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Cecile and company came out swinging yesterday when they realized that they had been omitted in the local “mainstream media” as a viable political party this year. The Shady Herald, also known as the Daily Herald, his a United People’s Party controlled mediahouse. Yesterday the legitimate and accredited paper published a list o this years political parties. EVERYONE but the Daily Herald noticed the discrepancy. Where was the USP, where was Concordia? Where was Lenny Priest? It’s important, and Cecile’s had a reason to be angry, because by omitting a political party rom the slate, you’re telling the people that they’re not running. So the USP crew contacted National Alliance mouthpiece, Bibi Hodge Shaw- who has to act impartial, but she knows who’s buttering her bread right now. I picked up Cecil’s protest letter, and posted it to blog. Now the Daily Herald has come in to correct the mistakes, but as you can see it is STILL incorrect.

LIST: The Democratic Party (DP), United St. Maarten Party (USP), One St. Maarten People Party (OSPP), National Alliance (NA), and Concordia Political Alliance (CPA) are the five parties that have submitted their applications to register with the council for the August 29 parliamentary elections, the Electoral Council announced Monday evening.

The council opted to reveal the names of the parties, “to stem unnecessary speculations and concerns” about the parties that have submitted applications.

The Electoral Council emphasized in a press statement that an application for registration does not automatically mean that the party is registered with the council.

There is a registration process which includes the review of the application to ensure that the party complies with the law. The applications and accompanying documents of the five parties that applied for registration last week are now under review by the council.

After review of the documents received, the Electoral Council will contact the parties to notify them of its findings.

In the event no objections can be found to register these parties according to the requirements laid down in the National Ordinance on Registration and Finances of Political Parties, there is a possibility that eight political parties will contest in the upcoming elections.

Aside from the five political parties under review by the council, the United People’s Party (UP) and the Citizens for Positive Change (CPC) have completed their registration process and have been registered by the Electoral Council since April 2014.

Also, the Social Reform Party (SRP), which had attempted to register before the establishment of the council, was also registered by the Electoral Council after completing the registration process.usp

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