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From Anonymous: Questions to: Minister of Justice, Prosecutor, Director of the prison, lawyers, legal teams and analysts:

1111roland duncan wants 100 million but he won't clean up this mess all photos judith roumou (189)

1. When will the new penal code go into effect for the islandof St. Maarten. 2. When will your so- called “law book” be published, printed, shown to the public, used at the jail, in other words: WHEN will the old Netherlands Antilles law officially be changed to Country St. Maarten law and actually apply to inmates at the prison? • The release of this book was postponed numerous times, but nobody, not even the minister was able to answer WHY. Since starting of 2013 “it’s in the final stages” and “will be released next month, next year, in the summer, in the fall, etc…….” 3. Now in more details: Under the old law there was a condition keeping repeat offenders locked up longer by making them sit 4/5ths of their sentence, under the new law there is NO such condition and all inmates have to sit 2/3rds, all across the board: My question: IF the law knows that a man has to be released AS SOON as the new law goes into effect: Why are they keeping them locked up in Pt. Blanche? Why not 1) release them or 2) put them on house arrest with electronic monitoring until the new “law book” has officially gone into practice? 4. How many criminals are released without serving ANY time, for whatever crime, because there “is no space in jail at the moment”. 5. Would it not make sense to release a man if he has done his entire 2/3rds and lock up a “new” criminal? Even if he is supposed to serve 4/5ths? 6. How many prisoners are serving 4/5ths at the moment? 7. How many spaces in jail would be created if you were to let them go in a timely and civilized manner starting with the best behaved ones etc…..? 8. It is not a secret that people are released because they have “good lawyers” who can come up with all kinds of excuses and mistakes to get someone released under whatever condition before they even do any amount of real time, it is no secret corners are cut at times to help out an ex- girlfriend or family member, etc… why not do the thing that makes absolute sense at this moment? You don’t have funds to build bigger jails, hire more guards, up- grade facilities to proper safety standards, control arms, weapons or even drugs in jail, well this solution costs nothing: Release those who have done 2/3rds of their time, or even release those who are eligible for early release under the new law: AND CREATE ROOM! Use the time that the jail is 1/3 or ½ empty to find more guards, improve security, build, whatever… 9. For those who think this idea is absurd: Remember we are paying x amount of guilders, taxed guilders paid by the working force of St. Maarten for each one of these inmates every day! If I remember correctly: about NAF 30 per day per inmate…. Do the math!

*** Good behavior + 2/3rds + remorse and kindness= RELEASE! *** THAT IS YOUR SOLUTION!

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