sxm government st maarten falls


Let’s be honest, at one point they tried to hire a St Maartener for a certain casino position in Aruba, and Aruba PROTESTED. And theY had a right to protest, because there were qualified Arubans for the position. However in the same case as with Aruba, Curacao and MOST other countries THEY can get ANY POSITION in St Maarten, and no one says a word.

They appointed Aruban Farida Tjon Ajong yesterday, so there are NO qualified St Maarteners?

In the wake of the suspicious suicide of Lars de Vries the man who was supposed to get the position, Dennis Richardson I guess decided to sneak this one in, in the middle of a tragedy, where St Maarteners are distracted by a local politicians son’s death.

St Maarten needs to VOTE all of these corrupt so call officials out of office. St Maarten for the St Maartener!

Every FOREIGNER can come in to St Maarten and get ANY position. Only in Dutch Sint Maarten, where DUTCH is the language of education,  would the government appoint a KITTITIAN NONE DUTCH SPEAKER, AS EDUCATION MINISTER!!! Solely on the basis that Patricia Lourens is compromised and can write a GREAT FRAUDULENT Funding request to the Dutch Funding agencies.

St Maarten is SICK, and getting SICKER, but keep persecuting the Whistle Blowers, The most POWERFUL will be brought to their knees! And the ones assisting will soon Follow.

The story comes from Corrupt Ex Curacao Notary, Elco Rosario who spent time in Point Blanch prison for fraudulent land activities. While Elco Rosario was Notary- it was ROSARIO NOTARY- until his imprisonment along with Johnny Erato and Timpf the Kadaster.

Elco Rosario to this day claims that he was set up by the government because of his political views. Yes, Elco- the government made you Fill in the pond, accept Erato’s bribe money- and get Timp to join in your criminal activity.

Elco believes that because his dad was a revolutionary, he is too. But Elco Rosario is just another dirty,corrupt official who got caught with his dirty paws in the cookie jar. Elco is in the news again, because like many felonious crooks, Elco sees a position for himself in the upcoming government.

Elco needs to stick to doing what he does best!

Who’s setting up the paperwork to enable the Chinese Community to get away with as much illegal activity as possible without getting caught?

There is a network of Chinese human traffickers who entice Chinese to spend thousands to get to CANADA… unfortunately for many of these Chinese, their Canadian College, is a St Maarten Chinese Restaurant..

Story to be continued……….

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  1. Please change your picture people. That’s the wrong Farida Tjon A Jong. THis lady ls a St. Maartener and lives in St. John’s Estate. YOU HAVE THE WRONG FARIDA, GUYS11111111111


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