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I think that the Little Green Leprechaun might be laughing is way back into power. I don’t think that the people that he put on his slate will do as well. I don’t waste my time with stupid, paid for bogus polls. I base my predictions on posting dozens of photos of the candidates, and reading the stat and data on the reaction. When you administrate blogs, pages, groups etc – you have a dashboard with statistics that show you the ‘impressions’, reactions, views etc. With Theo, you either love him or hate him. There is no in between. I had on plantation negro cousin of mine, Maynard tell me that Claude Wathey was a God. I told him that had we still been in slavery, he woulda been Masters #1 Head slave. Then we have people running around screaming that Theo Heyliger is a Green Satan. What are my predictions? Theo will be #1 in votes this year, but then again he’s the one with the money to ‘convince’ the voter.

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