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We broke the story several hours ago that one had been shot to death in Cole Bay. The police were according to Colebay residents patrolling the area. Click back for the official police report.

COLE BAY–A man was shot to death on Waterfront Road in Cole Bay just after 8:00pm Monday.

Police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson told The Daily Herald residents in the area had reported hearing a gunshot and when they looked outside they had seen a man lying dead on the sidewalk on Waterfront Road in front of an apartment building.

Henson said the man had been identified and authorities were aware of his details such as his age, but he couldn’t release these details as the next of kin had to be informed first.

The Daily Herald understands that the man was shot once in the head. A car was reportedly seen leaving the scene.

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  1. Wow..every other day I am reading of a murder or a violent armed robbery on the island. People of SXM, let’s come together and do what we must to change this terrible trend we are facing. Parents of young still influenceable definitely play the most important roles. Even through facing struggles of your own, please do what you must to inspire your kids and help them to have a positive future and help spread love in their worlds instead of pain and sorrow. It’s all always cycle, let’s all do whatever we can to make sure it’s a positive one!


  2. I don’t think this is right. I don’t personally know this young man but if I was his mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grand mother I would be highly upset to see him like thia lying dead on the floor. You need to be more considerate with your publications. No one deserves this, he’s a human being.


    • i agree, but as you can see- this photo was taken from another news site, and simply reblogged. I have stated that gory photos should not be used when publishing stories. This is NOT an original publication, it was simply taken from another site. People want to see who the latest victim is, i would have prefered a different photo, but this was all that was available. And I do undertand what you’re saying, I’ve been here.


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