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At approx. 3:00pm  yesterday afternoon, a flat bed trailer on A.J.C. Brouwers Road, driving down Cole Bay Hill from the direction of Philipsburg, had mechanical problem, causing its driver to lose control.
The driver steered the truck into the side of the road to stop it from picking up speed. This caused it to slam into a tree and lose an excavator it was carrying, which then rolled onto its side and onto the middle of the road.
Miraculously, no one was injured and only one other vehicle was damaged, as it was hit by the tree which fell down after it was hit by the truck.
As the incident blocked the entire road, vehicles could not move from one end to the other end of St. Maarten, and large traffic jams disrupted people’s day all the way from Simpson Bay through to Philipsburg.
Traffic police attended the scene to investigate the accident and to regulate the traffic, whilst the Fire Department cut the tree into pieces, so it could be removed. Fire fighters also cleaned up oil spilled on the road.
A second excavator and a front end loader attended to remove the excavator, which suffered extensive damage, but was said to be repairable, and the truck could be reversed back onto the road before it, too could be removed.
At 5:50pm the road was clear, however, it took at least another thirty minutes for traffic to flow freely again.



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