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1) Before Election day, and before the votes were counted, according to sources, both William Marlin and Theo Heyliger had ALREADY signed a broadbased government deal, if neither got the clear majority.


2) Theo Heyliger was supposed to have been stunned when he saw Frans Richardson, Sarah Wescot Williams and William Marlin, smiling on the front page of the newspapers the next day, announcing their “NEW” coalition partner agreement, when he thought that Marlin would honor the agreement.

3) Frans is ALSO supposed to have signed an agreement with Theo Heyliger for a broadbased government, but whether that was before or after the elections, I don’t know.

4) Sarah NEVER had any intentions of sticking with William Marlin, but when I would post that they would call me a liar, so I stopped posting- and waited………..

5) Sarah doesn’t OWN the DP brand, she has NOT handed in her formal resignation either, and it was just a few weeks ago, that she was upset with Cornelius for not formally resigning from the party.

6) After the “NEW” coalition USP/DP/NA was formed, ALL members of the coalition- at least their leaders, were STILL in full negotiations with Theo Heyliger.

7) Frans was making huge demands, he wanted 3 Minister appointments with his two seats. After their USP/DP/NA fell apart because of Cornelius de Weever’s defection. The constituents started to blame Frans’ greed. Frans blamed the USP Board’s greed, saying that they were the ones making all the demands, and he had to go along with it. The Board started blaming Rueben Thompson, saying that he showed no diplomacy or tact, while Frans negotiated- refusing to be associated with this one and that one, saying that the USP would NEVER work with this person and that one etc etc..’

8) While SARAH WESCOT WILLIAMS, FRANS RICHARDSON and WILLIAM MARLIN were praying with their eyes wide open on the front page of the paper for the ‘success of their new coalition’, they were all aware of what was going on behind the scenes.

prayer meme1


9) Behind the scenes William Marlin is now blaming his number 2 Silveria Jacobs for not being able to fulfill his part of the agreement with Theo Heyliger, because the sources said “Marlin said that Silveria REFUSED to work with Theo Heyliger.

10) With all of the secret negotiations going on behind the scenes, the party leaders were very much preoccupied with enriching themselves and getting the best deals for themselves and their families, when rumrs about the clandestine negotiations began to leak out within the parties. Certain NON-leaders were supposedly shown signed documents PROVING that their leaders were secretly negotiating behind the scenes for their OWN best interest, and nobody else’s

11) At this point, other members in the coalition are supposed to have started their own secret negotiations with Theo. The candidates who were a part of this rumor where Christopher Emmanuel (NA), Leona Marlin (USP) Rodolphe Samuel (NA) Cornelius de Weever (DP). The only UPP candidate who were said to have been negotiating with William Marlin, was said to have been Silvio Matser, but Silvio quashed the rumor.

12) With coalition rumors rampant on the island, the party leaders began to get paranoid. Marlin suspected Frans was negotiating, Frans suspected Leona via her advisor Lynch was negotiating, the lesser candidates KNEW that their leaders were negotiating with Theo and this led to more distrust among a bunch of enemies who hated each other anyway.

13) Marlin the Formateur at the time panicked, and decided to do the wrong thing. In order to keep Frans and Leona in check he had his supporter ‘journalist’ Bibi Shaw Hodge plant a ‘hit piece’ on her blog. The portrayed William as being the innocent formateur, while other coalition members were going rogue out of greed. The article accused Frans of being seen with Romain Laville visiting UPP candidate Maurice Lake at the government building. It accused Leona Marlin of being led by her ‘nefarious’ advisor Henry Lynch, and accused Lynch of Heinous crimes that have NEVER been verified or justified. It tarnished Leona and her advisor Lynch, and portrayed them as betrayers who were negotiating with Theo Heyliger for financial gain, for their ‘own best self interest’. But in William Marlin’s infinite stupidity, he was looking at Leona and Frans, while he should have been studying his arch nemesis Sarah Wescot Williams, and her protege, number 2 on the DP slate.

14) Sarah Wescot Williams ended up in Greece with Theo Heyliger for a “Greek Wedding”, but that “wedding” was simply arranged by big business, who preferred a Sarah and Theo coalition, they thought that it would be better for business.

