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Maurice Lake Responds to the various complaints concerning flood damage, and residence issues

The last time I saw Maurice Lake was about a month ago, since then various residents have approached me about several issues involving just flood damage.

I certainly don’t look for people with complaints or issues with these politicians, I have my own issues to resolve, and I make no money blogging, so it takes away from my time. I do it as a public service, because if someone asks me to assist them, and I say I will, it’s only right that I follow through on my word. The politicians like to pretend and believe that I’m out to get them, like there’s some vendetta going on, they are delusional. I am approached all day, every day by people with concerns and issues. It just so happens that I have the most read site in St Maarten, so when I post the complaints, people pay attention.

I called one of Maurice’s ‘boys’ yesterday, and broke some things down. While I was in Philipsburg going at it with the National Alliance about William Marlin, Maurice called me, and we met briefly.

I am supposed to sit down with Maurice, and he will go through the list of issues that people are complaining about- and I am fair to those who are fair to me, so I hope we do get the interview, and he comes with facts not conjecture

1) Residents at the Marianne Estate Cole Bay complained bitterly about the illegal housing situation involving the Chinese, who when they bribe officials get away with EVERYTHING. There were complaints that these people who are living ILLEGALLY here are being housed 10-15 per ROOM.

It is a dangerous situation, unhygienic situation, and I will sit down with Geronimo Juliet, the Head of Immigration to find out why raids are no longer being carried out. Roland Duncan the former Minister of Justice stopped all raids, so that he could illegally bilk the illegals and immigrants of their money. Now Dennis Richardson is the Minister of Justice, but the only person he should have been requesting assistance from the Dutch for is his OWN illegal, criminal, unethical, immoral ass! The Dutch will have NO credibility unless Sarah Wescot Williams and Dennis Richardson is at the TOP of their investigation list.

Maurice Lake does not control immigration, but he does control permits through VROMI etc. According to the residents a VROMI representative and crew were their, in suits, supposedly investigating. Whatever the Chinese Home owner slipped into his pocket- it made him forget all about the illegal buildings, extensions and permits. I have the name of that VROMI employer, who NEVER returned. Maurice Lake assured me yesterday, that there would be a follow up investigation. I know that the legal residents are determined to have the situation rectified, they are now being victimized and vandalized. Should there be no follow up, or investigation into this matter, they wil contact me- again

It MUST be noted that Maurice Lake was NOT Minister when this inspection happened, according to my sources it was while the NA briefly were in power. I will re-verify the info, and update the latest as a ‘NOTE” later today.

2) Concerning the St Peters drainage canal that has been falling apart gradually for about a year now. Every time it rains, you can actually see parts of the structure eroding to the point, that there is barely anything left to block the water, which means of course during the next rain storm, the barriers will be completed eroded, and there will be massive flooding. Various Citizens contacted me, because the situation has gotten extremely dangerous. So the barriers to prevent flooding are almost completely gone. The channels used for the water to flow is clogged, making the next rainstorm a disaster. I addressed this with Maurice Lake yesterday, he assured me that he was aware of the situation- it is a priority, and they will get to work on it asap.

The Le Grande Marche roundabout project, is an unfinished joke. The drainage has not been completed according to the person with the expertise to do landscaping projects. Although the Grand Marche roundabout has been paid for at least 6-7 months ago, it remains unfinished and un-maintained. The weeds have obstructed the natural design which is supposed to be a sign. There is litter, and nothing has been maintained. According to the landscaping expert, the project can be saved, but it lacks even the basic infrastructure, and an EXPERT landscaper, who knows how to do the ENTIRE project needs to be in charge. Minister Lake knows the experts- so this should not be a challenge to him. He let me know that he was aware of the issues with the roundabout, and how horrible it looks right now.


When it comes to the latest VROMI controversy concerning the blocking of Belair here is the full Daily Herald explanation:

PHILIPSBURG–A site plan of the future residential complex on the property directly in front of the Belair beach, detailing the development plans which include paved public access to the beach, and a copy of the permit were made available to the press for viewing on Thursday, December 4.

