Let’s really break down this election, and say what the mainstream media won’t say. William Marlin lost on Friday – coalition or no coalition, the writing’s on the wall. But every insider knew that the writing’s been on the wall for awhile now. I predicted based on the stats and data that Sylveria was the most popular on the slate, that she would get more votes than anyone, and that William Marlin put her in third place, behind George Pantophlet out of fear and spite.

Nobody is taking away anything from Georgie, all we’re saying is that Sylveria “Sillie” jacobs beat William Marlin “Willy”, and everybody else on the slate.

Now Marlin has some particularly venomous agents, who will turn on you the second that you say that, and one did a few months ago, after The National Alliance Party elections, where once again Sylveria got the most votes.

It’s not necessarily sexism, because she’s a woman, it’s just that William Marlin’s ego cannot handle not being number #1 on his own slate.

Sylveria pulled off what I said would happen, what Marlin’s agents told me was impossible, she beat William Marlin on his own slate. It doesn’t matter how many coalitions Marlin joins with on Saturday, he still lost- and he lost big.

1) The candidates Marlin propped up like Georgie and Rodolphe- didn’t do well at all, and proved my point that Sylveria is the TRUE NA leader.

2) William Marlin has a reputation for being nice once second, and being an arrogant, condescending, screeching asshole the next. William Marlin believed that as party leader, it didn’t matter, he would get the votes anyway. But the people who love the National Alliance, but hated Marlin found a loophole. They would vote National Alliance, BUT they would vote for Sylveria- I know die hard NA loyalist who told me that they did this to teach “Willy” a lesson.

3) William Marlin and the National Alliance lost over 2200 votes, in the span of four years. Theo Heyliger and the United People’s Party, who are currently under at least a dozen investigations, gained 1200 new voters, this election campaign. Why? Because William Marlin takes his voters for granted. The worst thing that could have happened to William Marlin, was for him to become the leading vote getter in 2010. His ego is gigantic, and this made his head grow to a disproportionate size. He thought that he had the vote on lock, but once again he was proven wrong. Willy thought he would get away with being nasty to a lot of people, because he figured he could AFFORD to lose voters, not only did he have this mentality going into the elections, but evidently it rubbed off on his underlings- his Beta-dogs. Who cut more style on the voters than Willy and his agents? Who got more blows this elections than Willy and his agents?

4)The only people this elections who can really celebrate on the National Alliance slate is Sylveria and Christopher- but they shouldn’t celebrate too long, because Frans, Willy and Sarah signed their government coalition agreement at 6:00 am on Saturday, and by 6:15 a.m. Theo Heyliger had already started to throw money- so we’ll see who’ll be the first to pick up this cash. These hoes ain’t got no loyalty! 🙂

5) I told Louie Laveist that he wasn’t getting any votes this year, because prison had not rehabbed him, and once he was back in power he was up to his old tricks again. I told Louie that the St Maartener knew that he was only for and about getting the Haitian vote. Louie laughed at me. Someone get the message to Mr. Laveist that I haven’t stopped laughing since Friday night. Another prediction that came tru. Now Louie can invest his time in collecting  from those poor Haitians daily, who he has driving his buses as he keeps the St Maartener from getting a bus permit. As they saturate the roads so that NO BUS DRIVER can make a reasonable income. Louie can continue to collect from these drivers who usually don’t earn enough everyday to pay him, the Parliamentarian who was making a minimum of 10.000 per month-hustling poor Haitians. Louie really thought that these guys and their families would vote for him, when they know that he has them starving?

6) I predicted that Hyacinth would not do well… Why? Hyacinth got the populist votes the last time, people saw him as a nice, albeit not too bright guy. The opposition and his own party used psychology against Hyacinth, and it is the reason for his numbers falling. Hyacinth is not a good speaker, so they said he was dumb, and couldn’t pronounce words properly. The comedians had a field day. So Hyacinth’s response was to not say anything in Parliament- because he didn’t want to sound stupid. Well of course his enemies on his slate, and with the Opposition picked him apart- now he wasn’t speaking up for the people.  Hyacinth’s biggest detractors were on his own party, so the UPP and other opponents didn’t even have to bother, the National Alliance were doing enough to cut him down on their own. And there was jealousy on the National Alliance. People who thought that they were political geniuses only got 80 votes, but Hyacinth- who his own party dissed, and said wasn’t too bright, was getting hundreds of votes. The National Alliance lost 2200 voters, because they themselves spent a lot of time cutting down people on their own party, just because they got more votes in the last election than they did.