15) Sarah played hard to get at the negotiations, refusing even to speak to Theo about a coalition or anything else.

16) Behind the scene the orchestrator of EVERY St Maarten government downfall and destroyed coalitions, Leroy de Weever was plotting for his OWN best self interest.

17) Many are now saying that Sarah, and ONLY Sarah, was aware of the Leroy negotiations, but she had to keep up the “I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON” act about Cornelius de Weever, until SHE defected from the party that she leads, to join the Theo Heyliger broadbased government.


18) Half the political experts believe that Sarah was caught by surprise at Connie’s defection. The other half believes that she planned it.

19) Sarah Wescot Williams told NO ONE in her party the Democratic Party, that she was joining Theo… not her bestie Ramona, not her advisor Michael Ferrier who is also a veteran on the slate. She did not tell the board according to sources, because “she didn’t need them distracting her, from her own best self interest”

20) Michael Ferrier according to those within his private email circle is said to have emailed to close family and friends after learning of Sarah’s defection, that they might be reading about his resignation from the DP in the paper, and that he learned about Sarah’s move to join Theo in the broadbased government on the news.

21) Sarah Wescot Williams was frantically trying to call Cornelius, an he never responded, but that could just been another one of their Machiavellian moves.

22) The fact that Sarah had her favorite whipping boy, Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson try to call in the Dutch for Higher Supervision, I believe is that Sarah WAS caught unaware by Connie’s move, and that “The Dutch” card had been her last Ace up her sleeve………..If I’m NOT in the government, Theo, I will have the Dutch come in……………

23) Out of nowhere the Dutch who had been threatening and blustering suddenly decide that they weren’t coming in.. and they ‘shelved’ the investigation.. we don’t know why.


24) It was then announced that Leona Marlin had as I had predicted, joined the broadbased coalition with Theo Heyliger, and almost as an afterthought they mentioned that Sarah, who had been lambasting Connie for his defection- who was sending her surrogates such as Michael Ferrier, to lambast Connie in the papers the next day……….. JOINED WITH THEO.

25) Sarah joined with Theo, but told no one, and brought NO ONE along, DP members were telling me that they were reading my blogs to find out what she was up to.

26) Sarah went on a media blitz, all over the island all over the radio waves and television, but she has yet to explain her abrupt turn of heart…. suddenly joining the guy that she had called in the Dutch to investigate.

27) The losers are William Marlin and Frans Richardson. Reuben Thompson and a few more now in the opposition.

28) The winners are Theo Heyliger, he gets to run the government. Leona Marlin is a winner, because she once again it seems allowed Frans to outsmart himself. Both Frans and Marlin had betrayed her big time, but she bide her time. When the time was right, she simply joined Theo Heyliger broad based government coalition. The USP and Frans whether in anger or in spite, just kicked her out of the party. But they ALREADY gave her the seat, now they kicked her out, they not only lost that seat- but she can now declare herself independent, and would be treated as such, and wouldn’t need any of them, or have to rely on ANY of them again. Had she resigned from her party. They would have had an argument. But they kicked her out. Now she is entitled to ALL the benefits of an independent Parliamentarian, and she doesn’t have to be under the thumb of the people who tried to throw her under the bus.

29) Sarah sacrificed all, and did what she had to do to survive the coalition demolition. I’m only surprised that Michael and other DP members are surprised at Sarah’s treachery. Sarah is, and always will be Scrappy, survivor Sarah- you have to admit it, even if you hate her guts. And she can be a benefit for Theo, but Theo will have to constantly watch his back.

30) I realize that my political blogs are not like by many……especially the opposition. They’ve taken to trying to threaten me on an almost daily basis now online.

Emailed threats, that don’t work and don’t change anything.  The Facebook campaigns etc… to get people to NOT read the blog, seems to drive more and more viewers to the blog.

I spoke to Marie Hennis for the first time today in St Peters, I had online known her on Facebook like a lot of people. She told me that as long as I knew that what I was posting was true, and as long as I had God, I would be okay.

I too am documenting and caching all threatening emails, whether the threats are blackmail, physical violence, false charges etc. everything is being carefully documented daily, and are uploaded on  timer to the LandsRecherche.

There’s a lot more going on, but I’m done blogging for the night, unless there’s some breaking news….

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