sxm government st maarten falls



  1. Well, Alston via Pauline Lourens, Theo Heyliger, Frankie Meyers, Solange Apon, Connally Connor, Patrick Rasta Salmon, Miktorya Inecia, and many others ….. You were right and I was wrong. We get licks, beat by over 2000 votes. Connally, I still win we bet …lunch on you Monday …..
  2. Well I just wake UP to the news, well Connally Connor wake me UP. Got to admit didn’t see this coming but in the end it’s the people have spoken and we have to live with the results. I did what I thought I had to do and in the end that’s all anyone can do. Congrats to DP SXM, UP Party St. Maarten,United St. Maarten Party, National Alliance St. Maarten, SRP and OSPP. We are no longer the biggest party on St. Maarten.
    • Maria Smithen I hate this coalition shit especially if Sarah becomes prime minister again.
    • Patrick Rasta Salmon U couldn’t had see that coming KD????????????Your party have the senior folks who will never jump ship but the young guys of 18 to the older group of early 40 is the ones who left the party cause u guys are not focusing on them cause u guys think since we have their parent u have them and that’s wrongful thinking.
    • Kendall Dupersoy Well maybe I was blind but this result based on information disseminated during the campaign is what made me say so. A party that did all that was done last 4 years win more seats after all the complaining we hear all teh time. My friend and cousin Rene Violenus, has a good quote, and like he say teen me say it …..
    • Nadika Stephen Well kendell, politics isnt about age paerent and issues toadays genaration see popularity glits , trend , façade , now for now , result to being miopic and not their own future , its not about who was left out , its about future exclusion that the newSee More
    • Burgundy-Benders Carrol Still no answer on what half naked women had to do with election?

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