The press conference was called to address widespread property development questions – brought to the foreground due to the December 1 blocking of the entryway to the beach ¬– by Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure VROMI Maurice Lake.

VROMI Secretary General Louis Brown and Permit Department head Angel Meyers also were on hand to explain the plans. Lake said this sort of information, including permits, site plans and elevation graphs, was available to interested persons through VROMI.

The plans

The residential buildings to be built on the plot of land between the sea and the pond will not be higher than the neighbouring Belair Beach Hotel. The pond and mangroves growing on the development-side of the pond will not be touched, and there are no plans for the pond itself, although the pond area belongs to the property owner.

However, some mangroves on the opposite side of the pond will be cleared by VROMI at some point because they were said to be blocking an underground culvert that drains water into the pond. The Nature Foundation probably will play a role in this, but plans are not set yet, as this will be a separate development in the future.

Some seven residential buildings will accommodate 63 units in total. These will be divided into four units of four floors each and three units of three floors each. Each building will have designated parking in front of its units and some 50 separate parking spaces will be provided for the public.

This parking space is located at the base of a paved path about five metres wide that leads directly to the beach, forming the designated beach access. The path will be located between the residential buildings and Belair Beach Hotel.

Two sewage treatment plants are located under the road levels.

The issues

Talk had spread that property developer Miti Katz was involved in developing the area, something both Katz and Lake told this newspaper was not true. However, Katz’s company Simpson Bay Lagoon (SBL) Management applied for the permit on behalf of the developer who is based in Venezuela. The company only acted as a proxy, said Brown.

SBL applied for the permit, which was granted and is now valid for the location regardless of who develops it. Karis Development N.V. is the name of the development company and belongs to the landowner in Venezuela, Johnny Pavan who inherited the land from his late father.

A local architect will be used, from Arka architecture, design and development.

Lake flatly denied that the issuing of the permit had been any sort of election bribe or something he should have refrained from doing as an outgoing Minister. Building permits, no matter how large the planned development is, are not considered “major decisions,” he said, in reference to criticism that outgoing Ministers were told not to make any major decisions.

The group explained that once a building permit was requested, VROMI aimed to handle the request within six weeks. This is sometimes drawn out if, for example, more information needs to be provided. The process should not have to be stalled because of the changing Governments, the group said in an invited comment.

Brown pointed out in line with criticism received that there were some grey areas and that work on legislation was needed for the future. He highlighted, for example, the role the underway development plans would play in controlling and streamlining the development of various areas. It came up during the press conference that the deadlines for these plans could be seen as having been too “optimistic, but the foundation is there.”

Brown discussed the role of the 1995 Beach Policy 1995 versus private property rights and why legislation was needed, which also has been pointed out by many stakeholders, including environmentalists.

The beaches are public but “I know private property boundaries that actually run into the water,” he said. “The beach policy basically prevents people from building too close to the shoreline, but the ownership situation doesn’t change with that.”

He also touched on the accessibility aspect of the policy, among other topics, but said that technically, “I don’t see anywhere that it is legally regulated that if this is your property you cannot fence your property.”

He said Government had been able to control development through permits; for example, by having property owners provide beach access or parking space. The discussion of private access and public beaches has been going on for many years and Government is working on making this more concrete, he added.

Besides public alleys, for example in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, Brown said there were few beaches that had direct public access and in many cases the access points are a matter of private owners tolerating public use. The group said that in moving forward, the Government would try to obtain some of these pathways from private owners, which may have to be done by buying the pathways.

Another issue brought up by the media was that although there is technically a chance to appeal, the permit request never had been made public. VROMI said in an invited comment that the request did not legally need to be made public; building permits do not need to be publicised. This was another example of a situation that needed to be streamlined, they added.

A member of the media also pointed out that the day the gate was closed was the exact day the appeal period was over, but this was said to be a coincidence. The problem the representatives had was still said to be the trees. The permit had been issued October 10 and approval by the Fire Department given on September 10.

Lake said both Meyers and Brown had made improvements to VROMI over the years, and VROMI was acting in a transparent manner. “The Ministry is very open to the public.”

