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If you read Edwin Gumbs breakdown of the Seat division, you learned that Christopher Emmanuel had been declared a ‘winner’. A few hours later, evidently he was surpassed by Rodolphe Samuel in the votes, a veteran National Alliance candidate. I was told that after the news broke, Christopher Emmanuel had a meltdown, and that was the reason why Rodolphe Samuel got VROMI, because William wanted VROMI, but there was a civil war brewing in the National Alliance for 3 days straight now.

I could call up Christopher Emmanuel, but I don’t feel like having anyone shouting into my ears right now. I know how loud Christopher is when he’s being calm, so I can only imagine him truly enraged.

Before I continue, let me state that this is strictly political grapevine or ‘melee’ as we say here, but it’s not random melee, it’s what people DEEP within the party is saying.

Well Christopher has my number so he can call to confirm or deny, but after the way I ingested, digested and egested William Marlin this week, I doubt that he’ll take me up on the offer.

Here’s the political grapevinge

– The said the only reason Frans and Theo did not form a coalition was because Frans wanted Theo’s Harbor…. Come on now Frans, you know how Theo feels about his harbour. He doesn’t feel like it belongs to St Maarten and its people, he feels that he personally owns it. After all he’s invested millions according to his people into equipment etc, at the harbor. I can blog what’s actually being said about why Frans had to have the Harbor and Airport, but I won’t.

– They’re saying Denicio Brison is supposed to get Finance Minister, but I don’t understand that since it is well known, especially among his Party the Nationa Alliance, that Denicio has several ethical if not downright illegal violations against him by the tucht, and was supposed to have been suspended or disbarred. So my questions is…..  Do you have to have ethics violations to be in our Government?

-Dennis Richardson is supposed to remain as Justice Minister, he has absolutely zero background in law, but Dear Sister Sarah loves him

– Cornelius de Weever is getting Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, now he can really make his big money in the Medical Tourism, as the St Maartener cannot get basic health care. Leroy de Weever, Cornelius de Weever, Sarah and company realized a long time ago that medical care for locals cost them money, but Medical Tourism would bring in millions in profit. So just be real about the fact that Cornelius has to get Minister of Health, so that The DP etc can get their slice of the Medical Tourism pie. If our New Government was actually interested in actual Health Care then Dr Randy Friday, or some other actual medical doctor would have been given the position. There are a lot of fully qualified Doctors in St Maarten, Cornelius is called a doctor, but his actual ranking is that of a paramedic- lower than a nurse.

– Perry Geerlings of course will be the Minister Plenipotentiary in Holland. You know Sarah Wescot Williams has her reasons for that decision 🙂

– William Marlin really wanted VROMI, because he had HUGE plans when it came to giving his son Unday projects. According to the grapevine, the whole Christopher Emmanuel conundrum forced him into a change of heart. They said that Christopher threatened to leave the party, if Rodolphe got ‘his’ seat. Marlin’s decision was to keep both Rodolphe and Christopher. So when he gave VROMI to Rodolphe, it was to assure that Christopher got his seat in Parliament. Considering that in the recount Rodolphe had PASSED Christopher, it seemed to be the only option Willy had. Now he will have to get the big funded projects to his son, through Rodolphe Samuel, who he can manipulate easily. I have several spies at VROMI, so we’ll keep a record on how Unday Marlin is going to benefit and profit off of the Vromi projects. There were whispers that Kendall was supposed to get VROMI, because Kendall is more pliable than Rodolphe, but with Edwin Gumbs officially stating that both Christopher and Marietje’s seats were still up in the air, and that 4 were still in contention for the fourth seat on the National Alliance, and 4 were still in contention for the seventh seat in the United People’s Part, it made people realize that NOTHING had been secured. As far as we know this ballot count might end up in court there have been so many complaints of votes being excluded……. the plot thickens

-Silveria was supposedly supposed to be Prime Minister, and she’s the one who deserved it. They’re trying to spread the rumor now that Sillie is saying that she doesn’t want the position, because she feels that she’s too young for it….

OH PLEASE!!! Which politician do you know who don’t have ambition? Which politician do you know who only wants to move laterally and not up? UNLIKE Christopher Emmanuel, evidently Sillie doesn’t mind sacrificing for the team. Originally we’d been told that Sillie was Prime Minister, Marlin had his greatest desire VROMI….

