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For decaudes now France has wanted to clamp down on SXM, exactly because of the duality and the differences that allowed us here to do things that they could not

even imagine in France. For all those decades people have been coming here from Martinique and Guadeloupe to put their money on the bank on the dutch side.

But decades ago the economic situation, both in France, SXM and the rest of the world was different. those were the days when SXM flourished, and when everybody

could have several jobs if they wanted to. Back in those days Guadeloupe ran the island, it was a commune and an integral part of Guadeloupe and The French

Republic. SXM could do nothing on its own, except what the government did not find out. Then several things changed, France started legalizing illegals as if it was

going out of style, which meant a few thousand here on sxm alone. Another wave of illegals came in since the others had been rewarded they decided to try a thing too.

then came the Metropolitan French. Their numbers have grown so much that many of them live in gated communities in Orient Bay and Lowlands. Another change

was the fact that SXM got collectivity status, and was no longer supposed to be tied to Guadeloupe.


Dream on!

What that status has given SXM so far is a few bits of autonomy and a set of people who still do not know what they can do and what they cannot do.

Such as taxing social benefits. wait until France holds them up for that! what they can do they won’t do. the economic situation worldwide took a downturn.

something which had to happen at some point in time. most people with small businesses worked outside the system. Today everybody is watched and made to pay the

state for what they pay to those who do not hit a stroke. so you have to choose, either close your business and hold out your hand to the government or try to find a job

on the dutch side, jobs which go now to foreigners who are willing to take even less that minimum wage.then there are the beaches and the sea, all those perks are too

much for us. so they have to find a way to clamp down on sxm, which supports both the corruption of the dutch system and that of the french system.

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