When it comes to the GEBE issues, I have yet to discuss that with Maurice Lake, like I said the conversation was brief. GEBE is growing into a bigger nightmare than anyone thought possible. They maintain their small offices, as their rates skyrocket, and their service is literally the worst in the Eastern Caribbean. Isn’t it a shame that people who went without electricity and water for OVER a month, due to a brief category 1 storm- are being forced to stand in line, in the hot sun, while the CFO of GEBE has allegedly been given a vehicle worth over $45.000 dollars? Now why do the politicians get mad at me? Angry at me? Call me names, call it a vendetta when EVERYTHING I provide the documentation to?

Concerning the abundance of dead Tilapia and other fish that died during the last storm, according to Maurice Lake the clean up efforts are moving as quickly as humanly possible. So yesterday I went I checked. There are less dead fish and dying fish, but I still saw some fish corpses floating around. What has to happen is that this needs to be PREVENTED. It’s not about cleaning up after a ‘disaster’ it’s about preventing the issues caused by the ‘disasters’ in the first place. Ever since Frans Richardson and William Marlin, filled in the pond for Guyanese benefactor MacSood, who provides them with election cash, the fallout and evidence of the utter destruction of our pond is becoming more evident. Ring Road has made the flooding WORSE. It’s not a Theo issue, it’s a political issue, because William Marlin was so busy getting as much of Ring Road land, and dividing up Point Blanch land, he had no problem turning his back while Frans DESTROYED our SOUALIGA to build his benefactor a racetrack- in a residential district- mine you, and a cricket field, in a country that couldn’t give two shits about cricket!.

Evidently Macsood gave his money to Rodolph Samuel, because this election his campaign became ALL about cricket. I don’t care who hates because because I am blogging verifiable facts. If they try to build Macsood ANYTHING!!


How do you forget all about your people, as you busy up this Guyanese ass? That’s why Karma caught up to both Marlin and Richardson and Samuel!!!!

The ONLY intelligent thing William Marlin has ever done in his life is to give his criminal son an unpronounceable name, so that when he’s caught up in illicit activity, nobody can spell his criminal son’s name, but I will get the correct spelling of ‘Unday’s’ name. Like Sarah Wescot Williams, William Marlin appears to have clean hands because they have their sons do all the dirty work. You cannot talk about Maurice or Theo, without FIRST discussing Sarah, Frans and William Marlin own criminal misdeeds and scams. But that’s an entirely different blog. All of that info deserves a blog of its own.

Right now VROMI is under heavy scrutiny, but the people who are being scrutinized the most like Claudius Toontje Buncamper have been there a lot longer than Maurice Lake. Right now Toontje who talked to me during the elections, suddenly won’t talk to me anymore, which is PERFECT for me, because he doesn’t have to talk to me, everyone else is. I can ask Maurice Lake about the current scandals involving VROMI- and some want to point all fingers at Maurice, but let’s be fair.

Maurice Lake wasn’t supervising people late at night (to my knowledge) to steal VROMI supplies and equipment. According to my witnesses and source, certain Higher Ups at VROMI were coming with crews after hours to steal equipment and supplies to their hearts delight. I was told the fact that it was done after hours, in the darkness of night PROVES that it was done illegally and without anybody’s approval. Minister Lake was not the head of VROMI then, so you can’t place the blame on him- we know who was behind this. It was NOT Maurice Lake stealing Vromi equipment and supplies, to ensure that his wife got the biggest and most expensive election campaign posters.

When they illegally filled he Salt Pond, that was NOT Minister Lake but Frans Richardson and William Marlin.

Anyone who knows me, knows that it’s not about which politician I ‘like’ because I don’t like any of them, it’s about who I hate the least.

People who are political have a bias, and lose credibility, Kendall Keith Dupersoy, William Marlin’s #1 bottom boy is a good example of this. I have THOUSANDS of email exchanges with Kendall Dupersoy, and when NA were in power, these very same issues were going on, I have the emails, audio and video to prove what I’m saying. But I have completed an entire blogsite PROVING that the National Alliance are NO better.

