Theo is now trying to reassure the people that the government is stable, but on some people’s mind, it’s not if the Government is going to fall……’s when



William Marlin is calling Theo’s bluff about the stability of the St Maarten government, but I wrote about that months ago.

The Masbangu case, a case involving 5 police officers accepting bribe money from Theo Heyliger’s United People’s Party first came into the headlines in early 2011, but the headlines quickly faded away. Everyone thought that the case was forgotten, including Theo Heyliger, then suddenly late last year, the papers started reporting that the Masbangu case was back on. According to Theo Heyliger’s staff, Theo Heyliger authorized the bribe payments. The judge postponed the case, and on Monday he postponed the case again until August 4th 2014.

The Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams came out on Sunday slating the 2014 elections for August 29th. This would mean that the Masbangu case would be in full swing during this year’s elections.

Theo can’t have that.

And let’s not forget “Orca”. I believe Orca is the case involving Jaap Van Den Heuvel, local-Dutch brothel owner being recorded on camera giving Independent Parliamentarian Patrick Illidge money. Both Jaap and Patrick have stated that Theo was the mastermind in the video tape, and that it was a part of a blackmail plot.

Both Jaap van den Heuvel and Patrick Illidge have been detained in the case. Theo Heyliger although implicated by the main characters in the “Bada Bing” Orca case, has only been interviewed in the convenience of his home.

The Bada Bing/Orca case is far from over, the Masbangu case is just beginning. People on Theo Heyliger’s slate this year have been implicated- Theo Heyliger’s implicated personally in several investigation.

Theo has roughly only 6 weeks to bring down the government, and force a new elections.

Theo’s 1st smoesje was that he was upset about the Central Bank issue, so the government had to fall. Theo is under the assumption, that the people have forgotten, that he, Theo Heyliger tried to install a man associated with Organized Crime Francesco Corallo’s main money man, and CFO (CHIEFINANCIAL OFFICER) Baetsen appointed to the Central Bank.

Baetsen by the way is The Atlantis Casino’s money manager- the guy who is alleged to have given Theo Heyliger and Gerrit Schotte millions For their campaigns.

When people called Theo Heyliger on his “Central Bank smoesje”, he then switched his story and said that he thought the hurricane season would somehow hamper the elections.

Someone omitted to tell Theo Heyliger that in the Caribbean and in most tropical areas, it’s always Hurricane Season. Hurricane Season means that a hurricane is more likely to hit, but hurricanes can not show up during the Hurricane season, then two or three might show up when the season has passed. Hurricanes like most weather patterns cannot really be predicted.

Then I guess Theo then came out and said or insinuated something about his congress, his board had approved him breaking the government again-this according to Marlin.

Now one day after the Judge slates Masbangu for August 4th, and jsut two days after Sarah slates the elections for Aug 29th, Theo Heyliger once again comes out- this time reassuring the people that the government is stable.

I’ll be updating on this topic, and we’ll all have to wait and see.

masbangu1andtwo4chopper 027

theo heyliger masbangu judith roumou photos

theo heyliger masbangu judith roumou photos

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