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One local reporter has spent several years slandering a local activist and accusing him of the rape of her niece. Although the reporters niece has said that it was not true, that she had only said it because she was upset at being put out of the women’s shelter. This ‘reporter’ continued to write and report as fact that her niece was raped. The niece in speaking to Judith Roumou the other local blogger has said, that it was not true. The niece also stated that because she discovered that her older male cousin, was sexually grooming his younger brothers in homosexual sex acts, her aunt ‘the reporter’ turned on her when she told her what was going on with her boys. According to this niece SHE NEVER WAS RAPED. She was angry at the activist and wanted to make him pay by hurting his name and reputation. According to this niece she also caught her male cousins in various sexual acts. The ‘reporter’ who’s her aunt then turned on her, and slandered her.

The local activist who’s known for his feisty temper, has received copies of the letters this reporter was sending around, and is now in the process of taking her to court.

jaap van den heuvel attorney cor merx  leroy de weever roy marlin 3 12 2013 photos judith roumou (25)

I, blogger Judith Roumou have read these emails, and I have copies, and this ‘reporter’ has gravely damaged herself with her behind the scenes activities due apparently to jealousy or maybe she no longer is the most popular writer in St Maarten.

I have copies and copies of this ‘reporters’ behind the scenes emails CONDONING the abuse of women.

This story will continue.

This ‘reporter’ has been sued and lost several times in court for slander, libel and worse, to be updated and continued

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