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I interrupted two Parliamentarians talking, I asked how it was possible that there could be so many complaints about money missing, but no investigation. One Parliamentarians said “Judith, me too!” He found out this week when he went to check with his bank that his own account was compromised. Then the other Parliamentarian added that he banked with the Bank Of Nova Scotia, so he didn’t have the same problem, but he said his brothers account also disappeared. I went into the lobby of Parliament, and there is one employee that I always joke with. I said “Check your RBC account, money getting skimmed left and right!” He said “Check what? They already skimmed all my money a long time ago.

The one lady sitting next to me in Parliament said, that people who were supposed to collect their vacation pay at RBC, showed up and told that there was nothing there for them. Their vacation money was gone.

She named one lady who has been banking with RBC from the beginning, her employer sends all of her checks there, when she tried to make a withdrawal, there was nothing to withdraw.

1) The bank skimming going on at RBC is epidemic. They should change their name again to “RCB” ROBBING CUSTOMERS BLIND!

2) When you try to speak to staff or customer service at the RBC bank, although there has been hundreds of reports and complaints about client’s money missing, they always act like you are  a) misinformed, b) don’t know how much money was on your account c) they act like you spent your own money and forgot.

3) With all the reports and complaints against the RBC bank, they act like you are the FIRST person to come in and complain about your money being missing.

4) When you go to RBC, they make it YOUR FAULT

a) I was told that I had given them the wrong phone number, but I placed my phone on the desk, and she called me and my phone ring (she was lying)

b) She said that she had called me and I had answered that she had the wrong number- another lie! I never spoke to anyone, they had my correct number

c) They said that they emailed me repeatedly, but showed no documentation that anyone tried to contact me

d) They said they GAVE me a statement. The only way that you can give me something is by putting it in my hands, when you randomly stick confidential bank information in any gate, then there will be an issue, when people do not receive their statement- I can go down Backstreet and collect people’s bank statements blowing all over the street

e) The banks are aware that the majority of ROBBERIES that occur in their institution comes from WITHIN. There is always a big bobol when someone pulls a gun and robs a bank, but banking employees are the ones who steal 90% of our money, and they do it through embezzlement

5) The bank is so precoccupied with its ‘image’, and it’s PR (Public Relations) they cover up and conceal theft-embezzlement from within. All banking employees know that they can steal to their hearts delight, and the first thing the bank will do is conceal the crime to protect its image, the customer being taken advantage of is the last of their concern.

6) If people don’t notice their money missing- the bank will NEVER tell them that there has been unusual activity or  money missing from their accounts. In fact the bank evidenlty will KNOW that your account was skimmed, but still try to argue with you, because they don’t want the story to get out that their establishment is robbing the people.

7) These banks invest MILLIONS in public relations and marketing campaigns, they sponsor everything, and always have their ads placed on the frontpage of the local papers. You will also note that our banks also advertise on certain local blogs. That’s so the bloggers and the newscaster rely on them for money and sponsorship, who is is going to complain, or expose the problem, when the banks are buttering their bread for them to remain quiet. Very few media houses report on inconsistencies in our banking system, because they are beholden to them.

8) Embezzlement ( Robbing the bank from the inside) happens all day every day, the employees know that they have to get as much as they can before they get fired, they know that they’re not going to jail. But what do you expect when you pay people minimum wage to handle hundreds of thousands if not millions everyday. To me that would be some type of torture. You are paying me five dollars per hour, you treat me as a nobody, and I have to touch and smell this money all day- so the employees do steal. It’s not right to steal just because you are being paid minimum wage, but evidently these banks are not investing their money into recruiting loyal, honest employees. They’re employing anybody who’s will to put on a uniform and be used for 9 hour shifts at a time.

9) With all the money that they end up illicitly stealing from our accounts, our banks will not even allow us to use their bathrooms. They won’t invest in more tellers, or to have more tellers working during the busy period. These banks will have you in line for hours, then you have to leave Cannegieter or E Camille Richardson street, go several blocks just to use the bathroom. So you have to ask them, just exactly where is their money being spent? These banks who sponsor in the thousands, and generate and receive thousands in interest everyday, won’t allow their customers to use their bathroom, because they simply don’t want to invest money in toilet paper and the excess GEBE water that would be used.

10) Yesterday, I was upset- and I went on a rant. When I went on my rant- I expected the bank and their people to respond or kick back. They haven’t, maybe they can’t- even the police now telling me “gyal YOU LATE!” So when is the Prosecutors office going to come out and explain to the public what they are doing to curb the RBC PROBLEM?

11) I understand that when these skimmings occur, many times it’s not even happening in St Maarten. Evidently there are bank chains all over the globe. I can understand that, but I cannot understand the RBC Bank’s SYSTEM OF DENIAL- AND BLAMING THE CLIENT- WHEN THEY KNOW THAT THERE IS A PATTERN OF WRONG DOING IN THEIR BANK.

12) I’m being encouraged to dig up more info on this, and to dig in on RBC, until some questions are answered.

DSC_1895 19



When I went into  the bank yesterday, there was a concerted group effort to convince me that they were right and I was wrong, and it would have been easy to believe them if I didn’t do all transactions in person.

There will be more on this story- they said that they’d call me, but they’ve already lied to me about calling me before.

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