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A word of cautious advice to all our politicians who have the aspiration to be elected by the voters of Country St. Maarten.

All our eyes are on you, and through your actions,we are trying to make up our minds as to who to vote for.

I would advise you: become mature and respectful in your words for each other. You are representing us all. We listen to you and hear you. We are also observing you body language towards each other. It is not a game you are playing. The well being and positive future of our island lie in your hands.

Do us right, for it is not an ‘I’ game you are playing. Once you are elected, you are sworn in to do good for the entire population, not just a chosen few, so I would say, beware, you are not there yet.

In just a few months our population will determine who we want to represent us, and I especially want someone to be there for us AT ALL TIMES, not just when you are begging for votes, but ALWAYS!

Respect should be used at all times. Not because you do not agree with the other, regardless of party, color or creed, should you be disrespectful.

Attend all Parliament Meetings and stay the full time. That is what we elected you for, plus you are paid to do so. You are there to represent all the people’s needs, not just a few, so just do it!!

Show each other respect at all times. Not only we the adults are listening, the first time voters as well. I wish you all God’s Blessings and much success as you prepare yourselves for the coming elections.

And by the way, if you all can’t agree and come together and form just a couple good strong parties, how can we expect you to agree together in Parliament and represent us to the fullest?? Just some food for thought!

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