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More victims- young boys have been coming forward with their own allegations of rape and abuse at the hands of Emmanuel York. It is said that Emmanuel York is a known child molestor, and that he sodomized several boys in the past. The allegations remained just that, and he returned to working with children. Young boys who came forward to complain about the abuse were called liars, and ostracized. According to sources, this is not the first time York has been accused, because he had been asked about questionable activities with young boys before.

According to sources, the young man who eventually filed charges, had been living in Holldand with his father, and for various reasons had been brought to St Maarten by his mother. The mother thought that the young boy should be in physical fitness, and the boy loved basketball, so she thought it would be a good idea to put him in the basketball league.

The mother then, according to sources found her son crying in his room, and forced a confession out of the young boy.

The mother filed charges over a month ago, but the DNA that had to be extracted from the youth, and the sample sent to The Netherlands to do a DNA comparison.

I was told even with the allegations Emmanuel York was allowed to continue to work with young boys.

There are many names being thrown around online.

There are many brothers and sisters, although ONE other brother is now being accused, of the same practices, with young boys.

Now there are allegations of abuse by young girls by other family members, but what people need to do is take that to the police if it is true.

The allegations of sexual abuse and rape of these young boys who he was trusted to take care of and teach has been going on for years.

The young boys who dared complained, were called liars, shamed, called batty boy and every other name.

Now according to sources, many more boys and their parents are coming out of the woodwork, and filing charges.

Pray for these young boys, there’s a lot of sexual abuse in St Maarten, but the victims are shamed. Family name is used to protect the guilty.

According to one person, when they went to the police to talk about it, they were SENT to OFFICER YORK, when they asked to speak to someone else in charge, they were sent to Internal Affairs at the Police department- and that was headed by ANOTHER brother York.

The person/s who are accused DO NOT work at the bank.

One worked with the children, he was just caught. There are accusations about another brother- but no charges filed.


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