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When Maurice Lake sent people to harass Hyacinth and his family, he made Hyacinth the “good guy”. Politics is one word “PSYCHOLOGY” – that’s it, once you figure out that equation, politics becomes easier to understand.

They used pyschology to attack Hyacinth’s intelligence, and it worked, Hyacinth got really quiet in Parliament, because he knew that every time he pronounced a word wrong, or mispoke- they would be all over him.

When Hyacinth got quiet in Parliament, the people who voted him in, got upset. They felt that he was just there for show, never speaking up, never saying anything to defend or support them.

Hyacinth is also one of the politicians that people complained, made big promises, but then forgot them.

Hyacinth will get votes, he will not get the votes he got the last time, too many people upset about his tenure as Parliamentarian, others about promises forgotten.

I notice a lot of politicians in a frenzy right now, but if they had dealt with the people the right way while in office, they would not be panicking today.

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