Okay, so now you’re claiming that “Senor Hypnotique” former Minister of Justice is to blame for the Maurice Lake/Vorst land deal gone bad. Let’s be honest and blame the GREED! 

I neither like nor dislike Roland Duncan, but many people loathe him- and I understand where they’re coming from, but Duncan would not have been able to ‘entice’ anyone into doing anything illegal for money, if they were not GREEDY!

You wanna get real?

Yes, he set up Evelyn Hodge with the Brooks Tower Agreement, but Evelyn could have said “NO!”. Evelyn Hodge’s own “Reporter friends” claim that Evelyn had a horrible casino habit.

Evelyn KNEW what she was doing all along, but she was down for it. The only reason Evelyn is upset, is because she thought that as Minister of Justice, Duncan would get her out of any legal bind, but if Duncan couldn’t stop them from locking up his alleged girlfriend, Marina Serrant during the investigations- how could he stop them from arresting Evelyn.

It was unfair that Evelyn took the fall, but Evelyn took part in all the illegal activity- Eyes Wide Open.

So Duncan is behind Patrick Illidge’s fall?

I like Patrick, he needs to resolve his issues and maybe down the line try to make a comeback- but it was Patrick’s GREED, that got him caught up- AND his undying loyalty to his mentor, Roland Duncan.

Did Duncan get Romain Laville caught up???

Nope that was AVARICE, that got Laville caught up.

What is Avarice???

Well, it’s greed- evidently Duncan has a good instinct when it comes to finding people who will do anything for money. Now I do believe that because Duncan is an attorney, and he is the former Minister of Justice, he probably assured and reassured these people that nothing could go wrong. And if anything did go wrong, he with his expertise and connections would get them out of the jam.

But should Duncan be caught up in this, he won’t even be able to get himself out of this one- so everybody else can hold their breath

Duncan’s problem is that he is a lawyer, so he can probably find a loophole in every activity he does.

But Roland Duncan REALLY pissed off the Dutch.

He challenged them to file charges.

He made a mockery of the Justice System by being involved in a brothel deal “Hypnotique”, evidently he didn’t mind being the ONLY Minister of Justice to ever be involved OPENLY in the crime of human-trafficking.

Roland Duncan, was on a mega ego-trip as Minister, and he had IMMUNITY, so he was daring the Dutch to bring it on.

Now he’s really quiet………..


Ask Theo………….

When you PUBLICLY humiliate the Dutch, they become barnacles…


Many people- especially the Dutch in the SXM court system have told me that Duncan was a TERRIBLE lawyer.

That he got thrown out for being ill-prepared at various cases.

However Duncan is still a legal mind, and if he did set these people up, then he did it in a way where they will take the fall, when the shizz hits the fan

I’ve been told Peggy Brandon is a way better attorney and legal mind than Duncan.

So if Duncan was smart, then he wouldn’t have done any of this himself.

They’re saying that it was Roland Duncan who took care of current Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson’s HOOKER problem.

But once again, Dennis is NOT any way a legal mind, he got his business degree at Sundial or something, so I DO believe when they say that Duncan set up a lot of the stuff that are being questioned right now, but Duncan could not have carried out any of this without WILLING partners!

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