The National Alliance (NA) has traded in its rainbow party logo for a kaleidoscope of colours. The new logo was launched at a press conference at Holland House on Thursday afternoon with NA member Silveria Jacobs describing the logo as a symbol of “innovation and growth.”

It is “a modern take on the rainbow,” she said. A “rebranding” was necessary to indicate to the public that “we are a growing party.” The former Education and Youth Minister believes that the youth will “be happy” with the “innovation” of the logo.

NA leader and Member of Parliament William Marlin said the rainbow was chosen by NA at its inception, because it symbolised all colours and sought to bring together all political parties for the common goal of country status. He too believes that the logo will appeal to the younger generation.

The young people of the country will play a prominent role in the party’s congress on Sunday at Belair Community Center from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. The party intends to launch its youth wing.

The congress will also see the election of the nine-member party board, the election of party leader and deputy leader. Voting will be carried out via the party’s district representation system. A long time NA supporter/member will be honoured at the congress.

Jacobs said NA’s constitution has always called for elections of board members and leadership so these elections are not being held now only due to the new election regulations. While party elections were always held in the past, this procedure had “been dormant for some time.” She said the party will endeavour to change this with the goal of keeping a party congress every year for the membership to give the leadership “direction.”

Commenting on NA’s focus for the upcoming elections, Marlin said this will be on “the development of the people” with emphasis on education, job creation, youth unemployment, affordable housing, and lowering the cost of living.

Jacobs called on residents to register as party members. Present and long-time members are also asked to “renew registration.” This is all part of NA “coming out harder than before” for this year’s parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, Marlin extended condolences to the family of the late Carnival legend Calypso Barbara who died on Monday. He described the late singer as “very outspoken” and unafraid of letting everyone, including politicians, know exactly what she thought. Barbara was an outstanding female calypsonian who “cannot be matched” with her contribution to mentoring the youth in the art form.

Marlin expressed regret that the party congress will be on the same day as the memorial for the calypsonian. He said the plans were “too far in motion” for the congress to be postponed for the memorial.


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