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On Monday January 13, 2014 I was driving a motor car on the Roselle main road in the parish of St. Thomas Jamaica on my way to Yallahs upon reaching the Roselle falls a 1998 Toyota Camry which was driven by Mr. N. overtook me near the corner and crash into the car I was driving. He stopped a little distant from the car when we meet up he said he will pay to fix the damages to our vehicle as he accepts that he was wrong and he did know the road. His car also had a female passenger sitting on the front seat.
On Tuesday January 14, 2014 he visited the garage where the car was being worked on and he gave the body man $19,000.00 Ja and said he would bring the remaining by Wednesday January 15, 2014. I explained to him that I used to car to do my work which I am a contractor and if he complete the car on time so I can do the jobs assigned to me because we did not add any loss of use to the repair money we assessed at $38,000.00.
after pulling down the car the body man realized that there were other damages that arise from the accident he knows that the remaining money was to purchase parts for the car. He left Jamaica without I knowing when I tried contacting him I only receive Voicemail. I get in touch with the young lady that was in the car with him and she told me he was off the island and he is a genial and she couldn’t believe he didn’t fix the car before he left.
The number he was using in Jamaica 328-2349 on the Lime network and the young lady gave me 1721.527.2706 for his St. Maarten and he is not answering my calls.
Now he will have to pay for the lost of usage which also caused me to loose the jobs assigned to me from the company I am contracted to do installations and technical support, I have to take public transportation to conduct my business. even before he leave Jamaica he told me to meet him in Kingston when I reach I should call him to pick up the money to purchase the parts for the car and when I reach and tried calling him I got voicemail until in the evening when I get through to him he said he was out of town he was sorry but he will let me get the money by Thursday.
Attached is a copy of his driver’s License as proof
Thanks for your help

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