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A teacher of the St.  Maarten Vocational School identified Frank Delmore is seriously injured while a passenger of the pick-up truck Delmore was driving is now dead. Residents of St. Peters identified the victim as Jean Claude Samuel a student of Teacher Delmore. The residents said that Delmore went up Sentry Hill to refill the generators. They said Delmore who is well known in the St. Peters community works as a maintenance man for the telecommunication systems. Young Samuel they said is of Haitian decent but he was born on St. Maarten and has been working with Delmore eversince he left school.

Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson said that Delmore was driving down Sentry Hill in St. Peters when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the retaining wall. “The pick-up truck went through the wall on Sentry Hill leaving the driver seriously injured. However, the passenger who was sitting at the back of the pick-up truck was thrown out of the vehicle somewhere in the vicinity of the turn. Henson said the passenger died on the spot. So far the cause of the accident has not yet been determined while the victim has not yet been identified” Henson said the accident occurred just after 4pm Saturday afternoon.

The name of the individual killed is Claude, a well Haitian well known and respected in the district for his carpentry work.

School teacher Franklin Delamore, sustained a leg injury, but his prognosis is good.

One man is now dead after an accident on Sentry Hill Saturday afternoon.

The accident which took place after four (4) Saturday afternoon involved a a Mitsubishi dump-truck that was maneuvering at the top of the hill when for unknown reasons the driver lost control of the truck and it fatally crashed over the steep incline of the Sentry Hill.

Initial reports say that the driver, a school teacher Frank Delamore of the St. Maarten Vocational Training School, suffered serious injuries.

Teacher Delamore is familiar with the location as it is said that he does some work at the top of the hill where numerous telecommunication antennas are located.

Ohe of the two young men who was said to have been assisting him, died on the spot during the accident.

Teacher Delamore who is also said to be a welder, is currently being treated at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) where he was rushed to by ambulance in critical condition after Saturday’s deadly accident. His other helper was also injured during the accident.

The Traffic Department of the St. Maarten Police ForCe is also conducting an investigation.



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