kendall dupersoy


Kendall Dupersoy “The Environmentalist”, when there are NO elections, the bodies in our ONCE Great Salt Pond pile up. And when I went to the Government Building while the NA was in power and asked Ken-doll about it, he shrugged it off as growth. At the time the National Alliance were dividing up their share a the Ring Road Project. Evidently when Theo does a project its always “wrong”, but when Marlin took over he changed NOTHING, he continued the same old policies and politics that he criticizes the DP and UP about. Then GEBE inundated my yard with water, I had to go to VROMI. I’m at VROMI with my cameras waiting for one of the Vromi Scooby Doo Gang, Louie, Kurt, Toontje, it did not matter. While I was there, I guess to distract me, the VROMI guy WALKS me outside, and POINTS to the then new filling at the Salt Pond. I like every other St Maartener thought that it was a MARLIN approved project- and after weeks and weeks of wasting money on meetings in Parliament, frans Richardson took the blame- which he should have, and Romeo Pantophlet… I don’t know. Let’s be honest, Romeo was NEVER quite sober when he was Minister, but he is a nice guy. So Ken-doll wasn’t Pro-Environment when him and his Boss William Marlin turned the blind eye to the pond filling, because the pond filling, although it PERMANENTLY destroyed the natural habitat, it was being built NOT for the St Maarten Voter, or the St Maartener. It was because William Marlin’s Guyanese contributor and master, wanted a CRICKET STADIUM in Dutch St Maarten, where people can no longer buy bread, because although bread was one guilder back in the day, and the minimum wage was $5.00 per hour. Today bread can cost as much as $3.50 and the St Maarten MINIMUM WAGE HAS DROPPED TO BELOW $5.00. William Marlin KNEW what Richardson was doing, but when I asked Macsood about it on Cannegieter Street, he said he was giving them ALL money. So MacSood, William Marlin’s true master funds William Marlin’s outrageous gambling AND CASINO habits. We the St Maarten voters DON’T- so why should Kendall or William care how we feel about the destruction of OUR pond? Ken-doll LOVES to scream about how ‘credible’ he is………….Ken-doll, darling WHAT CREDIBILITY? You spit out to the public, whatever Marlin vomits into your mouth, like a mother bird feeding her nestling. Everybody wants that $500.000 lottery- everybody wants to get paid to abuse the St Maartener- and the MAJORITY a the people running to win that $500.000 lottery, like Macsood AND William Marlin, are NOT native born St Maarteners. And they could NEVER get away with in THEIR countries- what they can get away with here- and that’s why they do it. So right now the So called “Pride Party” wants to be about the environment….. so now Kendall is PRO- environment with his hypocritical ass- all those dead bodies in the Salt Pond will come back to haunt you guys this elections 1) Kendall is the one who said Marijuana smokers were hard core drug addicts- then when someone posted a question about it PUBLICLY Kendall posted: Legalize it and put belasting on it……unadulterated HYPOCRISY! Kendall considers ALL marijuana smokers to be hard core drug addicts, but he sure wants their votes. These are the very same people publicly posting condolences and sympathies, while behind the scene their Guyanese agent Bibi Shaw Hodge, is using the COMMENT SECTION to accuse Theo Heyliger of sacrificing his son, in the most unholy manner. Why would Bibi Shaw NOT moderate her comments on a post as sad as a young boys death? Because William Marlin is her benefactor this campaign year- a decision that will come back to bite both Kendall and William in the ass in the long run. When Bibi Shaws Niece was MURDERED March 5th, when you read the Guyanese blogs- according to them, Bibi Shaw’s EVIL KARMA was behind the death of her niece, and Bibi cried enough crocodile tears- now she’s slandering a young man- who no one has anything bad to say about- in the same way. When I posted that it was BIBI HODGE SHAW OWNER SMN-NEWS posting her own comments as “anonymous:, then mysteriously on my site, someone posted two comments saying that the boy had died because he’d stolen from an Indian- THAT MY ST MAARTEN PEOPLE, IS BIBI SHAW AT WORK!!!! As soon as I criticized the INDIAN GUYANESE SNAKE, someone posted on my sites that the boy died because he had stolen from an Indian. Bibi Shaw with her broke ass needs to be more concerned about Ramzed STEALING money from her purse to go out and supply the habit that put him in Turning Point in the 1st place. She needs to worry about Joshua, and Ryad, and Ramzed and their little games that they play- ask her niece Uma- when Bibi Shaw is out busy slander people’s deceased children, her OWN are up to NO GOOD!!! I have more to add to this- but I’m busy. The laws this elections will be………….1) When Theo does something wrong, Kendall will criticize until he dies- When William Marlin does the VERY SAME thing… it’s ‘good’. When William Marlin’s arrogant behind does something wrong. Alston Alvarino Lourens will criticize till he dies- but when Theo does it.. he’s a genius. These are the monkeys trying to discredit me behind the scenes, as they TRULY believe people believe them and think that they are credible. I already told Kendall that he can’t run this year, because they had their chance- and people saw right through the bullshit. Kendall needs to be working on all the LOYAL DECADES LONG NATIONAL ALLIANCE VOTERS who have fled-like Ruth- because of his arrogant ass. Like I said, there’s more… it’s just breaking 5 am right now, I got some errands to run, then I’ll be back with some bombs and a vengeances!deadpond

kendall dupersoy

kendall dupersoy

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