1)Theo Heyliger amassed 1945 votes this election, his party received the most seats (7), and yet he could not pull off a majority- and thus remains in the opposition. He was  the biggest HIT this elections….. BUT, he had some HUGE misses!


2) Gracita Arrindell- Was a MISS. She’s the only politician who I assumed would do great but didn’t. There are a lot of rumors floating around about why Gracita did so dismally in this year’s elections. Gracita lost a lot of votes- by leaving the PPA and joining Theo Heyliger back in 2010, however she still received enough votes- to make it to Parliament. Gracita and her leader Theo seemed to have a lot of friction- Why? I don’t know. Some people feel that Theo couldn’t control Gracita like he wanted to, and there is even speculation that her own UPP Party worked against her during this elections. Whether this is true or not, or whether Gracita was aware of her own party trying to bring her down a notch- Gracita did virtually NO CAMPAIGNING this elections. She seemed removed from the whole process- didn’t seem to care, and the voters showed Gracita the same sentiment. Maybe Gracita has a ‘plan B’ outside of politics. I don’t see Gracita being elected for anything else, anytime soon in SXM. I can see her being appointed down the line- but right now Gracita’s political career in St Maarten is on a respirator. And she signed the ‘Do NOT Resuscitate” form.


3) Frankie Meyers was a good choice, he was a ‘HIT’ for Theo. St Maarteners are very angry with Frankie about the oversaturation of permits. But if you don’t like what he is doing- then don’t vote for him. Sylvia did not run- which means that they were confident that Frankie would be able to pull in all the Meyers votes. Frankie came enthusiastic, he had a great Jingle by Onyan- he played the game well- and got a lot of votes.


4) Doctor Lloyd Richardson turned out to be a great choice for Theo Heyliger. He is a HIT.

Doc Lloyd didn’t get the votes that he got with the National Alliance-but that was to be expected. He got enough, to get back into Parliament. I’ve already explained that a politician will get ‘personal’ votes- people who love him, and vote for him. But he also gets ‘party’ votes. People who like him-who would never vote for the UPP, and are loyal to the National Alliance did vote for him. When he defected- he lost a majority of the ‘party loyalty’ votes- no surprise, but he had to have enough ‘personal’ supporters to get a seat this elections- and he pulled it off. Not only did Doctor Lloyd prove to be an asset to the UPP party, his defection HURT the National Alliance in a big way.


5) Josianne Artsen Fleming – Seemed like a risk, and she was a MISS.

I believe that Josianne was given a very high rank in order to pull in the French St Martin votes. It’s the same deal with the National Alliance and Ms Yau. Just because Josianne has the French Connection- does not guarantee the French votes. And in fact- it might have caused the opposite affect. Many people remember her tenure as first lady. Many French people have nothing positive to say about Josianne, because of her stint as the First Lady of French St Martin, she inherited many of her husband’s political enemies. There are many people who will smile big in your face, make bigger promises, and never vote for you- because they hold a grudge. The French St Martiners know better than I, the alleged ‘sins’ of Josianne Fleming. If Ms. Fleming was supposed to bring in the French vote, it backfired- and might have done the opposite. I don’t know Josianne to confirm or dispel what are facts or not- but it is, what it is- and she wouldn’t have been given such a high rank, if she was not expected to do a lot better.



6) Maurice Lake, is a fool- who could have gotten a lot more votes, simply by using his portfolios and projects to boost his votes. Instead, Maurice CHOSE to be caught up in bickering- and it did affect his votes. Everyone knows that he got his cut of that “Prime” shit property in Cayhill, he got his money- but it tarnished him, and it cost him votes. He went after Roy Marlin concerning ‘holes’, and made himself a laughing stock. I know that one calypsonian already has a ‘chune’ about it. He went and fought ‘Brother’ over a piece of land, in order to discredit the Richardson family, and ended up discrediting himself- when they were forced to admit, that he had paid the so-called ‘victim’ 52.000 guilders. He went and picked a fight with Cornelius de Weever……. do you see a pattern? It shows you that Maurice was very insecure about what he’d done while serving as a Minister- he thought it wasn’t good enough to get him votes- or maybe he’s just stupid and greedy. Maurice Lake, spent several weeks trying to get a photo of him as a voodoo dolly removed from the internet. Precious time and resources wasted- because as Maurice found out too late… When you try to remove something I post- I’ll repost it a million times. Maurice got his votes- but he could have gotten more. He was a MISS, who made too many silly MISStakes….and it cost precious votes- that could have assisted the UPP in garnering that 8th seat.




