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William Marlin has now made the official announcement- about a week after the news came out, and we were made out to be liars, his coalition is dead.

Sarah’s press briefing was ‘shady’ as usual, but that’s our dear Sister Sarah.

She said that their were no negotiations in Greece, there were negotiations, Sarah could

have been President of Parliament or Prime Minister, in fact Theo would’ve given Sarah any and everything she wanted, but Sarah gave Theo the cold shoulder.

She claimed that he had gone too far during the election campaign, and had hit below the belt. “Joe for So” said that Sarah is a veteran, and after decades in the

political arena, if she didn’t have a ‘thick skin’, well then she should have by now. He said everybody went below the belt during the elections, and after the campaign

they just shook it off. There was a sense that Sarah had not actually been truly ‘hurt’ by anything said, she simply wanted more leverage, and used the ‘verbal abuse,

excuse’. When asked yesterday whether she was still open to forming a Government Coalition with the UPP and Theo Heyliger now, she left the option wide open.

Shesaid that she had not been approached (not a good sign-considering everybody including Silveria have been in Curacao with the new “Informateur” agreement.

Both Sarah and Hasani Ellis made it obvious that they were open for negotiations with Theo Heyliger now, but would Theo negotiate? Theo does want one more

person to jump ship, because then he would be in a more comfortable position. He has the 8 seat majority with Cornelius de Weever now, but he’s still just one jump

away from losing the government again. Theo Heyliger and the UPP’s big question mark right now is Silvio Matser – and notice that I tagged him, so he can always

feel free to respond. Many in the UPP think that Matser is NA in UPP clothing. I don’t know Mr Matser, so all insight I received came from UPP stalwarts. Some feel

that because of business ties, including Westin, both Gary and Silvio are TOO closed to William Marlin and Andy Wescot. Right before the campaign started it was

revealed that Silvio Matser was under investigation for tax evasion. What no one was saying was that Matser, Unday (sic) Marlin, Williams son was a partner in the

deal, and should have been investigated also. It seems that Unday was a ‘silent’ partner in whatever scheme, so his signature wasn’t on any documents, so he escaped

detection. Yesterday I was told repeatedly that Matser was negotiating at a meeting with Marlin. Why? Because sometimes Party leaders want certain people to know,

that they know what is going on, ad that nothing is really secret. This is done, to cause someone to get cold feet, and back out of whatever they might have been

plotting. Here’s an example. A few months ago, I was contacted casually by a UPP agent, who told me that they were Trying to replace Maurice Lake with Kendall

Dupersoy at VROMI in a power play. Sarah was in on it, and it was going to be used to pressure Theo. At that time I was speaking to Kendall, so I asked Kendall, he

denied it. I asked UPP- they said it was the truth. SO I started congratulating Kendall all over the place, on the blog and on facebook. When Sarah realized that

someone had busted the bucket, and their behind the scenes scheming had been revealed, Sarah got “cold feet” and backed out, and that is the only reason why

Maurice remained at VROMI. So sometimes when they approach the bloggers with information, they have a lot of ulterior motives. Why was I told that Leona Marlin-

Romeo was defecting? Leona hasn’t said one word since the press briefing, so why would UPP tell me that Leona had defected too? Because they WANTED Leona to

defect, and maybe they wanted to cause some further stress on Frans and Williams heart. The UPP wants Leona, so I guess lumping her in with Cornelius de Weever

was their way of letting her know, that she would be welcome, it was also done to cause further instability and distrust within the NA/USP/DP coalition. The UPP

informateurs have not contacted Sarah and the DP because they want Leona. Say what you wanna say, but Leona is on her way up, while it’s obvious that Sarah is on

her way down. They tried to taint her and her campaign manager Lynch with accusations of crimes, but I have YET to see the documentation proving what was

posted by Marlin’s agents. Some want to claim Theo wants to be Prime Minister. Okay, so when is he going to start his Crash Course in Dutch, since most of the

communications will he held in not just Dutch, but Advanced levelled diplomatic Dutch. The title of Prime Minister holds prestige, but let’s be practical. If you want a

Prime Minister you need a diplomat who knows how to ‘dance in dutch’, and that would be Gracita R. Arrindell Gracita has an attitude, and some people fault her for

that, but I think she was born in Curacao, which means that it’s in her genetics to cut style, she can’t help herself. Gracita has the Dutch, has the Diplomacy, has the

Leadership skills (President of Parliament) She appears to be on good terms with the Dutch, unlike Theo. I mean, can you see Theo Heyliger have fluent

conversations in Dutch? I have problems seeing Theo having a fluent converation in English. Him and Frans George Richardson got that ‘folksy’ thing going on where

they have horrible grammar, and can’t conjugate to save their lives. It’s not a put on people, Frans and Theo can’t conjugate to save their lives, because they know and

speak St Maarten patois- and it’s the only language that they speak in, and it’s the only language that they really know. They might UNDERSTAND Dutch and

English, but get them to state a standard American or British sentence, and they can’t do it- because the ONLY speak St Maarten Patois. Oh yeah, and Theo and the

Watheys have been at war with the Dutch for decades. Didn’t the Dutch Queen send Claude Wathey some type of award? And didn’t Emil Wathey get up on stage,

lube the award with VASELINE, and tell the Queen where to stick it? Theo just called the Dutch a bunch of modern day slave masters, and colonialists. They call hey

“Mr Mafioso” and Mr 10%…… what a great way to start out your diplomatic mission as Prime Minister. Theo might like the prestige of being Prime Minister, but he

knows that they are not going to make the screening process easy, he also knows that the Dutch are ANGRY as hell and can’t wait for a ‘reason’ to come in, so I really

feel that Gracita would be a ‘buffer’ between Theo and the Dutch. Cornelius de Weever is back. I had a good hour over at Kendall Dupersoy’s Facebook profile,

reading it and enjoying my Speculaas cookies and coffee…. go over to Kendalls page, and read his update, but makes sure you bring a handkerchief, to wipe your tears

away 🙂 I think that’s it for today, I feel so good that Reuben Rueben J. Thompson will not get a seat, with his scheming ass, I guess me and Gromyko can agree on one

thing. Oh, before I leave, why is Miguel de Weever scared of me? 🙂 I guess he thinks that I’m going to have him cuddling up under the comforters with Theo next…….

🙂 Like I said, when I posted the photos of Connie and Theo in bed, and the GEBE went “CLICK”, I knew it was the truth. Anything else – I’ll let you know.



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