jacinto mock


There are a lot of people celebrating in St Maarten politics, who should be hiding their faces in shame. There are people, who are very upset right now, but in the long run, they will come out on top.

Who are the WINNERS……?

1) Doctor Lloyd Richardson – He proved that he could keep his seat, without the National Alliance. His constituents remained loyal, for the most part, and his defection helped the UPP. A candidate will get a certain number of votes based on people’s allegiance to the party. They also get personal votes, based on the constituents who like them as a person. William Marlin wagered that Doc Lloyds votes came from people loyal to the party, not Doc. He was wrong, and it cost him a seat.

2)Leona Marlin’s case is similar to Doc Lloyd’s, except her defection was riskier. She joined a new, unknown party- and it seemed suicidal at the time. She proved many wrong who criticized her decision to leave the National Alliance. It was a brilliant move, because when she was on the National Alliance, it was Leona Who? She would have been buried somewhere between candidate 10-20. William Marlin flat out told his candidates that they were pretty much on their own when it came to financing their campaigns. William can’t pretend like he didn’t receive any money to fund his campaign, he received less money, because he had proven to be ungrateful to those who had financially sponsored him in 2010. He knew Sylveria had beat him at the Party elections, so he simply decided to invest all the NA money into HIS OWN campaign, NOT in his candidates!  On the new party, Leona was noticed, because she was in the Number 2 spot. She was promoted as such, she was well received and she did very well, earning her own seat. Leona was another candidate who Marlin felt he could afford to lose…… and it cost him ANOTHER seat.

3) Frans Richardson and the USP party are winners, no matter what the outcome. Their own so called advisors and agents were saying that the party was dead. You can be a comedian, and tell your unfunny jokes on stage. But when you CHOOSE to be a politician, it’s not really a joke saying that your party is dead, is it Fernando Clark? Fernando who’s on the slate said early on, that the party was dead. Now everybody can say that he is a joker, and always joking. But I wasn’t expecting an unfunny clown on the slate, I expected someone who was running because they were seriously concerned about the condition the country was in, and the plight of the people. Nobody wants to vote for a loser, and when I posted Fernando’s election time ‘jokes’ that his own party was dead, over 2000 people read the blog in less than a week, and if the USP thinks that the fact that their own candidates were saying that the New Party was a ‘lost cause’ didn’t turn off many potential voters, they’re wrong. It turned off a lot of voters- you can joke all you want about something as serious as an election- but the thousands who subscribe and read to the blog, didn’t think it was funny at all. Maybe only serious politicians should join the slate, since it’s all about the people, or should be. And the comedians should stick to the stage, and to their DVD’s. Frans is still a winner, because he did more damage to William Marlin and the National Alliance than Theo Heyliger and his millions. He almost did as much damage to  the National Alliance, as Marlin- ALMOST!  Nobody damaged the NA brand more than their leader, William Marlin.

4) Jacinto Mock is a winner- but he has selective amnesia. They tried to block Jacinto when he tried to start his own party. Jacinto was stupid enough to file his papers at Notary Speentje…. You know the one who employs DP Leroy de Weever’s sister Millicent. Of course Jacinto’s documents went missing, and when they did, and he told me at the Courthouse during the Illidge trial. I started to blog about it, no one else dared cover the story about Mocks missing Political Party documents. When it became public knowledge that they were pulling the same old political trickery and treachery- he got his documents back. Jacinto Mock could have gotten more votes, but he chose to listen to and take political advice from the very same people who he was contesting against. Jacinto is a winner, he got almost as many votes on his one man party, as Lenny Priest did with his entire slate. Jacinto did pretty well this year, considering no one thought he would get anywhere.