7)Johann Janchi Leonard- finally got that last seat, but the old Janchi would not even have been placed in that situation. Janchi is losing his connection with the people, and that often happens when a politician gets elected- and forgets who got them there. Too much long talk and bullshitting going on in Parliament- and the people are supposed to take them seriously. Janchi…..Louie Laveist is a great example…. standing up in Parliament to give long drawn out speeches, impresses NO ONE! Louie Laveist thought that the longer he spoke, the more people would buy his b.s., and it had the opposite effect. I like Janchi, but he has the same illness that Louie has………longwinded speeches- that FORCE people to tune out. Janchi has to come back serious. ENOUGH with the long b.s. speeches in Parliament- in 48 Months not ONE law or legislation was passed, all they did was sweeten their own salaries and pensions.


8) Terry Peterson was a HIT. He got his votes- but more importantly, he caused damaged to the National Alliance with his defection. When it comes to hits and misses, concerning the defectors…. you have to add damage to the old party to the equation. Marlin could NOT find suitable replacements for his defectors. When Terry gets 200 votes, and his replacement on the NA get 12 votes- well then Terry and The UPP won that one, no matter how you try to twist it.


9) Jules James is a MISS. I would rather deal with an honest Satanist- than a FAKE Christian pastor- because at least with a Satanist, I would know what to expect. There are few things more devious than a fake pastor, using Jesus Christ to get the votes, and to screw over the people… all in the name of money. I believe that the day will come when Jules James will face the music for what he did at Pelican… and guess what?? No seat.. NO IMMUNITY! I have nothing personal against Jules, he’s always been nice to me. But he’s done a lot of evil, in the name of Jesus Christ, and he will be humbled for it. He’s a miss- he lost votes AND COST the UPP votes. You truly believe those 200 Pelican employees who were fired, and are claiming that they have YET to be paid out and their family voted for him??


10) Claret Connor, whoever the heck he is was a HIT!!! Claret… whoever you are 🙂 you did great- now BUILD on that. Do NOT get greedy and don’t forget the people who voted for you, or they will forget you next elections.


11) Miguel de Weever was a HIT, considering the popularity of his brother Connie. Miguel’s job right now, is to spend the next four years convincing people that he would be good enough for a seat in the 2018 elections. Miguel needs to avoid, that old drunken criminal Leroy- and his accomplice in crime Cornelius- and he needs to stay on the straight and narrow. Cut the attitude. The only way you can have an attitude in a popularity contest would be if you’re running for “Ms Attitude SXM 2014”.. If that’s not the title you’re aiming for. Then cut the attitude, and come down to earth like the rest of us….


12) Tamara Leonard is a HIT…. The National Alliance attacking her online cost them votes, and earned her sympathy votes. Tamara did well, no matter what the circumstances during the elections. Had I still been ‘friends’ with Kendall Keith Dupersoy, I would have told him to lay off the attacks on Tamara- it was only helping her, and making him look like a heartless prick. But since I was no longer friends with Kendall, I got out the popcorn, and sat back and relaxed as Kendall busted his ass, getting Tamara votes- and losing the National Alliance votes. Ask yourself… how many votes did Kendall cost the NA this elections 🙂 exactly


13) Jason Peterson is a HIT, he’s in the same category as Terry Peterson. He hurt the National Alliance, did pretty well in the vote count, and the National Alliance could not find a replacement- that brought in a percentage of the votes he brought it. So Jason is a winner. He can build on it. But Jason has an attitude, he needs to lose it if he wants to do better next elections.


14) Rhoda Arrindell was a hit and a miss. When Rhoda left office, her biggest supporters were cutting her down- there was an active campaign against her. From her hair to her face, everything was criticized. My questions about Rhoda are about the Emilio Wilson Park. Politicians are going to learn the hard way, that they can’t just show up every four years, and expect the people to vote for them. As soon as the campaign’s over, they switch from election mode- to ignore you mode. And truly successful politicians – are always “ON”!

