bibi hodge shaw


First of all, Leona Marlin tore Bibi Hodge Shaw a new hole at the press briefing today.

Some people are saying that they never respected Leona, until they saw the way she handled Bibi Shaw earlier at the press meeting.

Note: Bibi Shaw Hodge has been CONFRONTED by the lies at her site, she apologized and grovelled but has NOT removed the lies.

Bibi Shaw is supposed to be running a news site, so where’s the news about today’s press conference?


But if she won’t write about it- I will.

According to Edwin Gumbs, Leona had Bibi grovelling, muttering, uttering and stuttering- but nothing that she said could hide her stupidity.

Second of All, Edwin Gumbs is a born ANTILLIAN, Dutch Speaker- who is a member of the press, and has the credentials to prove it. Edwin Gumbs just spoke to me, and relayed the incident. Bibi Hodge Shaw tried to get him blocked from today’s press briefing.

So I’ll post exactly what Edwin said, and I’ll post some facts. Should Bibi Shaw feel the need to slander me on her website, for telling the truth again- then I will do to Bibi Hodge Shaw what I did to her the last time-


1)Bibi Hodge Shaw, who’s real name is Saliva Shaw, is a Guyanese who has NO JOURNALISM degree or credentials! They gave her a press pass, because she kissed ass to get it, and promised to lay off certain politicians. She knows that one wrong move, and her they will revoke her gratuitous press pass.

2) Only in St Maarten do you have to prove that you’re everything but a QUALIFIED journalist. You can’t direct traffic if you’re not a cop, you can’t be in the hospital doing surgery if you’re not a doctor. But you can be in and out of Parliament and the Government Building without a degree, credentials, proof or verification. Tell Saliva Shaw to SHOW you her degrees and diplomas- and not the fake ones her sons printed out for her.

3) Bibi Shaw is a Guyanese who latched on to a French St Martin Hodge, she lives in French St Martin- has no official business to prove that she works in Dutch St Maarten. Somehow by tricking some French Hodge, now she running things in Dutch government?

Bibi Shaw shouldn’t be allowed to work in French St Martin, Hodge dump her didn’t he? And her ass needs to be banned from Dutch St Maarten.

4) Bibi Shaw the Guyanese, tried to get me the St Maartener banned from Parliament too. When they told Bibi Hodge Shaw that Parliament was for the ST MAARTEN PEOPLE, Bibi Hodge Shaw went to the police (Officer Van Damme) to file false criminal charges (AGAIN) saying that I was stalking her.

But BOTH Officer Van Dam and the Chief of Police, Peter de Witte KNOW that I’m legally blind, and cannot see more than a few feet in front of me, they knew that the time that Bibi Shaw was accusing me off, I was elsewhere at the Coliseum, on camera. When Bibi Shaw was proven a liar- she got scared- and disappeared, for months Everybody was asking me where Bibi Shaw was.

5) Bibi Shaw is William Marlin’s Agent, and Edwin Gumbs is UPP- it’s that Simple. So the Guyanese who neither resides NOR works in Dutch St Maarten.. NOR speaks the Dutch Language, tried to get Antillian Edwin Gumbs BANNED from Parliament!

6) Bibi Shaw Hodge too damn bold in OUR country, Bibi Shaw has tried a LOT with locals, and the first thing she does when she starts shit, is to run to the police.

Well RUN to the police now Bibi, after you DID what you DID! They told me that they’re waiting for you. 🙂

In January I had Bibi Hodge Shaw running to the police and the prosecutor everyday. They even tried to set me up to come down to the police department where Prosecutor Tineke Kamp and Officer Van Dam threatened to lock me up for harassing Bibi.. But guess what? I could prove Bibi Shaw had started shit-

and I was simply FINISHING IT!

I had Bibi Hodge Shaw calling me over 60 times in a few hours and I had the phone records to prove it. I went to the police simply so that they could witness Bibi Shaw calling me over and over again. She kept calling until the POLICE finally called her and told her to knock it off. They said come down to the station, and file charges against Roumou if you have a problem with her. Bibi Shaw promise the police that she would stop calling and harassing me. I left my phone WITH the police- Officer Petty, and sure enough seconds later Guyanese Bibi Shaw Hodge was calling me in MY own country, to tell me that she was ‘sending the boys’ to my home in St Peters to get me- and YES- I have these emails AND text messages.

The police turned to the other police as they watched my phone keep going off, every few seconds as Bibi Shaw called me and texted more threats, the police turn to the other one, and ask him if Bibi Shaw was crazy.

It’s obvious that she is……………………….

To try to cross me on the internet, then when all her sites went down she went running to the police and prosecutor accusing me of every crime in the book, but couldn’t PROVE a damn thing.

The last time Bibi Shaw effed with me, she got locked outta Facebook, and was all over crying about it. All her sites went down. Do a Alexa ranking on Bibi Shaw SMN news site, and see how many views she gets per day 🙂 Her site views dropped from over 2000 per day to

66.66666666666 people visiting her site every day!! Those were the numbers I have the Ranking chart to prove it!

The last time Bibi Shaw crossed me, she got locked down online,  There’s a LOT you can do to a website without even crossing the criminal line. There’s a million ways to skin a cat online, and I skinned Bibi Shaw good. She was hiding and ducking for a long time.

When I observe Bibi Hodge Shaw in the courtroom, at press briefings, when the Dutch Queen was here etc… Bibi Shaw who was (allegedly) educated in Guyana, and who only speaks a broken English Patois, will stare in rapt attention at the speakers-


She sits in at every official ceremony, and has NO clue as to what’s going on. When the court trial or the press conference is over. She will wait, and then turn to people to find out what was said.

That’s how she reports her so call stories, on her so called ‘news site’

Although Bibi Hodge Shaw’s ONLY language is English, she doesn’t WRITE it very well.

I am A Dutch St Maartener, Dutch Educated!

Compare my writing to Bibi Hodge Shaw, and tell me WHO sounds like the Native ENGLISH speaker?

Bibi Shaw need to stick to scamming the CAF- because we on the Dutch Side got something for her lying ass.

Bibi, you can start your shit with me online again- but the police AND the prosecutor have already told you that they CAN’T help you,

should I choose to come after you.. AGAIN.

Nothing left to say.

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