5) Theo Heyliger was a winner- just like Marlin was in 2010, whether you like it or not- he received the most votes. He did spend a lot of money, but he gained over 1200 votes, Marlin also spent a lot of money and LOST 2200 votes. The Dp spent their money and only gained about 28 votes. Theo won, because his party is relatively new, only about 4 years old, and they received the most votes this year, FORCING veterans like the DP and NA to form another miserable, unstable coalition. When he was with the DP, Sarah treated him like a little boy, but I guess that’s simply how she saw him….. as the little boy she knew growing up. Sarah’s mistake was that she believed that Theo’s loyalty to his grandfather’s party the DP was stronger than his desire to lead, or be more than just a #4 candidate on the slate. Theo’s BEST move was to defect from the DP, although some were angry then- they certainly have forgotten now. Theo’s defection fractured the DP party, and they have not fully recovered…years later. Theo used his time with the National Alliance to recruit the best candidates for his new party FROM the National Alliance, and undermined the National Alliance, causing dissent and discourse in the ranks when he joined them 🙂 . His behind the scenes negotiations with Frans were leaked- probably by Theo and his agents themselves. and that hurt Frans’ relationship with Marlin. His negotiations with Marietje, made her Sarah Wescot Williams enemy. The revelation that Marietje was talking to Theo the Traitor as the DP called him, enraged Sarah to the point, that she had her agents working overtime, sending documents about long lease land to every prosecutor employee, every media house, blog and radio station. Marietje’s career was in tatters, and she had to bow out of government- That cost the DP, the Marietje vote- and it caused more fracturing in the DP, as people formed “Team Marietje” camps, and the majority were in “Team Sarah’s” Camp. By the 2010 election 10-10-10, Theo had done enough damage to both veteran parties to strike out on his own 🙂 The DP was devastated in the 2010 elections, after 50 years of rule, they were soundly thrashed.  The National Alliance did great- they actually won the government that time- thanks to Theo’s destruction of the DP, he cost them the Marietje vote, the Theo vote- and a lot of loyalist who were voting for Theo because he was Claude Wathey’s ‘blood’.

Theo also had money, and  he stayed with the National Alliance long enough to learn their strengths and weaknesses. He knew that William and Frans were clashing. Both #1 and #2 on the NA slate have humongous egos. You think Theo, Al, Joe and the boys didn’t know this? Theo was smart enough not to try to make any enemies while with NA, he was EVERYBODY’S friend- and he was their friend with money. Marlin on the other hand is known for stinginess (he made his candidates pay their own way, forcing some to take out a loan, to receive 5 votes) Marlin is a miser to everyone but the Casinos-that’s a BAD addiction right there. When you play the tables like Marlin does, first of all- you have no money left over for your campaign or to assist your slate, the Turkish man has the money. Then the casinos allow the politicians CREDIT at the tables. So that anytime a politician gets in the paper and starts discussing “Taxing the Casino”, they bring him his ‘Roulette’ bill. I asked one Casino manager.. “why doesn’t the Casino pay taxes to the government?” The manager said. “Because the government owes us more money, than we owe THEM!”

Theo was like the best mole/snitch/spy/ double agent ever. He figured out everybody’s strengths and weaknesses. Frans’ weakness was his love of money, and his hatred of Marlin- So Theo quickly lured him over, along with Patrick Illidge, and that is how the National Alliance won the elections in 2010, but lost the government.

Frans in his unwavering loyalty, then betrayed Theo, and got back with Marlin. 🙂

Frans then in 2013 doubled crossed Marlin for the third time, and went back to Theo Heyliger- bringing down the National Alliance, putting them back in the opposition. This hurt the National Alliance more, because they were no longer the guys trying to get in.

What was Kendall Dupersoy’s main argument point BEFORE? “We, the NA have NEVER had the chance to rule government.” But they had gotten in, and couldn’t hold on to power for more than a few months-making them look even more incompetent and unstable….. Frans’ back and forth hurt the National Alliance- NOT Theo. Looking back now, I believed that it could have been some Machiavellian plot cooked up by Joe Richardson- the same way they sent Theo into the NA camp as an “Ally” to collect info on the NA’s strengths and weaknesses from within. Now the UP agents could say.. “We DID give the NA a chance … and they Effed up!” 🙂 Get it?

This elections strategy was simple. Throw money! Get the ‘good’ but dissatisfied voters, loyalists and candidates away from the DP and the NA…He’d already taken a chunk of the slate in the 2010 elections, now he focused on the NA slate. Theo had really raped the DP slate back in 2010 when he got Gregory Richardson etc to jump ship, so in 2014 there were ‘slim pickins’ for Theo on the DP slate, he picked people like Stuart Johnson.. almost as if to spite Sarah. Who was more loyal to Sarah than Stuey? Who did Theo send after Sarah??? Stuey! His main focus this elections though, were the National Alliance, where rumours had been rampant SINCE they lost the government in 2010 that William Marlin as a tyrant, who his own loyalist couldn’t stand. Theo took advantage of that.