If a Parliamentarian assists ONE person per day, while in government, that’s the potential for 365×4=  1460 votes? Contrary to popular belief, the voters are loyal to the politicians who help them- its the politicians who forget about their loyalty to the people, and then scratch their heads four years later- wondering where their votes went.



15) Rudy Engel is in the same category as Jason and Terry. He’s a HIT.

His defection hurt the opposition- he cost the National Alliance votes, they lost seats…his replacement on the National Alliance, did not bring in a significant amount of votes.


16) Angelique Roumou (correct spelling) is known for being standoffish, rude and basically a bitch- until elections— then she puts on a pageant smile. Angelique would do a lot better if she tried being friendly all year round, rather than just turning the personality on and off like a light switch. But Angelique cannot be friendly year round- because she is a ROUMOU, no matter how many adjustments she does to her surname. How are you on a slate, using an alias as a last name? You changed your last name to disassociate from your family name- but nobody did more to damage the family name than Jean Pier Roumou and his violent antics… hypocritical much? Angelique’s own family wouldn’t vote for her.. shocking! 


17) Veronica Janssen seemed to be well liked, but I kept reading where people like her- but not her party, so that probably cost her some votes.


18)Chanel Brownbill is a MISS- because I just had to spend 20 minutes figuring out who he is. If you really campaign – nobody has to guess who you are after the election. That’s not saying anything negative about Chanel. What I’m saying is that he is a virtual unknown, so during the next four years, he might want to get his name out there, in a good way, so that in 2018, people won’t still be saying… “Chanel Who?


19) Iris Arrindell’s hypocrisy cost her votes. She killed her ‘neutral’ credibility, and did evil to get a vote. That GEBE bullshit was NO coincidence Iris- but you know the Karmic rules.


20)The other Mr Heyliger did quite well, he was a ‘HIT”. I never heard of him before the elections- but evidently others did, he like Chanel, need to maintain their momentum, until 2018.


21) Maria Buncamper was clearly a risk… but was she a MISS? Maria got her votes, and if not for the technicality of the slate placement- Maria could have gotten a seat. Maria is a HIT, and in order to understand that- simply look at the DAMAGE Julian Rollocks and his reputation did to Theo Heyliger and the UPP.  I didn’t hear one person say that they wouldn’t vote for the UPP because of Marietje. However many people declared that they would not vote for a party with a scamp (Rollocks) on it who preached about “BREAD AND BUTTER”- but all he brought to the table was “DREAD AND GUTTER”. Marietje was a hit- whether you like her or not. She lost votes yeah, but she’s proven that she’s still politically viable after taking a direct hit from Sarah Wescot Williams and crew.


22) Julian Rollocks was #22. Looking like a well preserved Mafia Corpse on his campaign poster.


I told Alston Alvarino Lourens at the Carnival village for the PJD2 pageant- that if the rumors were true- then it would be Theo’s BIGGEST mistake this election….. and I was RIGHT 🙂 Hey, Alsty Baby!!!! Who got the last laugh on that one?

People thought Rollocks on the slate would upset and distract me… HA! HA!…. for maybe half a second. His entertainment value throughout the elections, and his humiliating ….what was it? 22 VOTES?? Certainly made it worth while for me.

When Cimarron Marlin, and Gromyko Wilson and various other people lined up- LOCKED AND LOADED, for that cockeyed fool- all I had to do was sit back.





Everytime someone contacted Julian Rollocks online, on Facebook, thinking that I was him.

– I dissed Julian Rollocks- and who’s going to vote for a man who disses himself? 🙂

I made one cartoon called “Land Thief”- with the cooperation of one Mr Michael Ferrier 🙂 That’s all I had to do this entire elections. I knew that Rollocks would explode all over the radio waves about the video- and give me all the promotion I needed. I don’t have a radio, but I have radio sources who claim that Rollocks brought police records and everything to PJD2 to prove that he wasn’t a land thief. Now mind you people.. 90% of the people wouldn’t have known about the landthief video, if Rollocks wasn’t screeching about it everyday on pjd2.


It’s called the “Streisand Effect”. The more he told people not to watch the video- the more their curiosity got the better of them- and they HAD to watch the video. All I had to do was relax, knowing that Rollocks was covering all my onland promotions and advertisement.

Rollocks then made the STUPID mistake of attacking Gromyko Wilson.

