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Xavier Blackman, the man who was responsible for Bas Roorda coming to work in St Maarten-destroyed his political career with that decision, and it wasn’t even his decision, he was just following orders.

Xavier became the ‘fall guy’ and quickly found himself ‘personae non grata’ in St Maarten politics.

Bas Roorda was selected, because he did NOT have a clean history in the Dutch Government.

Bas Roorda had added an illegal extension to his home, and although that is common place in St Maarten,

in the Netherlands, where politicians are more carefully scrutinized- it got him into a lot of trouble.

These troubles were quite public, so Xavier Blackman was aware of the ‘taint’ before inviting Bas Roorda into the Government’s Finance Department.

Xavier however, could not have made that decision without the approval of his leader William Marlin.

William Marlin, is said to have put a lot of pressure on  Bas Roorda, when the Tourism Bureau/Per Diem Scandal hit the fan- to remain quiet.

The Tourism Bureau/ Per Diem scandal has to do in part with our government receiving an allowance when they are abroad, to cover expenses. However, OUR government were lunching down at Busby’s and at Yvette’s in French St Martin, and claiming Per Diem benefits.

Our Government was on the beach in Anguilla, being photographed in their little gay trysts, but were claiming that they were in South America on business, and claiming per diem benefits for those trips too.

Minister of Finance at the time Hiro Shigemoto- who has been arrested and released in the “Piranha” case, was in charge of the whole mess. Although Marlin and The National Alliance had created the whole mess, it was Shigemoto who was in government when Bas Roorda started to squeal like a pig, about all the unethical and illegal activities going on in the Government’s Finance Office.

Minister of Justice at the time Roland Duncan of course aimed for Roorda’s jugular, since the scandal threatened to involve his son-in-law Minister of Finance, Hiro Shigemoto.

Roland Duncan made things a lot worse, and at the time I even pointed out, that any SANE lawyer would know to remain SILENT during a criminal investigation.

Duncan- because he believes that he’s smarter than everyone else, even did an interview on Eddie Williams program, and ADMITTED that he too had taken part in the Per Diem scam. He incriminated himself, when NO ONE had asked or incriminated him in the scandal.

Without being prompted, he said that occasionally, while he was abroad- the Per Diem would not be enough, and then he would spend out of pocket, so basically what was the big deal? That it went both ways.

The big deal was…… Duncan implicated himself in something, when no one called his name… AND it was illegal.

His excuse would not hold up in court, because there are specific steps that are taken, when they need extra per diem money.

There’s a process to follow, and you can’t just make up the rules as you go along, and take whatever money you feel like taking.

There is a process to make sure that the money is being spent in the right way.

Frans then also got on the airwaves and started to defend himself.

Who are advising these people?

They have the RIGHT to remain silent, but evidently they don’t have the Ability, to do so.

All they did was provide one inconsistent story after the next.

Xavier was ‘blackballed’- the same people who instructed him to hire Roorda- wouldn’t touch him after.

I guess, Roorda was supposed to come in, pretend to audit. They figured that he was tainted enough.

If he said anything, they would simply call him out on his past in Holland, and call him very name in the book.

They thought that they had him, so all that they had to do was initiate him into their bribery program….


All Roorda did was collect information….

He asked TOO MANY questions.

So they began to pressure him….. to keep his mouth shut…..or else.

William Marlin was said to have put a lot of pressure on Bas Roorda.

I’m not picking on nor am I singling out William Marlin.

Theo has been very, very quiet- and like I said,

I kick you when you’re up, not when you’re down.

The St Maarten government took it to a new level, when they incorporated TERRORISM in order to coerce Roorda into silence.

Edward Dest and Regina Labega were also implicated, and lost their jobs.

However when they could or would not charge them with any crimes, they demanded their jobs back.

Regina joined PJIA, Dest moved on to other opportunities.

Frankie Meyers was in a bind- he was the one who had fired Labega and Dest.

Miguel de Weever’s who was somehow tied into the investigation ended up with his car being firebombed, according to Roorda.

That’s  domestic terrorism right there- and that’s a SERIOUS allegation.

Firebombing to intimidate witnesses etc. are  true Organized Crime tactics.

Then Bas Roorda claimed that they had pointed lasers at his home.

Not everyone gets the implications to that statement.

If someone was pointing a laser at his home, then the laser was attached to a gun.

The laser beam is simply used to ‘tag’ the target, to ensure that you don’t miss the shot.

So the ‘laser’ story is way more sinister than it first appears.

Bas Roorda fled the island right after.

Stopping only long enough to give his buddy Hilbert Haar an interview…


And then he headed back to Holland.

When he got to Holland- he sang like a canary.

Then I was told that he had been making trips back to St Maarten..


To catch a tan?

I think not.

I heard he’s got more octaves and a better vocal range than Mariah Carey,

and he is said to have been singing to the Prosecutors and to the Lands Recherche.

Part of it has to be sweet revenge…. 🙂

Who can blame him?

He was harassed, harangued, threatened, slandered, discredited……

and that was just by the Minister of Justice.

When it comes to the pressure for Bas Roorda to remain silent.

A lot of that came from William Marlin.

William Marlin was supposed to have been the one who ordered

Bas to keep quiet about the irregularities and mismanagement going on with the Dutch funding money, in the Finance Department.

William Marlin pressuring Roorda had to do with his son Unday being implicated.

And that’s according to N.A. sources.

People think that  I like reporting bad news, but I don’t.

It would be wonderful if I could get up one day and simply blog…


But that’s not happening… is it?

Why is Reginald Richardson posting about ‘rumors”, and the Dutch ‘coming in?”

About “Higher Supervision?”

The National Alliance had NO problems with the Dutch coming in before, in fact Marlin has often been referred to as a

“Ja Knikker” or a Ja Nikker for the Dutch…… and that’s why the Dutch loved him.

A Ja Knikker is like an “Ass Kisser” in English.

But I suspect that the Dutch have always been aware of Marlin’s own dealings,

but since he is very low-keyed, and has stayed under the radar….

and since Theo was calling them “Modern Day Slave Masters” and “Colonialists”…

The Dutch simply decided to bet on the lesser of two evils.

That’s all about to change.



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