sxm government st maarten falls


Daily Herald from today: These are all from businesses To Be That claim seeking employees with Specific talents and educational back grounds. ALL BULL SHIT !!!! These are Employers Who-have all found a way to get working allowded allowded and residency for foreigners. Now DO NOT take me wrong … if we do not-have people here That can help you run your business smooth Then OK. Is there a purpose to teach our people shot to blind in one day do the job or Will We continue –other Bringing in s while our people-have no jobs? Do not believe me … .I DARE TO ANY ONE FOR ANY aply ONE OF THESE JOBS AND CALL THE OFFICE AND YOU WILL LAOUR HEAR IT FOR YOUR SELF … “DONT WAIST YOUR TIME WILL NOT HIRE TEHY … YOU … THEY ARE DOING THIS FOR PAPERS FOR SOME ONE THEY HAVE ALREADY “… ..MP / Minister Cornelius de Weever It’s time we close this gap in our labor system. You can order the bring some one you HAVE TO TRAIN LOCAL !!!! If not close shop and go back to hell Where you come from! Judith R Roumou Christopher EmmanuelTamara Leonard Johan Leonard and all the rest … ..lets start working on Laws to deal with this problem.

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