When I would visit and speak to Kendall, as he was William’s assistant at the time Willy was in power- we discussed the very same issues.

1) Ringroad mess

2) Lack of infrastructure

3) The Pond filling- don’t forget- I’m the one who busted that bucket, which led to the most ludicrous Parliament ‘investigation’ ever. It was such a farce, the Parliament Hearing about the illegal filling of the Salt Pond, that it is almost impossible to believe the incompetence of Frans and William- luckily I was there with four cameras, so when I post the evidence will be there for you to verify and re-verify.

4) I RECORDED Kendall Keith Dupersoy giving me FULL authorization to RECORD him at ANY time, because he said he had nothing to hide. Now Kendall Keith Dupersoy, since he’s been busted ran an active Facebook campaign to discredit me saying that I SECRETLY recorded him, and that I altered video and audio of him.

leroy la paix

This b.s. is not even worth responding to because anything he claims was ‘illegally’ done, he certainly has the money to take me to court. Because I have Kendall on audio giving me FULL permission to record him- I’ll let him argue with his own audio. Kendall Dupersoy has NEVER heard any of his recordings or SEEN any of his video- but he claims that it’s been tampered with. Like I said Kendall is a joke. Kendall tried to discredit me by saying I was on drugs, but that would be his Brother Leroy LePax the drug addict and dealer, who was busted on the Airport with all those drugs. Isn’t it like Kendall to call someone something, that his own motehr produced. Both Kendall and Leroy worked at the airport, and yes Leroy Le Paix, Kendall’s brother and drug addict- was busted… AND HE RAN ON THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE SLATE- When Kendall is talking shit about “Judy”, it must be ANOTHER Judy, namely Judy La Paix! Now I want Kendall to SHOW me where I’ve ever been busted in my life for drugs, or where I have FAILED any drug test in my life.  I am a proponent of Marijuana as a Medical alternative, if that makes me a bad person- hey.. I don’t care, I’m not the one getting busted on drugs like Kendall’s brother. The National Alliance want to appear ‘clean’, but why is Tuitt son getting busted with cocaine? So when you here these people talking about drug use and abuse, take a close look at them and their family, then you will see who they’re talking about. And I can get into this further- but that’s not what this blog is about.

Now the above photos are strictly about Maurice Lake and ME! Maurice, is there a reason why your little ‘grasscutter’, side of the road cleaners are NOT maintaining the public property outside my wall,like they’re doing to everyone else’s yard? Is it a coincidence that they are pruning and grooming everywhere else but MY yard? I had my yard cleaned and done, but what difference does it make if Public Works isn’t doing it’s part? VROMI and GEBE have done substantial damage to my wall and yard. This is verifiably proven on audio and video- however this was also during William Marlin’s brief tenure.

Maurice Lake promised to have Roddy Heyliger send me press briefings the same way they send them to the Hollander, South African and Guyanese, so it will be interesting to see if Roddy Heyliger actually sends me the press briefings. If they don’t, when the DOZENS of people who approach me about Maurice have complaints THEN, I can give them a direct answer from the horse’s mouth.

Maurice Lake has promised to be interviewed etc, but I learned a long time ago- when it comes to politicians, it’s not about saying- it’s about doing.

Maurice Lake has promised to sit down and discuss all issues, but I won’t hold my breath- it’s nothing personal. I’m a realist, I know that few politicians words mean anything.

People are asking why I’m blogging less frequently and if you are my facebook friend, you would know that I am blogging less, because I make NO money blogging, and I’ve been working on sites that actually are supposed to help me generate income.

Until January 1st 2015, there will be breaking news and updates etc, but not at the same frequency because I am ONE person, and I run hundreds of sites with zero assistance.

There are many more politicians to question etc.. and when I run into them, like I ran into Maurice- then we can discuss them answering the question.

There are Big investigations going on right now in St Maarten politics- but there’s way more than meets the eyes..

Me, along with a few others know EXACTLY what’s going on. Usually I post my tidbits on Facebook, but don’t be surprised about a mega blog concerning these investigations.

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