Somebody needs to break it down to Robbie Bouwers AND the Parliamentarians. I’m about to upload the videos 🙂 . Google pays me per click. Which means, I have to post interesting content in order to get views- and paid. Whenever Robbie throws me outta Parliament- I make sure the cameras are on- WHY? More money for me. So I went to Parliament yesterday, and Roy Marlin showed up in the Middle of the airconditioned legislative hall twitching, nervous, sweating, nose running- so yeah- I ZOOMED in on him- because he was acting suspect. When Leroy hides his face, I know it’s because Leroy is a thief and woman beater, so he doesn’t want to be seen on camera, but I couldn’t understand Roy’s twitchiness so I zoomed in on him. Roy Marlin got up and complained to Robbie Bouwers, his little Oranjestad Plantation buddy, to throw me out. Mind you now, Roy Marlin with his BOUGHT surname, come in from Aruba to throw me out. LOL! But Google doesn’t pay me, like I said unless the content is very interesting.  I only go to Parliament to get original videos, so that when I put together my home videos of MY POLITICIANS, I own all original content, so they can’t touch it. Robbie Thinks I’m a suck ass like him, like I want to be in Parliament and the government building- but I don’t!! I would rather be in bed, playing my jazz music.

I go to Parliament right now- simply to raise their blood- pressure- no other reason, I have HOURS AND HOURS of original content to work with.

I don’t dislike Robbie- Robbie is doing his job, but I see Karma getting Robbie-

I see all these politicians whose ass he’s sucking and kissing will turn on him eventually.

I know that it doesn’t make sense to attack Robby, because Robbie is being sent- and Robbie is nobody but a stooge getting paid minimum wage to take blows.

I have over 500 photos yesterday, over 2 hours video- I’ll work on that.

We can investigate further into Roy Marlin- but let’s wait for the video.

Yes, I do rile people up in Parliament- but it’s my job.

The same way it’s the Parliamentarian’s job to screw over the St Maarten on a regular basis and lie to them

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