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The three robbers broke into the jewelry at 10:56 in which they took the staff hostage for the issuance of their valuables.

The property is equipped with a security lock and it is by crossing the three individuals were faced with the first squad of police probably alerted by a silent alarm. A first exchange of gunfire then took place.

3 robbers managed to leave the scene on foot towards the West Indies Mall.

After fifty yards, they took possession under the threat of a Twingo. Embarrassed by their booty and a baby seat in the car, their flight was delayed. It is up to the Yacht Club restaurant that three robbers were this time confronted with two platoons of police. Further exchange of fire shot after which two individuals were questioned, the third fled on foot in the direction of Fort Louis. A policeman was slightly injured by shrapnel. We have no information on the health of both individuals arraigned.

Several vehicles were damaged by stray bullets including that of the delivery of the Time of Flowers who was driving his vehicle and creator SXMinfo, Florent Letuvée whose vehicle was parked him.

Here is essentially what can be said about this robbery jewelery Goldfinger at this very hour.

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