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With the formation of the new coalition, locals are furious at the prospect that DP’s Sarah Wescot Williams and Cornelius de Weever will choose to become Ministers, leaving their seats open to Cookie Bijlani and Emil Lee, which they feel means that the Six Month contracts, that St Maartener’s loathe, will remain considering the DP’s close ties to the business sector. And Bijlani and Lee’s association with the very same tourism industry, that uses these very same contracts, which ensure that locals are unemployed every six months. There’s a viral email, and viral posts going around, and anyone sharing the sentiment that they will NOT accept who this new coalition selects for Parliament, has reposted it. So far it has been reposted dozens of times in a few hours. Considering that Christopher and Kendall spend a lot of time pretending and crying on the radio and on the campaign stage about ‘bread’ and how they care so much for the locals, it should be interesting how they react to locals- when they assist and appoint these people to Parliament, who ensure that the local remains continuously without work.

The NA doesn’t like nor agree with DP, The USP doesn’t like or agree with its coalition members. They joined together out of desperation, and some might say greed, and it seems like the locals in St Maarten are lined up for a lot more hurting when it comes to these six months contracts.

There’s an active campaign online to ‘say NO’ to allowing Bijlani or Lee in Parliament, who are considered to be modern day slave masters, keeping the locals in a lifetime of indentured servitude, with no job guarantee, every few months they are jobless.

I’ve stated that the people need to stand up and protest, if they are that unhappy- and they are unhappy, but this is Sint Maarten- people don’t stand up for their rights, and cut down the ones who do.dpsidharth cookie bijlani dpemillee



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  2. once you have a dutch passport and you are living on a dutch island territory
    you are allowed to run for office and vote…..

    If the local people do not like it they can change it.
    but let us remember it is the foreigners who finance the political campaigns of all parties.
    and it is the foreigners who controls the economy on SXM….

    let us not forget Theo & the UPP nominated the Italian right hand man of Atlantis group of casinos on the board of the central bank (locals did not complain about either thank God for Curacao who protest against it)

    Charles Meyers complained years ago of having an Italian as the president of the SXM chamber of commerce…..and theo have him today as the head of a govt. Dept. (small business development) Nobody complains about that either

    Now the majority of the people living on the island are not locals, they are a minority in their own island territory.

    I predict 8 years ago that by 2022 8 years from now you will have a Haitian, a Dominican republic, a Dutch, A Chinese, A Italian, A Jamaican and Yui-Korsou forming a majority
    and they will be running this island.

    Especially if the locals keep selling their vote to the highest bidder.


  3. we are the most uneducated bunch people to hit the internet. Indians nor Chinese ever held black slaves infact their nationals suffered slavery like us under the british and Japanese. Moreover these people postulated themselves and we all know you must be a dutch citizens. So these people are Dutch nationals just not black. Theo have some black heritage so have marietje and many who contested election were not from St. Maarten. So who have posted this are very discriminatory or the put harshly Black racist. So much for calling others racist!!
    The six months contract were not brought here by Indians or Chinese, we did it. Many used it also dutch and others but the bottom line is we did it in our greed to have these people come to our shores and bring business. There were many St. Martiners government who upheld these bad practices and never done nothing so why the notion that these would want to keep it if St. Martiners never got rid of it in the past. We pride ourselves calling ourselves Multicultural but seeing things like “sate Potato and now this is a slap in our face and endorsing racism. Hoorah for our freedom fighter they have just made modern day racist.. We should all give up our Dutch passport after all they are the whites who enslaved us, they were not indian or Chinese. And tell all those white americans not to come to St. Maarten and spend money because they are the decendants of the racist slaveowners who come here.
    Be reminded I am a man First and formost but I’m also Black and ugly like many of these modern day Black racist have called me, because I’m to black to be black and don’t have like they say a High color [a little bit if white in there . Thank you I’m a proud man, a proud non racial Black man and god love me for he don’t like ugly which is in your mind and hearts!!!




