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I am not a fan of Cornelius de Weever, and I will NEVER drop my courtcase against Leroy de Weever- but facts are facts………

1) Cornelius was ELECTED, so nobody can say he’s wrong for chosing to be a Parliamentarian- when Sarah is the one who affirmed that he had earned a seat. He did not own it outright, but she had no problems with him having a seat- until he allegedly defected.

2) If Cornelius does become a Parliamentarian, then Doctor Lloyd Richardson SHOULD become The Health Minister- he is an ACTUAL, QUALIFIED doctor. Maybe we need an ACTUAL, QUALIFIED doctor to run the St Maarten medical mess. Then I guess Maria Buncamper will get her seat.

3) If Connie chooses to become a Parliamentarian, then he has a secure job for 4 years. If he takes Minister then his fate is in the hands of whichever coalition is formed next. So Connie chose a sure thing, over something less secure, how can you fault the man for that?

4) Connie more than anyone knows about the negotiations behind the scenes with the NA/DP/USP… maybe he saw the writing on the wall……


If Connie saw that the negotiations had the potential to put him out of a job within a few weeks, or a few months…. then why wouldn’t he settle for the ‘surething’, knowing that the coalition wouldn’t last?

5) If I were Connie, I wouldn’t answer my phone either, because the so called “New Coalition Government” began their whole charade with a bare-faced lie… how are they gonna thrive, when they are on the Front page of the papers LYING, as they pretended to be praying.

6) It’s evident that before the posed for that now infamous “prayer” picture, Connie had already fled the coalition. YET THEY CONTINUED TO LIE TO THE PEOPLE, AND TO MANIPULATE THEM, USING PRAYERS AND GOD, TO REASSURE US OF THEIR LIES, AND PROBABLY TO MAKE CORNELIUS DE WEEVER FEEL GUILTY!If you are willing to use GOD or JESUS for a ‘photo op’ KNOWING that it’s a LIE, who are YOU to question someone elses ethics and morals? Who were they trying to convince of their lies? GOD?

No they were USING God, on the Frontpage of the paper to LIE to the people, I wouldn’t want to hang with that hypocritical, manipulative bunch either.

7) Why is Sarah acting surprised now that Leroy turned Cornelius against her? Did she forget that she dropped Leroy de Weever like a hot potato? DP sources were happy to tell me that Sarah wanted Cornelius, and only Cornelius- Leroy’s drunken antics were getting out of hand. Sarah was RIGHT to drop Leroy, but WRONG to think that he wouldn’t try to seek revenge. We are all ONE family- NO JOKE- and family knows family. She knew what her boy Leroy was capable of, because before he used to be her agent, so now she can’t act surprised because he double crossed her, Leroy de Weever is the ONLY common denominator in ALL of the government dissolutions in St Maarten- so why would you feel that the leopard can change it’s spots now?

8) Theo always wanted Cornelius, Sarah wouldn’t give him up, so Theo settled for Miguel…. and you know how jealous men are, him and his agents PROMPTLY began to attack Cornelius and the SMMC.. why? Sour grapes…. Theo always wanted Cornelius, so don’t be surprised if he now has him.

9) Sarah was NOT against negotiating with Theo Heyliger, that Greek trip was no coincidence, they simply couldn’t agree on a price- so when it comes to ‘disloyalty’ Connie probably learned it from Sarah, because she sure was negotiating behind the scenes too.

10) Frans Richardson truly screwed himself, by being TOO greedy. Frans had it all- and he certainly was negotiating with Theo Heyliger until the Leona/Lynch hit- which put him back in line. Neither Frans nor Sarah can call Cornelius “disloyal” because they sure were negotiating with Theo Heyliger too.

11) Connie is looking out for his own best self interest, but so is everyone else in government- and if you don’t believe that- you need to take a political science course.

12) When the dust settles, they will all be at Yvette’s restaurant again- eating gourmet, and drinking fine wine- while your ass still broke, do not have sympathy for ANY politician.

13) The Independents (Romain, Frans, Patrick) The Democratic Party, The United People’s Party, and the National Alliance all had their stints to RULE government. NOT ONE OF THEM WROTE UP PROPOSALS TO STOP THE PARTY/SHIP JUMPING…. SO NOW THEY MAD? They are now trying to lock the barn door, after the cow escaped- too late. If Ship jumping was your priority, then it would have been the first thing on your agenda point to amend. Nobody did that, because Ship jumping has benefited EVERYONE in government, since NO PARTY HAS WON 8 SEATS YET! Only the people in the minority TEMPORARILY care about ship jumping, when it DOESN’T benefit them.

14) Millicent de Weever SHOULD NOT get any Ministers’s position- because she has to pass the screening, and SPEENTJES have TOO MANY stolen land, document deeds and allegations. Every day it seems that there is another “Speentje Stole My Land” story. So should they try to appoint her- it will backfire spectacularly.

Like I said,  I still full intend to face Leroy and Connie in court about Leroy The Millionaire, getting drunk and stealing my Tablet in front of witnesses… And I will NEVER let it go, and I neither support nor defend Connie or ANYONE in this government for that matter- the above is simply the way I see things.


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