Then like I said, statistician Edwin Gumbs came out with a few bombs, and the whole strategy changed.

Mavis Brooks is supposed to be Plenipotentiary…. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My former principal at the “Old Pondside School”, now Sr Borgia school.

Below is from Kendall Dupersoy- William Marlin’s BFF Facebook page, and my question to YOU is….

Is he referring to Christopher Emmanuel??? 🙂


I pretty good at math so I need an explanation. Any politician that got less than 922 individual votes (All 13 except Silveria Jacobs and Theo Heyliger) got to explain to me how the SEAT belongs to YOU. Since you have to add the votes of several others on the list to get that SEAT, I think you need to relax and do what is in the best interest of the party. ‪#‎Beateamplayer‬‪#‎yourpartyputyouthere‬ ‪#‎justsaying‬ ‪#‎explaindifferent‬

  • Reginald Richardson good point, then the law should change, and make it CLEAR, the seat don’t belongs to you unless you got the required amount…..and if you ditch, u leave the asset behind..
    2 hrs · Like · 11
  • Nelson Els The law should be you cannot walk away with the seat of you did not elect yourself by preferential votes…..The seat belong to the party!
    2 hrs · Like · 2
  • Kendall Dupersoy Simple but good solution .. however the person would remain in the seat and simply vote with opposition and you would get nothing done
  • Nelson Els then just like you can ask a minister to resign, party should be able to ask parliamentarian to step down if they did not got elected by preferential votes.
    2 hrs · Like · 2
  • Reginald Richardson That’s true Kendall Dupersoy, but this election proved, that people are getting politically matured, so that person will commit political suicide, and would not get a next chance…

    However, this is a democratic place, so the person still got most next votes, so it was a choice of the people…so let the people decide that person’s faith next election, however, let his/her conscious be their guide while sitting and wasting time..- it’s not right, but what can we do?

    2 hrs · Like · 1
  • Reginald Richardson Nelson Els, don’t think that’s possible, the party ain’t put that person there, its the people voted him/her, so only the people have that final say
  • Kendall Dupersoy They can refuse .. nothing in the law states this. Plus maybe the Minister is voting in the interest of the people and his party is corrupt … no protection for the people .. party gets too much power ….
    Conscience is something that is missing from out landscape, along with integrity, honor and truth …
    2 hrs · Like · 3
  • Reginald Richardson Best we get only pastors/preachers in parliament, and when they slips up, we till dem, now answer to god
    2 hrs · Like · 1
  • Lamin Ibrahim Laws? Aren’t those things that the last parliament didn’t draft a single one of? Smdh.
    1 hr · Like · 2
  • Patrick Rasta Salmon I finally agree a 100% with Kendall on something. The Parliamentarians should legislate a law base on this topic. If u didn’t get the require votes for a seat then it belongs to the party. So basically only Theo and Sylviera earn their seats and the rest belongs to the respective party they ran and got elected with. Just saying
    1 hr · Like · 1
  • Maggie Webster sorry reggie, but those religious figures are the worse
    1 hr · Like · 3
  • Lamin Ibrahim There is no difference btwn preachers and politicians. They both tend to peddle promises they can’t keep.
    1 hr · Like · 1
  • Peggy Ann Brandon LOL. Why this post when a deal is already signed. All disputes are set aside for the new coalition to rule. This seat business is no longer relevant, or is it?
  • Reginald Richardson Peggy Ann Brandon, it may not be relevant for today, but for the next 4 years and thereafter to come, it’s just food for thought.

    Kendall Dupersoy, is being so nice to tell us, that he will informed the biggest party in parliament, to make sure that a law will be passed to make sure that this issue is taking care of..I do back him making such a move…Go Kenny Go…

  • Lamin Ibrahim Good luck. Parliamentarian didn’t draft a single law in their last 48 months. Ijs.
  • Henry Lynch I too have a live for numbers and can’t understand how a politician that gave never obtained a hundred votes can come into consideration for a Minister post. Let’s get serious.
  • Kendall Dupersoy Elections are for Members of Parliament, not Ministers.#justsaying What about people that never even got ONE VOTE being considered for Ministers. #letsbereal
    10 mins · Edited · Like · 2
  • Lamin Ibrahim When you vote for a party, you are also voting for them to make decisions for you. You can’t have it both ways.

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