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Fire in St Peters! Small house caught on fire, two were injured a mother and son. Police and Fire Department showed up on the scene.. then…

There’s a youtube video coming up 🙂 will be posted here.

First thing in the morning gotta deal with Stink Mouth Toby the Fireman, and Police spokesman Ricardo Henson is mad at me, because I am neither foreign NOR a crimininal like his ‘son’ or like his other ‘son’ felonious embezzler Andrew Dick, who is supposed to be in jail, but is interviewing his ‘uncle in law’. So Ricardo Henson, police spokesperson is mad at me, because I pointed out that he’s tainted, because he allows criminals who have admitted to their crimes, but not paid for their crimes to interview him. Dear St Maarteners, supposed the Grand Theft Gang who robbed those Indians and banks, came forward the next day and said.. We did it!!” “We stole over $60.000 dollars, and we committed multiply crimes, multiple times to do it…”But check this, we breed off a detective, and we cool with Ricardo Henson, and his criminal son who is currently locked up in Point Blanche.So the St Maartener says.. ‘cool, you’ve got good credentials, now forget about paying restitutions, and go interview your uncle in law, police spokesperson Ricardo Henson about CRIME, and let’s NOT deport your foreign ass- Let’s pretend it never happened…. That’s what’s going on! If the Grand Theft Gang were interviewing Ricardon Henson on TV about “crime” the people would be OUTRAGED!! But guess what?? Andrew Dick has done more ROBBERIES in the form of embezzlement and check fraud than the Grand theft Gang……. AND……. Andrew Dick has STOLEN more money than the Grand theft Gang who robbed the two banks…… Yet, Andrew Dick, that high-assed foreign IDIOT- who posted a Youtube video portraying LOCALS as MONKEYS, is on TV- INTERVIEWING THE POLICE….LOL! Anyhow, these blogs go to millions. You can’t Google the St Maarten Police Department, without Google asking “Corrupt Criminals?”

The police department is mad, because I pointed out their criminal activities, their child molestors, the woman beaters, attempted murderers still in uniform- without even losing a stripe. They’re mad because the police were stupid enough to sell their souls to the UPP party for 300 dollars, and they got busted now they are in court next week for the Masbangu trial. They’re mad because their Chief Peter de Witte is to busy socializing and fraternizing with organized crime elements to keep a close eye on his ‘boys in blue’.

Before the Dutchman gets to St Maarten, the ‘powers that may be’ already figure out what his vices are. Whether the Dutchman’s vice is women, men, drugs, liquor, money or whatever, they will find it- and provide it to the Dutchman to his heart’s content.

The next thing you know, the Dutchman who is supposed to be here investigating US, is so compromised and corrupt- that he can’t investigate anything-

and that’s where we are people.

The St Maarten police are the only police in uniform with records, both criminal and mental health-

they are angry at the bloggers, because once published, it’s worldwide, and they can’t storm in and put a gun to our head- like they did to the Editor at the Daily Herald- and MAKE us retract the story.

The police and the government don’t want us reporting the crimes, because they want to hold on to that tourist dollar, and they know that tourists are already leaving and boycotting SXM because of corruption and crime.

You would think that with all this going on, Ricardo Henson would focus on his job, and trying to clean up his tainted soul….

but nope, he’s mad at me, the blogger

Maybe if I stuffed pillows in my ASS, and EMBEZZLE MONEY TO BUY a suit and tie like Andrew Dick, and strut around with my high ass blowing in the wind, like Andrew Dick, and kiss the police ass, and impregnate them- maybe,  just maybe- I – The St Maartener will be allowed to photograph scenes.


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