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PHILIPSBURG–A prisoner who was badly injured during a brawl at the Pointe Blanche prison in September reportedly was transferred to The Netherlands under tight security on Sunday.

Although police and Justice officials were tight-lipped about the prisoner’s identity, The Daily Herald understands it was Carlos Richardson, who is currently serving thirty years. He sustained severe injuries, when he was attacked with a machete in an incident that involved Urvin Laurence Wawoe (33), known as “Nuto.”

Nuto is said to be a member of the Curaçao gang “No Limit Soldiers,” a member of which was held responsible for the murder of politician Helmin Wiels in Curaçao. Wawoe is serving an eight-year sentence in St. Maarten for cocaine and firearm possession, money-laundering and being involved in a criminal organisation.

Authorities clearly were not taking any chances with Richardson’s safety. A number of Marechaussees were seen getting on the Sunday KLM flight, while there was a significant police presence outside the plane.

Richardson had been moved from St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) to “another place” once he had recovered sufficiently. Prison Director Edward Rohan had confirmed at the time that the inmate had been moved from SMMC and taken to a place where his safety was secured. Rohan declined to specify whether the other location referred to was the prison.

“He has been moved from the hospital. He is not critical anymore, so the prison doctor and nurse will continue his care,” Rohan said at the time. “We have found another place for him in the meantime.”

Two firearms were found in the prison after the fight, leading to cries amongst prison guards about concerns for their safety and security. Justice Minister Dennis Richardson subsequently announced a number of strict measures that will be introduced at the facility to address the security breaches that resulted in the guns being smuggled into the prison.

Richardson is serving time for two murders, one attempted murder and one case of attempted manslaughter as the hit-man in connection with the notorious Vesuvius case.

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