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The New Chief of Police is about to be appointed, since it appears the current Chief Peter de Witte is leaving to Aruba. Jan Beaujon is apparently heading the screening/vetting process.  Minister of Justice, Dennis Richardson will also be a part of this vetting process. Will the allegations by “journalist” Bibi Hodge Shaw that Chief Peter de Witte impregnated an illegal prostitute, and used his influence as the Chief of Police to get the Justice Minister Dennis Richardson to fix all of this prostitutes papers going to be investigated.

The allegations posted by “journalist” Bibi Hodge Shaw of SMN News, is posted above directly in this blog.

Investigation for one, investigations for ALL.

1) Did Peter de Witte impregnate an illegal prostitute, calling herself a ‘dancer’

2) Did Peter de Witte use his influence to get Minister of Justice into ‘overnighting’ legalization and residence documents to this prostitute.

3) Is Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson also married to a prostitute, and did this influence his decision?

4) Will Peter de Witte be questioned/ investigated for these documents:

de witte docs


5) Are the Dutch going to investigate the allegations that Peter de Witte is on various ‘payrolls’

6) Are the Dutch going to investigate that when Peter de Witte was made Chief of Police in St Maarten, and in Aruba- crime skyrocketed and Aruba became known worldwide for crime, due to the Natalee Holloway disappearance, when Peter de Witte showed up in St Maarten, we went worldwide because of the Kings murder.

7) Now our police are trying to collect illegal guns, will Peter de Witte be questioned for having one of his guns NOT secured and stolen?

8) There is ONE Dutch Officer who is qualified to replace Peter de Witte, two local police are vying for the position.

Why is Bibi Hodge Shaw, Peter de Witte’s buddy (Check out the photos of Peter de Witte having dinner at ‘journalist’ Bibi Hodge Shaw’s home) deciding who should and should not be our new chief.

Bibi Hodge Shaw, whose LEGAL name is Saliva Shaw is a Guyanese Native, who has NEVER lived in Dutch St Maarten has a press media pass, But NO media, journalism reporter credentials. Bibi Shaw speaks no Dutch, and thus cannot be considered a legitimate reporter at Court cases, and certain Parliamentary and Government assignments, since she neither speak, understand or can read and write the Dutch language. Bibi Shaw has no work permit in Dutch St Maarten, and works here illegally, makes money on Dutch St Maarten, but pays NO taxes to the Dutch.

This lady, Chief of Police Peter de Witte’s best friend, because she writes the lies he tells her,need to be investigated along with Peter De Witte and Dennis Richardson.

…… be continued………….

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