He got Rudy Engel, Doctor Lloyd Richardson, Jason Peterson, Terry Peterson…. you know the story. And William Marlin did not know what he had until he lost it.  Theo had his OWN money to back him up, so it didn’t really matter who refused to sponsor him. Theo didn’t come back in 2014 with a political party- he came back with a CULT! Green Zombies… ‘We Ready! We Ready!’ But what exactly they were ready for? they couldn’t tell you. People wonder how Hitler got millions of Germans to kill MILLIONS of people during World War 2. You do it by being a charismatic leader, you do it by always empathizing with people in their plight, and you do it by giving your political party CULT STATUS. When you achieve cult status, then the leader can pretty much get away with anything……and the sheep will follow……..

And Theo ALMOST had it all- but he couldn’t pull off the eight seats. There are a few St Maarteners , who DID CARE that he and party were under almost a dozen criminal and ethic investigations- and would NOT vote for a criminal element.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A MAN’S EGO! In 2010 Marlin got the most votes- his ego went into overdrive. LOL! After Marlin got the most votes in 2010, he wouldn’t even SPEAK to people. His M.O. was to put his cellphone to his ear, and to pretend to be in an important conversation, so that he wouldn’t have to ‘deal’ with the people. And because Marlin truly believes that he is more intelligent than everyone else….he thought nobody knew his little ‘freeze the voter out’ technique. So in 2014 the voter froze HIM and his party out.

Now Theo Heyliger has the most votes, but he needs one more seat……. but like Marlin before him, his ego went into overdrive. MOST politicians are sociopaths, with narcissistic personality disorders. Only they best sociopaths thrive in politics. And Theo is one.

Everybody is under this naive illusion that nobody was negotiating with Theo.. behind the scenes. Frans and Sarah certainly were negotiating with Theo- but Theo thought like Marlin that he had all the cards, he played hard ball- like Marlin. And like Marlin he won the election- but lost the government..

He did lose the government, but for how long? Somebody posted about “Karma” yesterday, I think it was Kendall Dupersoy- and that proves his infinite gullibility  right there, and it shows you part of the reason why the National Alliance got their asses handed to them this election.

Who got the Karma..? William or Theo? I have a blog dedicated exclusive to this topic. It’s called “Kendall’s Karma” 🙂 You’ll like it almost as much as “Sillie beat Willie”.

6) George Pantophlet is neither a winner nor a loser- he’s smart, that’s what he is…….he’s moves really low to the ground- hard to detect on radar 🙂

7) Whether Christopher Emmanuel was a winner or loser- we’ll soon find out, the only thing I have to say is.. How did Christopher get the cork back on the Dom Perignon champagne bottle? He was poppin’ bubbly (champagne) until he got the news, that our dear dinosaur Rodolphe Samuel could still take it.

8) Charles Jeffrey Richardson- can still be a winner. He came out the loser in a lose-lose situation. Had he stayed independent, he wouldn’t have had the full financing to run. He got with a party, and people turned away because he was no longer the independent.. simple

9) Romeo Pantophlet still has a chance to get a seat, so his status is undetermined, but he did lose votes though, and it had to do with his closeness to Frans…. What is that ONE common denominator in all the NA’s misery?

There are TWO.. William and Frans.

10) Cedric was a winner, and now he needs to build on that, and not pull a Marlin on the people. He needs to observe the people getting somewhere in his party, and associate with them. He must realize that the William Marlin runs a Canine Hierarchy, that’s probably why they see their women, as bitches. In a canine hierarchy, the beta dogs must SUBMIT to the Alpha-Dog, who would be William Marlin. The Alpha often humiliates and abuses them- whether it be verbal or emotional or pyschological. He cuts them down, to bring them back up- so that he can SHOW them every now and then, who’s boss. People who have a ‘beta’ mentality can tolerate William Marlin okay, Hyacinth, Kendall and Martina are Betas- Georgie can ACT like one- but he’s not- in order to survive in the ‘dog eat dog’ National Alliance Party Doghouse- he’s figured out what works for him. Alpha dominants WILL have problems with Willy… Christopher is Alpha, Frans Richardson is also, Rudy, Terry, Jason, Patrick……….do we see a pattern here?

There CANNOT be TWO Alpha’s dominating one hierarchy- one has to leave or be forced out.

