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Unfortunately, people online are already referring to PUTD as PUTA (whore). Now sources are reporting that although prostitutes straight from the brothel were present holding up signs, very few actual St Maarteners showed up. The new organization is lead by Brothel Owner and Pimp Etienne Toachie Meyers, and Elton Jones. According to our sources, LESS than 150 people showed up to march, a shockingly low number considering that Theo Heyliger managed to garner almost 2000 votes, by himself just over a month ago.

According to sources present, who showed up just to see who was participating, the marchers were some candidates on the UPP slate,  their people, their advisors, SOME PROSTITUTES from the brothels, their families and a small group of foreign -some say illegal- foreigners, who are here without residency papers, but are not knowingly associated with the brothels.

If you calculate the UPP candidates, their advisors and family, you would already go past the 100 mark, for those who attended, the rest ‘supporters’ were non St Maarteners- the people mentioned above.

Some of the particpants claimed that they were offered and were to receive monetary compensation for showing up and holding signs, and pretending to be angry locals although they speak neither English nor Dutch, and have NO legal rights to be marching anywhere, since they are here illegally.

The majority of local media, activists, bloggers etc also boycotted, only Bibi Hodge Shaw, and Andrew G Dick, both Guyanese nationals were said to have covered the event.

There was ZERO presence by anyone from the SXM Indigenous or Grassroots movements.

The Grassroots and Indigenous movement have made it crystal clear, that they don’t support the Dutch, but they DO support this investigation.

The leaders of the True Grassroots in St Maarten, boycotted overwhelmingly, and simply phoned me to find out the latest.

Many in St Maarten feel that this new ‘movement’ was a huge slap in the face to the true St Maarteners, and grassroots, who whether they support Theo or not, believe that the abuse by the government of the people has to stop, and according to ALL online polls OVER 80% of St Maarteners WANT an investigation, whether it be by the Dutch or Interpol.

Currently less than 20% want independence, something which has been argued by PUTD.

St Maarteners are ashamed that they did not have a choice in the matter as to who would lead them in a march for their rights.

The majority feel that a pimp, a human trafficker and flesh peddler does NOT represent them, and they resent it when PUTD made statements suggesting that somehow the St Maarten people were behind them and supported them.

As stated above, St Maarteners are now resorting to calling this new ‘movement’, being led and organized by a pimp… PUTA!


When they came out with TOT taxes, no one stood up and protested- When the rates of GEBE skyrocketed, no one stood up and protested.