7) Julien F. Petty is bringing me the vote count from last elections, and I’ll be able to prove my points and predictions even better. Rodolphe Samuel screwed himself with that “Bakery”. He pissed off the whole neighborhood, so yeah, there was an active campaign against him in the hood this year. Carlito told me to come by to get more photos of the unhygienic conditions that Samuel had created where they lived, and I told him I didn’t have. Understand I speak to, and don’t dislike any of these people -but these are facts. Whenever I was on the bus, and we came over the bridge and people saw the Rodolphe Samuel “I Care!” Billboard, they would laugh. When Rodolphe’s ONLY platform was to build a Cricket Stadium in a country that couldn’t give two shits about cricket, he lost even more votes. When I pointed out that Rodolphe’s only platform apparently was to build a cricket stadium for Macsood, upon the backs of the St Maarteners who OPPOSED the cricket field- The National Alliance agents, had a lot to say (BEHIND THE SCENES) about me, but Kendall PROMISED to slander me if I went after anyone in the party- and I have the emails to prove this- so I figured when I did post what I had to post, I would go all the way. Kendall Dupersoy isn’t as cocky online right now, that it’s been PROVEN that Judith Roumou was right, and the only ones with Delusions of Grandeur were William, Kendall, Louie, Hyacinth, Rodolphe- and the boys.  A 3400 VOTE DIFFERENTIAL BETWEEN THE UP AND NA FROM 2010-2014!!! Kendall is the ‘brain’ who emailed me that I had ‘delusions of grandeur’, but couldn’t SPELL the word, and I have the email to prove that too.

8) Christopher Emmanuel in his 4 feet, 3 inches of glory had to jump in the front for the NEW COALITION GOVERNMENT PHOTO-because he couldn’t be seen behind all of those politicians who are adult size. I wish Christopher the best, and I hope he does the right thing as a Parliamentarian- but I also know that it’s NOT in his nature to do the right thing- so we’ll see. Chrisopher Emmanuel in his infinite loudness, told me that the National Alliance was getting 8 seats. When I disagreed- I was the crazy one! Well I’ll stay the crazy one, but there’s 3400 St Maarten voters evidently who are crazy just like me, and chose not to buy the National Alliance b.s. this year.

9) Charles Jeffrey Richardson did not do too well, because people liked him as an INDEPENDENT! Jeffrey had to make a move, because they’re making it more and more impossible for independent candidates to challenge the big boys. People got upset with Jeffrey when he joined NA, the same way they got upset with Gracita when she joined UP, but those who know politics understand that it’s an expensive game to fund, and sometimes the small man has to join with the big boys in order to remain politically viable.

10) Compare Theo Heyliger’s votes to William Marlin’s! It’s important for me to get the last election vote count, and post them so you can SEE exactly how far Marlin has fallen.  What do the numbers tell you? Theo is a powerful, charismatic leader- and people will use him as the default vote, because he’s the leader and they like him. William Marlin has proven to be almost the exact opposite. He is a weak leader (proven by the polls), and his own people are dissatisfied with him, but they are used to his rages and outbursts when he’s in a foul mood, so nobody in the National Alliance DARED to tell the Emperor that his ass was hanging out, as he marched down the street. His voters DID tell him how they felt, though….. They did it by voting for Sylveria or voting elsewhere. The same thing that happened to the Emperor in that Fairy Tale, it took public humiliation to finally humble the Emperor…..

11)Like most of the above mentioned politicians, I don’t dislike Romeo Pantophlet. The only thing that I can say about Romeo, is that he always seems to be having a good buzz going. I thought he would be with Frans- he made the wrong decision and stuck by Marlin.