Sylveria is also an Alpha- very few women in politics are Betas, they just realize that it’s a smart strategy to play the ‘helpless little lady’.

One “helpless” little Alpha Dominant lady in SXM politics is…. Sarah Wescot Williams 🙂 Gracita Arrindell is INFAMOUS for her little ‘helpless” act.

11) The only true winner on the slate was Sylveria- she managed to thrive and humiliate the very people who were trying bring her down a notch or two. Sylveria cannot take it personal. Let’s be real, Alpha’s love to piss all over their subordinates, it shows OWNERSHIP. And it strokes their ego, and it strokes their “Id”.

12) Frankie Meyers, Mr “Funeral Home” was a winner. He ran a slick campaign, had Onyan do his Campaign jingle for him… even I like that song. I’m not a fan of Frankie’s but he did well.

13) Tamara Leonard was a big winner, and I’ll be the ONLY person honest enough to say that she got a lot of ‘sympathy’ votes- and I’ll leave it at that. Why should she care? It got her in- She’s a winner.

14) Terry, Jason, Rudy and Doc Lloyd- like I stated before- are winners, because they are the only ones who were on the slate with the biggest vote getter in 2010 AND 2014. The bad news for Terry, Jason, Rudy and Lloyd was that they also earn the dubious title of: Win the election – lose the government… TWICE!!!

15) Claret Connor is a huge winner, whether he gets a seat a not, he shows great potential, he’d better not get caught up!

16) Miguel de Weever is a winner, he did damn good considering he had to fight his own family for votes and he had to compete against his own brother Cornelius de Weever, who is very popular. I wonder how Friday- Election Day was for Mr and Mrs Cornelius de Weever senior? Daddy vote for me! Mommy you love Connie more!! No daddy vote for me!!! Daddy, you love Connie more… Daddy you love Miguelito more!!! You always show favoritism. Daddy! Mommy!!!

Don’t you wish you were a fly on the wall of the de Weevers’ main residence on Friday?? 🙂

17) Maria Buncamper was a WINNER! She just might have that seat, or she can get Minister… I thought Marietje was dead! LOL! We had Freddy Kruger, we had Jason Voorhies… now we got Marietje Buncamper Molanus.

18) Silvio Matser will make both lists today, but he too is a winner. He managed to get all the money that Corallo withheld from Theo out of anger. He used the money well…. but like I said, like certain individuals on this list- he’s both a winner and a loser.

19) Sarah Wescot William, our little French St Martin snake did it again folks… that’s all I gotta say, because I can’t stop laughing. Sarah knows how to Zumba alright.. all over these male politicians…. but like Sarah so eloquently put it.. “the National Alliance has NO testicular fortitute!” When Fish da Mega boss sang about Willy not having any ‘balls’, it was in reference to that Sarah Wescot statement.  Now tell me that Sarah is a submissive beta….   🙂 She might have been, she might pretend to be- but she’s not.

Sarah attends EVERY funeral, just to see who she outlived and outlasted.

20) Cornelius de Weever was a big winner. I can put ‘personal’ aside.  People were trying to argue with me, tell me that Miguel would get more votes, my one question was “How?”Big Argument on Backstreet- yesterday I saw the guy who tried to argue with me- I gloated 🙂 He ain’t had shizz to say!

21) Emil Lee was a winner, William Marlin had Chinese people asking “who da fu…… is Ying Yang Yau?

22) Bijlani “Cookie” Sidharth was a winner, because just because you’re an Indian, doesn’t guarantee the Indian vote, but he got enough votes- just not enough to be in OUR Parliament-OR- Ministry.. you’ll see. Now that DP and NA in a coalition. Kendall has done a 360 degree turn- because they need the Indian and Chinese right now- but it will cost them the locals and Antillians.







I WILL NOW COMPILE MY ‘SXM ELECTION 2014 ‘LOSER’ LIST…… I will complete the “Kendall Karma” blog and I have a blog Just about Frans, because I think that it’s hilarious that some people are celebrating an NA/USP coalition, when if Frans hadn’t destroyed the party way back when…. they wouldn’t have NEEDED a coalition…  There is also a blog analysis on the United People’s Party and the Democratic Party. There will be one on Jacinto, and one on Lenny Priest and OSPP- but those two will be easy.. 🙂 short and sweet, like their political careers.


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