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When they robbed the bank of Nova Scotia, that was a big deal, and now the police are asking for suspects, well I got a suspect for them RBT BANK!!! How can I feel pity for the bank when they get robbed, when banks like RBT seem to be losing people’s money all day, every day, then they want to grin at you like a smartass, KNOWING that HUNDREDS of their customers have complained that they have been skimmed, they have misinformation, they have the wrong account balance.

The RBT BANK allowed my bank account to be skimmed, they can’t pretend that its me, because I neither have nor use an ATM card, I always destroy my debit and credit cards, so how was the money taken?

It HAD to be an inside job, people who have your bank account number and pin number. When I told the lady that as a blogger I had heard complaints that HUNDREDS of customers had been ROBBED through their INSIDE ATM SKIMMING SCAMS, she wanted to act like I’d gotten my information wrong.

Well like I told Ms Lady, ‘I WILL MAKE RBT SUE ME!!” Because this b.s. has been going on for too long, the Prosecutors Office have known about this for years, and I can prove that.

They claim that they gave me a statement BULLSHIT!!! You probably stuck my bank statement filled with confidential information in the wrong gate, like you always do, how OFTEN do you see CONFIDENTIAL RBT bank statements floating around.

Now I told her that I WANT THEM TO SUE ME, because somebody has to BUST this BUCKET!!!

RBT BANK is ripping you off, you only find out when you go looking for your money and you find out that you have NO BANK ACCOUNT!

They’re pretending like this is an unusual thing, but people who were waiting in line at the teller, and in customer service, were there mumbling saying that their money was missing too. And their was one lady who couldn’t use her ATM- Of course she can’t use her ATM when there are people busy using it for her.

Why is this being kept hush-hush!

-The government should DEMAND that RBT has a BANK BOOK system, and not pieces of paper, so that people can always check their balance and bank statement.

– It should be against the law to stick confidential bank info in peoples gate, since RBT BANK has shown, that they CANNOT stick the correct statements in the correct date.

– Statements stuck anywhere are often seen blowing in the street.

– I overheard TWO ladies who worked at THE PROSECUTORS OFFICE REFUSE to go to RBT because they had been receiving so many complaints about RBT SKIMMING AND STEALING MONEY.

Now they claimed that I gave them the wrong number, but when I had her call me right there with the same number – MY PHONE RANG!

Now they say that they tried to email me repeatedly BUT THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF THAT THAT THEY COULD SHOW ME!

RBT SKIMMED ME DOWN TO 74 cents!!!! Now understand- I have NO ATM, so all my transactions are done in person. Had I actually gone to the bank- THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD ME TO CLOSE THE WHOLE THING!! I was told the minimum on your account should be 20-25 dollars.

So if I were to come in, and take everything but 74 CENTS, wouldn’t the tell have told me something?

I told them to provide me a statement with my last transaction, to prove that it wasn’t me- How long did they tell me that they couldn’t provide a statement??

Somebody please explain to RBT who I am- and that I will NEVER let this go!!!


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