uploaded.

jaap van den heuvel attorney cor merx  leroy de weever roy marlin 3 12 2013 photos judith roumou (25)


Leroy de Weever tried everything to get this photo removed, when that didn’t happen, he resorted to violence. He has a history battering women. He beat his own sister Millicent de Weever in public, according to those present.

The police report will be scanned and uploaded. Witnesses were present. The police took statements.

According to the police, it will go to the Prosecutors.

To be continued. And by the way, the woman did not even have a conversation with De Weever, he approached her, and kneed her in the groin. She was taken directly to the hospital.

Upon release she pressed charges.

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