When the price of bread went from 1 guilder to 5 guilders, nobody stood up and protested. When GEBE’s constant power outages destroyed appliances and equipment in poor peoples homes, nobody protested. When they LOWERED the minimum wage to below $5 dollars per hour, no one stood up and protested. When they broke the moratorium on brothels, for their own personal gain, no one stood up and protested. When the pedophile was finally arrested after decades of abusing young boys, and it came out that law enforcement had been protecting him, not ONE parent stood up and protested. 60% of SVB recipients are foreign born, and many live abroad in the birth countries and receive anderstand every month WHILE LOCALS ARE DENIED! The gang activity in the schools have gotten out of hand, not one parent stood up and protested. When Buju assaulted that young girl, his third assault victim, and Mental Health said that they couldn’t hold him, no one stood up and protested. When Jules James fired all of those loyal Pelican workers, no one stood up and said anything. The roads and infrastructure are caving in, making large school buses driving on the road a danger, no one has said a word. When so many people entered the Medical Center on a stretcher, and left in a body bag, no one said anything. The murder rates skyrocketed in 2010, and violent crimes got out of hand, no one stood up and said anything. A police officer is convicted of assaulting his stepdaughters, and gets to remain in uniform nobody says anything. A police officer brutalizes several women, and attempts to kill one, and doesn’t lose a stripe, nobody says anything. One pimp is incarcerated for withholding his prostitutes passports, and forcing them to work beyond their hours, no one stood up. A bunch of foreigners kills American tourist, damaging the SXM brand, and putting SXM worldwide on the map for crime, no one utters a word, A parliamentarian pulls his gun on three people, on three separate occasions, no one stood up and protested, politicians were in and out of the courtroom in handcuffs, nobody stood up and protested. Pensioners and seniors are being forced to do without the basic necessaties, nobody bats an eye.The census office so busy running scams, and making their money under the table,the lines run out the door into the street and hot sun, no one has demonstrated against that. The seniors and pensioners were promised a break on their power bill, but when they came to look for their discount, they were laughed out of the GEBE offices, no one said a word. The Minister of Justice made it an offense to arrest and deport illegal immigrants so that he could make money off of fining them, not one person stood up and protested. Six months contracts were shortened to 4 months contract, no one stood up and defended the employee., As lower than minimum wage workers barely can put food on the table, people likeDerrick Holiday the brother of Governor Eugene Holiday funneled thousands into the casinos to support his gambling habit, as dozens of employees went without pay for months, not one person protested. It is obvious that the main drug runners and human traffickers in SXM are in government or in law enforcement, no one has stood up to protest that. Guns are being found in the prison, obviously being provided by prison guards who are being paid and bribed by the prisoners, St Maarteners did not come out and protest that. Frans George Richardson and William Marlin rather than doing good for the people while in power, filled in the Salt Pond for their benefactor, Guyanese campaign donator Macsood, a few months later tens of thousands of fish died, and floated belly up in our once Great Soualiga, nobody stood up and protested that. Foreign National Andrew Dick, bilked several companies out of tens of thousands, and served NO time, and instead is interview crooked police spokesman Ricardo Henson nobody protested the unfairness of that. Illegals outnumber St Maarteners, are able to find work, yet they tell local youth that there are no jobs available, making their only option the streets sometimes, I have not seen one person stand up and protest against that. In the SXM courthouse, you will find convicted criminals-felons who’ve done prison time parading around in judicial robes, being called ‘honorable attornies’ nobody protested that. Hundreds of millions were granted to the St Maarten Government in 2010, the money was supposed to subsidized departments in need, and the poor of St Maarten, the money all disappeared, the people went without, nobody protested that. The Dutch decide, hey!!! There’s too much illicit activities going on in sxm, politicians are taking bribes on camera, Ministers who should be in prison are being appointed, all the money that was granted to the SXM government for the people has disappeared, we need to investigate all of these terrible things in SXM…………..AND THE PIMP CONVINCED THE ST MAARTEN FOOLS, TO STAND UP AND PROTEST THAT!! They are going to put on their white t-shirts, with the bloody paw prints, and march up and down protesting an investigation into all of the wrong doing. The Elite in Government, who will go down when they get caught up in an investigation, and go to prison have convinced their agents to convince the St Maarten people, to make an investigation into wrong doing “their cause” to protest AGAINST!!! They are getting the people who have NEVER stood up for their children, or their elderly parents rights, to stand up and defend the rights of a government who would never do the same for them. They put a pimp as the leader, and expected the prostitutes to carry signs and walk behind the flesh peddler, and they will- as they won’t even stand up and protest for their elderly parents to get more than 250 dollars per month in pension- on time. When they came out first with this sham of a protest, I said that they would be hit by lightening. Gonzalo came….. and yet they continue to tempt the fates, and who will it fall back on – we the real St Maarten people. They have the Haitian and the African, telling us that they know more than us, and that independence will ‘free’ st maarten, lol… but why did they flee their countries? The politicians that these people are standing up to protest for and defend, would not piss on the st maartener, to put him out, if he was in lying on the streets covered in flame. The same politicians that you will stand up and defend, would NEVER stand up to defend you! WHEN YOU GET YOUR INDEPENDENCE, AND CAN NO LONGER DEPEND ON THE DUTCH FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE, AND SVB AND PENSION. WHEN YOU GET HIT BY THE NEXT CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE. LET’S SEE IF YOU CAN RUN TO TOACHIE HOUSE, ELTON HOUSE AND GET A LOAF OF BREAD AND SOME ASSISTANCE. TOACHIE MEYERS, THE PIMP AND PROTEST LEADER JUST LOST IN COURT FOR TRYING TO CHARGE 119% INTEREST IN ONE YEAR ON A 100.000 DOLLAR LOAN! The reason that they are FOOLING and TRICKING the people into this protest, is to cover up their money and criminal schemes, and to look out for their own best interest. IT WILL BE VERY INTERESTING TO SEE, WHO WILL BE MARCHING BEHIND THE PIMP LATER THIS WEEK.


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  1. I have a question. I was just in SXM a few weeks ago and i keep hearing people saying the dutch can;t do this and that. and we don;t want the dutch. Is Dutch SXM moving towards independence? You can’t live in your parents house and still decide they cannot reprimand you when they have a challenge with your path


    • thank u whoever u are, lol – seriously. is it that they refuse to get it, or that they can’t get it? the people have spoken, in the online polls and in the crowd turn out yesterday. they refuse to see the light. over 80 percent want investigation, and that is with Theo and UPP getting over 7000 votes in the elections two months ago, which tells anyone who has logic, that even the people who voted for UPP and Theo overwhelmingly want an investigation. The ONLY people rallying for independence is a bunch of refugees from third world countries, who hate st maarten, and want to see it in the same condition as whatever third world country they fled from


  2. this island is capable of great things but with out the right people in office and with out the mass majority standing up for there rights nothing will change!!


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