  4. really that is your reaction. in the election you had a choice and a voice, my forefather never had that. even now you have a choice and a voice and yet you believe that a few people going to come here and enslave us. But I respect your belief and seeing your carefull choice of words I thing you respect mine. Nevertheless, if you believe in democracy and you have voted you would not speak like that but if you are one of those who took money from the politicians for your vote, well I say you are disgruntle for not getting enough for your vote and believe these people who have postulated themselves are cheap and want you to work for them for nothing [slavery] . think about who is the slave masters in this election those who have bought you or those you have just ask you to vote!!!!


  5. I agree with the local St. Maartener whole-heartedly who have been struggling for a good representation forever. Now then this register with the politicians from the point of view that both members of Parliament of DP should remain as Parliamentarians and forget about ministerial throne positions and make sure that they appoint the Ministers that are for the people of St. Maarten with the proper cultural understanding and not the other way around, and make sure that these Ministers carry out the wishes of the people of St Maarten.

    St. Maarten and it’s people need now more than ever cohesion based on understanding the needs of the people , and this time around without gimmicks, confusion, and what the old people would say, “What a mess”

    The parties all have communicated via their propaganda that they will live up to the wishes of the people, hear the cry and fulfill, we’ll now is the time to do it.


  6. Dear all, I was born Dutch and I am as white as can be. I am on the island for almost a decade now and by now I am feeling more a St. Maartener than a Nederlander. Why don’t we stop looking at eachother’s skin and just respect eachother. We all have a Dutch passport and I hope that each and everone of us want the best for St. Maarten. We live together on this small island and we have to deal with eachother. Let’s do that with respect and mutual understanding.
    My son is born on this island and I want him to be proud of it!
    Let’s stop fingerpointing and let’s start working together for St. Maarten. Whether you’re black, brown, white, yellow or whatever color


    • The Dutch don’t want Antillians in the Netherlands and their Parliament says it openly. The Dutch right now are being taken over by muslims and sharia law, and they’ve lost rights in their own country for foreigners. St Maarten is NOT the size of the Netherlands- we are few and ENDANGERED, thanks to our politicians and lax immigration


  7. This is completely racist. What does it matter that they are in fact Indian or Chinese? They live here, they are Dutch Nationals and they have a right to go into office. You guys should be happy that even foreigners come to this island and try and HELP y’all! Bijlani (Not sure about Emil) knows about the 6 month contract deal! If y’all man were even listening to his speeches he says he knows about the problem! He is not just going to come down here from India and join the Political rumble here! He has been living here for over 25 years! Older and longer than a lot of the locals! His father a.k.a “Dada” who worked at the airport was very well-known and LOVED by locals. Locals had even approached him to join the Political game, May his soul rest in peace. You all should be shameful to be saying such things! This is racism! What kind of world have we come to to see Black people be racist against others! Black people who have your ancestors be slaves and be in complete misery! How can you even dare to show that face to others! Y’all people know it worst of all and still decide to do it. What does it matter of the color of your skin, when he is a Sxm national. Y’all should be shameful! He has the guts to stand up and better this country and all y’all trying to do is insult and bring him down! Where it be Emil Lee or Bijlani, They trying to help the island! People are people! People are trying to help you guys and all you guys do is judge them by the color of their skin! Completely Prejudiced. Guess who started the 6-month contract problem? YOUR “LOCAL” GOVERNMENT! And you are going to put the blame on us? Bijlani, nor Emil, have given out bribes for votes, or done anything dirty in this poltical game and you still support the people who do, and insult them for trying to help. Everyone knows the truth about people and their dirty money games, yet no one decides to say stuff, but when someone else decides to do something and help you guys y’all be racist and try and push them away. This is truly sad. What has sxm come to.


    • who more racist than the chinese and indians? And indians have a caste system. They are the most racist people on earth, they don’t even speak to your if you’re not in the same caste in indian. No ones more racists than indians who are born into the caste system. D0 you think your dumb black ass would be able to marry their daughter? the chinese man daughter? No you MIGHT be good enough for slave labour. Self loathing blacks LOVE to scream racism. I stand by my blog!


  8. To justify one’s own racism by pointing out someone else’s potential for racism by where they are from and by pointing your finger and calling a fellow St. Maartener self-loathing because they recognize racism…is simply pathetic.