12) Cedric Peterson did pretty well for a neophyte. I’ll repeat what I told Cedric and his mother. If people are going to vote for Cedric, they’re going to vote for the Cedric they know, which is a pretty likable guy. However if Cedric develops the “NA Arrogance Factor”, his political career will be short lived. Don’t listen to Marlin’s advice about dealing with voters, Cedric. It’s obvious that Marlin DOESN’T know how to please the voters, as a neophyte if you want advice go to Sylveria, she seems to know what she’s doing.

13)I like Narda de Windt, so her numbers were SHOCKING to me, apparently she received something like 4 (FOUR VOTES?????) Nothing left to say about that……

14) Leroy La Paix, got none of his brother’s votes, but inherited all of his brother’s enemies, and that contributed to his low numbers, even though people prefer him to Kendall.

15)If Marlin thought putting an Asian on the slate would bring in the Chinese vote, than he should have put a POPULAR Asian on the slate. Not even the Chinese voted for Ms Yau, I have to look up her name to spell it correctly, but everyone knows Jacinto Mock and Emil Lee….. Get it, Willy? Poor little Jacinto and his Pitusa vote by himself hurt the National Alliance. Don’t forget that Jacinto USED TO BE National Alliance. So compare Ms Yau’s votes to Emil Lee, and Jacinto mock… Can you hear me NOW, Willy?

16) Ameera Groeneveldt has to realize that being ‘nice’ helps in a popularity contest. I will leave it at that, and they can take it in however way they want it. Ameera has the potential to do well, but she is very polarizing. You can say the same thing about me, but then again, I don’t run in popularity contests, so I don’t care about ‘likability’.

17) Arturo Lugisse, was supposed to get the ‘student’ vote, and William Marlin, it seems was the only person who didn’t know that Sylveria would take that too.

18) Herbert Martina, I thought would do better- but it’s tough to compete with Big Money. I have a huge question mark when it comes to Martina, I think he shows the potential to be a good leader, but he also seems easily corruptible to me. He needs to be careful in the arena.  Laville and Illidge also showed great potential at one point.

19) Henriette Doran York, it seems lost some votes, that’s not surprising . The DP and UP had an active campaign against her concerning her family name, I think Henriette should have followed Leona.

20) William Marlin went from being the #1 vote getter in 2010, to not being the top vote getter on his own party. He lost Patrick Illidge, Frans Richardson, Doctor Lloyd Richardson, Leona Marlin, Rudy Engel, Jason Peterson, Terry Peterson, top loyalists such as Bienvenido Richardson and Ruth fled the Party- because of William’s STANK attitude. With all these defections, Williams attitude it seemed was “no great loss…”, they need me, I don’t need them..” Anyone who dared to criticize Willy was slammed by his bottom-boys like Kendall, now Kendall has been quiet- but he’s not been humbled, he’s seething somewhere, because it’s been publicly proven that everyone else who he was dissing, and calling names were right. And his undying loyalty to Marlin- as Marlin berates his way through life, is absurd and crazy.

I didn’t mention Dorothy, Fernando, Henry, Elvis, Franklin and the other Henry, because I don’t know those people.

Anyone in the National Alliance who is celebrating because they managed to put together a coalition government, is crazy. Had Marlin played his cards right, and rode on the wave of his 2010 popularity, and proven to be someone other than a poor man’s Theo Heyliger, then he would have gotten 8 (EIGHT) seats! Doc Lloyd, Frans and Leona are 3(THREE SEATS) and they are also three people who defected from his party, three people who he believed he could ‘afford’ to lose. Don’t forget another former National Alliance, Jacinto Mock brought in quite some votes on his own. Imagine if Willy hadn’t pissed off Leona, Doc, Frans and Jacinto- and imagine that they had stayed with the National Alliance. Now add up Terry’s, Jason’s and Rudy’s votes and compare them to Narda’s, Ameera’s and Henry’s votes…… we see a pattern of bad moves on Willy’s part?

Now imagine William Marlin not being an arrogant prick!!!

Could they have pulled off 8 SEATS for the SXM elections 2014?????!!!!!!!



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