Now there’s a LOT of things I don’t like about Gromyko.. but the enemy of my enemy is my FRIEND 🙂 Gromyko was waiting fo’day morning for that Land Thief Julian Rollocks to head to court- ONCE AGAIN- accused of land stealing. So I had the video, Gromyko got Rollocks back in court on camera – in the middle of an election- on another land scam charge.

Rollocks so stupid, he did nothing but personal attacks- and the people are TIRED of his damn dread and gutter campaigns.  He attacked Fernando Clark personally- and it made Fernando look bad, but it made Rollocks look WORSE. I don’t like Fernando Clark, because he’s a two faced cowardly snake, that can chat behind ya back, then grin in your face with his big goofy teeth. I don’t like cowards who can only talk when you’re not there, then give you a big grin when they see you.

Julian Rollocks the scamp, bounced out of PJD2 YEARS ago, owing them a lot of money, he went to GBBC and owed them a lot of money. Then he went to Billy D at SOS radio- and screwed over Billy D about his money. So when Rollocks had PJD2 on lock, AFTER Theo Heyliger paid off is exorbitant bill that he owed them. Rollocks didn’t NEED Billy D anymore… But Billy D, Jacques Hamlet got his revenge. Out of the blue Fernando Clark- JR’s arch nemesis was interviewing Cimarron Marlin 🙂 the brother that Rollocks had screwed over, and done everything to put six feet under for a piece of land. When Cimarron unleased on Rollocks on SOS radio- I heard Theo Heyliger had to pay Billy off to stop the onslaught- that’s what I heard. Rollocks don’t have any money- Atlantis has his money.

So now Rollocks the fool starts to attack Fernando Clark- reopening Underwear-gate… Rollock is a fool, who took personal offense when Fernando Clark the comedian paid somebody to run across the stage in a shit-stained jockey, pretending to be Rollocks. Rollocks still cannot get over that. So rather than campaigning on what he did good for SXM (nothing).. He’s up and down on personal vendettas attacking Cimarron, Gromyko, Fernando … lol… ME.. So Fernando got his own radio show to defend himself. Cimarron was on EVERY radio station- talking about the evils of Julian Rollocks, Gromyko has a large Social Media and BB following. So Rollocks was being attacked by me on Youtube and Facebook, Gromyko was taking down the other leg with his Paparazzi pages, Cimarron was WALKING from station to station dissing his brother with facts… and that’s just like 3 or 4 of HUNDREDS of people that were inline to get revenge against Rollocks for something evil that he had done to them.

I didn’t even waste quality time attacking Rollocks, because I saw he was doing a GREAT job of self destructing. 🙂

Then to Theo, Alston and the UPP’s HORROR- in the middle of a Wendell Moore interview with Cimarron Marlin- Rollocks was DUMB enough to STORM the studio 🙂

sigh….. 🙂

…more popcorn please……………………

Alston…. darlin’ 🙂 how much money did Theo blow on Rollocks, and how many votes did Rollocks cost him???

How many more votes did y’all need to get that 8th seat again??

Now Rollocks just made a public announcement that he’s ‘retiring’

How can you be ‘retiring’ Rollocks when I fired your ass 4 years ago?

I said it…… Theo is trying to re-animate this corpse- but I will beat it down, until it stays in the ground.

Silvio Matser is a HIT… I hear he got Corallo’s money- which also earned him a criminal investigation. Silvio isn’t stupid. But my question is …

If it’s TRUE that Silvio and Unday Marlin (William’s son) WAS in the business together as partners- then they BOTH need to be under investigation- not just Matser.


If I forgot anyone in this countdown- then they need to work harder on letting their presence be known in the upcoming elections.

I think Al, Theo, Joe and the boys gambled… and mostly won.

They made some stupid choices and it cost them.

The above are my OPINIONS as a blogger, it’s what I observed as an outsider. Sometimes in order to actually see the forest and ALL the trees, you have to step out of the forest, walk a distance, and then you’ll get a better perspective of it.

Theo Heyliger made very FEW major gaffes, but the ones like Rollocks…. were unforgivable, and hurt him immensely…

much to my pleasure and joy.

THESE VIEWS ARE POLITICAL AND NOT PERSONAL!!! SO IF YOU WANT TO GET OFFENDED – OH WELL…… grow a thicker skin if you want to be in SXM politics.

I am now going to compile a list of the National Alliance “Hits and Misses Election 2014.

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂






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