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PHILIPSBURG:— Man shot a robber to death while he was in the act of robbing Flex CD store on Front Street. The men were in the act of robbing the business located next to Midtown Motel on Front Street when an armed man entered the store and shot one of the robbers to death. The second suspect managed to escape unarmed.
Press prosecutor Tineke Kamps confirmed that a shooting occurred Thursday afternoon leaving one man dead.
Asked if the shooter is an off duty police officer or a license firearm holder? “So far what I did not hear that the shooter is an off duty police officer. However, police are busy investigating. Asked if the shooting and ultimate death of the robber is considered as a murder investigation.”
Kamps said police is busy conducting the investigation and all of the questions asked are part of the investigation. All I can say for now is that a shooting took place on Front Street and one man is dead.”The press prosecutor said so far the shooter had not been detained

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  1. It is about time. These punks have declared open season on law abiding, hard working people. Time to take back our island. They even shooting at the police now. The laws have to be changed so businesses can have a firearm liscense. Thief man got more fire power than even the police. Time to take back our country.


  2. it a shame someone has to die but these bastards over doing it. once you robbing and using a gun , you giving me a good reason to use mine . thats why i love my sawed off..chop your thieving behind in half


  3. this story was a whole set up. #`1 the victim that died was not trying to rob the store. His friend set him up to be killed. He was brought to the store to be killed so that it could look like a robbery was taken place. I WISH PPL WOULD GET THEY FUCKING STORY STRAIGHT. THE DISABLED MAN LIED TO COVER UP FOR HIS SON.


    • since we got the story from KPSM the Korps Politie St Maarten, and the eyewitnesses, I suggest that if you know more than anyone else, well then maybe you should take your story to the police. It was reported that two men came in to rob the one disabled man, his son came in behind and shot the man. So that is as straight as the story that was given to me and EVERY other media source. If you think you know more, then you know the police have a special number for you to call, give them your story, and then they can add that to the equations, coming on here and calling people names changes NOTHING about the situation.
      blessed day


      • you all need to do your jobs better get to know the fucking story without fucking puting bullshit on the net


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