1) This is NOT the first time the United People’s Party have tried to implicate Hyacinth Richardson and his family, concerning this very same land- TO DISTRACT FROM THE U.P.P.’S LAND SCANDALS…. Last year as soon as the National Alliance made comments about U.P. land issues, the United People’s Party started questioning the Richardson land in St Peters.

2) Maurice Lake BOUGHT those signs that were posted on the HYACINTH RICHARDSON SISTER’S property- the signs were supposed to incite anger, and cause a visceral reaction from Richardson and his family. Maurice has SAID SO HIMSELF!

3) The sister in who’s name the property is in, has the deeds and documents, backing her claims- this was simply political harassment- in the middle of an election year.

4) When the U.P.P. tried to use this very same land to implicate Richardson in a land scandal last year, the Kadaster stated that there was no case, it was Richardson property.

5) The person who was used to antagonize Mr Richardson has stated often before, that he had a problem with Richardson. Evidently during the last elections, he felt that Richardson had made promises to him, that were not fulfilled.

6) Maurice Lake KNEW that he had NO right, NO justification to attempt to seize that land- it was a ruse, to put Hyacinth Richardson in a bad light.

7) The person who claims to have issue with Hyacinth, received over 50.000 guilders from Maurice Lake several weeks ago.

8) The person since my Saturday blog, has now come forward and ADMITTED that he has received money from Maurice Lake.

9) Maurice Lake KNOWS according to EYE WITNESSES that the land is rightfully the Richardson’s land, however Lake believed that because there is an online presence, a connection to the Today Paper, and access to a local radio station- they would run with the lies and the fairy tales, and no one would dare call them out on their b.s. However although they may have several websites to publish their lies to, they have virtually ZERO audience

10) Maurice Lake feels that Hyacinth Richardson can cut into his St Peters vote, and so he tried publicly to cut him down.

11) The whole land controversy was a SET UP, and that’s why the cameras were present in order to put Hyacinth Richardson in a negative light.

12) Hyacinth Richardson’s behaviour at the scene of the incident was not the best- but any St Maartener would have reacted WORST, knowing that they were being set up by a political rival.

13) Maurice Lake is using money and a ‘mob-mentality’ to incite violence against anyone who speaks out against him.

14) Maurice Lake is trying to distract from his questionable actions in trying to use the St Maarten taxpayers money to purchase what he calls ‘prime land’ in Colebay, but what we know is that it’s ordinary land, which price has been inflated to $495 dollars per square meter, ensuring that both Maurice Lake and Theo Heyliger receives a sizable cut of millions under the table.

15) Hyacinth has a lot of detractors, but Hyacinth isn’t one of the flashy politicians who are always in trouble, always at the ‘club’, someone up and down wheeling and dealing, so they had to find something to smear him with this elections. Maurice and his ‘sidekick’, both had issues with Mr Richardson, so they bought and posted signs to property that was rightfully his- and then waited with cameras for the action.

16) Maurice Lake has been busy and steadily buying up the St Peters vote, what St Peters has forgotten, is that Maurice played this very same game during the last elections- then forgot about the “block” once he was in power.

17) Maurice Lake, and his United People’s colleagues want to distract from the fact that people are questioning his and Heyliger’s methods and motives during this election, and wanted to distract from the vicious rumors that have been following the United People’s Party- and questions of whether their leader participates in ‘alternative religions’ in order to retain power.

18) Maurice Lake is going on a powertrip, with an ego the size of Roland Duncan’s, from confronting Roy Marlin about “holes”, to heading into the hills to start conflicts, Lake should be relaxing and letting the votes come in based on his portfolio. However, his ‘fine work’ is being exposed as just more Theo Heyliger manipulation behind the scenes, he’s being called out on shady, money making deals, so rather than doing like he PROMISED, and providing statements and documentation to defend his purchase of the Vorst land at 495 dollars per sq meter, he decided that it was easier to simply distract, with an attack on a rival.

19) Maurice Lake does attend church on Sundays, the rest of the week he’s doing Satan’s work at the behest of Theo Heyliger, who uses Maurice Lake to make questionable movements, that he, Theo Heyliger does not want to be caught up in, since Theo is already under several investigations.

20) Maurice Lake, in order to distract from his own shady behaviour, is obviously willing to violate people, invade their property, trespass on their land – and get the police- who NO DOUBT have received their UPP bribe checks this elections already- to assist him. He’s willing to let an altercation get physical, with threats of the use of a fire arm, simply to distract from his unethical behaviour while in office. When you try to seize a man’s land- there can be physical violence, there can be death. Maurice and company were willing to risk this, simply to make Hyacinth look bad, and to distract the people from growing concerns about Maurice Lake’s unethical behavious behind the scenes.




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