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I said WEEKS ago, and even posted a photo shop with Connie, Leona and Theo all snuggled up under the comforters… I didn’t want to bust out Leona’s plans so I removed the photo shop and waited. All along I’ve known, and I’ve said that Leona was going to do the right thing, and leave Marlin and Frans in the mud, where they remain wrestling like two pigs.

Bibi Ho Shaw, the Guyanese is very unhappy with this, and has been very disrespectful to Leona Marlin- and all I can tell Leona, is that I actually SPEAK to the St Maarten people, and they got your back!

Don’t worry about what the Guyanese non-journalist says, she’s only regurgitating the vomit that William Marlin spit in her mouth!!!

Before you allow Bibi Ho Shaw back into the Government building, find out her “STATUS”, review her CV, and her so called credentials and degrees, which we all know are bogus and fake.

She is not an accredited journalist, and thus should NOT be allowed at official briefings so that she can pung her melee wrong as usual.

I had to stay quiet, as they called me a liar, because I didn’t want to give Leona’s plans away.

I did it because I was looking out for HER best interest.

Sarah Wescot Williams, Marlin’s partner in crime for about a month now, is the one who sent out her little hooker-magnet, Dennis Richardson to call for an investigation… But where is Sarah now?

Snuggling under the comforters.

Leona Marlin- MARK MY WORDS…


Bibi Ho would NEVER say to these people’s faces, what she blogs when she thinks that she’s ‘safe’.

I face the people who I blog about every day, and I look them dead in the eyes, they look away.

Bibi Ho, has been called out, exposed- put on blast, and it’s only just beginning.

Bibi thought that she had high-powered alliances, but they are all abandoning he one by one.

Ask her ex-best friend Peter de Witte,

Bibi is the so called friend that you DON’T want defending you, because she’ll be the reason you end up in jail.

From now on expect Bibi to attack the government, based on information leaked to her by a very jealous, and envious William Marlin.

Up to last night Marlin and his buddy Friday- WERE STILL BRAGGING,  about how great Marlin was.

I can only feel sorry for Leo Friday…

Friday had a lot to tell me at one point.

He told me that I had not right to go after Rollocks for the money owed to me. That I had HELPED Rollocks more than anything. Friday said that I was crazy, and that he KNEW that I wasn’t crazy, but he would say it anyway- because I guess it would be okay for me to call his children anything to discredit them- as long as I FELT this way. Leo Friday boasted about how he had been a multi-millionaire, and told me how wrong I was to blog about Rollocks owing me money.

I feel nothing but PITY for Leo Friday. When Rollocks owed me money, I WROTE about it. When Randolph Friday OWED his workers money, they shot him severaly times in an attempt to kill him, and has made it known, that they are not done with him.

It was the reason Randy could’t run in this years elections.

So I guess what Leo Friday the FORMER millionaire was telling me, that I could be victimized and left to starve by the system and its politicians, but I as a nobody had no right to publicly write about it.

So maybe I should’ve picked up a gun, and handled the matter in that way- because that is what St Maarten has come to now.

I’m the ONLY person who would simply write about it- in a civilized manner.

Other’s simply pick up a gun, and try to put these money hungry animals who REFUSE to pay their below minimum wage workers, as they feast on steak and caviar- out of their misery.

Leo Friday ATTACHED himself to a HOST, parasitically, in the hopes that he would at some point regain his former glory, but Friday attached himself to a CORPSE- a dead host that can no longer help himself, so how could he help Friday?

The same day I sat down at Dougies and spoke to Friday, and he tried to debase me and question my intellect and mind, is the same day I received The “Willy Dead” cd from Fish da Mega Boss.

Based on Friday’s NASTINESS- and utter contempt of the VICTIM, I had full intentions of completely destroying Marlin in the video.

But then the video took long enough to complete, for me to think more rationally about it.

Why would I try to do God’s job of punishing Marlin, when the Higher Power could do a way better job than I ever could?

So I made a very FAIR video, considering the fact that Marlin is nepotistic scum, and allowed FATE, KARMA, GOD, THE GOD’S to do their job.

And I must say, on election night, and since then…………

It’s been quite OBVIOUS, who’s been getting the “KARMA” 🙂

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