    Firstly, let me start off by saying how much better the world would be if we looked for the similarities in each other rather than the differences – this looking for the differences type of living is where racism, hate, and jealousy originate and why there is murder and wars all over our planet. I know this is difficult, especially when it comes to politics, but it does work and used to be the normal way here in SXM.

    I’ve chosen to live here in SXM for the past more than 25 years. I don’t identify myself as a white American ever, but just a person, but I guess it is necessary here on this blog. I do find it sad that this kind of black/white/I born here dialogue is taking place on these shores. It was the lack of this kind of racism that attracted me the most to SXM when I first visited. My comment has always been that I could be the only white man in the room and nobody noticed – only in St. Maarten – more than refreshing and it was the main ingredient (St. Maarten/St. Martin mentality) why I moved here and not someplace like St. Thomas – this wonderful lack of racism for any color – and, if you aren’t aware of it, it is still the main factor that draws tourists to SXM, not the beaches, etc. – the people – you! Don’t lose your best asset – you being a St. Maartener and that kind of separatist talk will destroy this place, like it destroys the rest of the world. Embrace everyone. Just take a look at St. Louis right now and you will see the future here if it is not recognized.

    As far as jobs here goes, what is the real issue? Why are there short-term contracts? There is an easy answer – because we have a very, very short “season” and many businesses cannot afford to have a full-time staff for 12 months – more people are needed during January, February and March – we all know that. St. Maarten is not like Aruba which has “season” all year long. Why is this? Have you ever seen a tourist ad for St. Maarten on TV? Do we have a tourist office in NYC or any other city? Is SXM promoting ourselves anywhere? Oh sure, we get lots of cruise ships who are bussed to the French side, the airport has been expanded, but where are the tourists from April through December…and the jobs for everyone to prosper and pay their bills? If it weren’t for the banks helping out, many businesses would’ve been out of business already, especially with this world-wide recession and the price of goods skyrocketing.

    Where are the funds for tourism being spent? Are there any monies being spent? I don’t think so, and when Emil Lee addressed Parliament last year – wow, here was someone that knew something about tourism, had facts and figures and comparisons with other Caribbean islands – and has a background (President of the SHTA for years and a hotel owner) that is super qualified to help SXM out of its hole. The hole is made by St. Maarten, but still I read it is because of the foreigner somehow or because they are running for office?!?! How’s that? I don’t remember who, because I was listening to the speeches in the car and had to get out at the end of my journey to go to work, but what I heard was shocking – the person in Parliament actually replied that we don’t promote tourism because of hurricanes and the long hurricane season SXM has!! WE DON’T PROMOTE TOURISM BECAUSE OF HURRICANES?!?!? O.k. there’s your answer. There’s no work because of hurricanes. Do you accept that? Does everyone just accept that in SXM? Did you hear any speeches regarding bringing more tourists to our island or is the word tourist a dirty word because they’re not from St. Maarten? It is the only industry that this island has. When tourists ask me what does St. Maarten produce….well, what is the answer? It needs to produce jobs!

    If its jobs that are important, and I agree with everyone that has anything to say of this – this low season is too long and too hard for everyone to survive – and sure, lets get rid of this 6 month thing, but first SXM needs to create the jobs. What else does SXM have but tourism, so without them, there can be no job, so what exactly is this argument about? Is it really about color or nationality? Can’t people see clearly and address the real issue here?

    Let me ask anyone on this blog. If it was your company and your money, and say you really needed help from an expert, and you could hire anyone; would you hire a local just because they were born in St. Maarten, but had no qualifications or the person to save your ass? Understand that I’m not saying there is nobody from St. Maarten qualified for any position here needed – it is just theoretical. In my outside/inside opinion, SXM desperately needs someone in the position of Minister of Tourism that knows their stuff (or at least willing to learn) and is willing to work, work hard for SXM and go to bat for SXM and be active and creative to bring people to the island – to work on better airline rates. Did anybody notice all the hotels that don’t exist anymore, like Mullet Bay, La Belle Creole and many others? Why is there no hurry to rebuild? Why has nobody invested in SXM’s only golf course that is in tatters? Simple – no tourists to fill the rooms. This is St. Maarten’s only industry – something must be done.


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