I already reported this last month- and of course I was St Maarten’s biggest liar, and most unreliable source. But of course you can click on my blogs last month- where everything I predicted came true.

1) Richard Gibson failed the screening for the molestation of a young girl “Ms. D”, this I posted last month, because when the story was reported to me behind the scenes, of course I went in search of answers. I do speak to a few of Mr Gibson’s lawyers, associates etc- trying to be cute they told me that it was Veen who failed the screening. Because this associate had never lied to me before, I actually did a posting, which I had to remove, retract- and I sincerely apologized to Attorney Veen, and explained that I had been set up but would rectify the matter.  Attorney Veen was very understanding and cordial, considering the seriousness of the charge. I removed the story, apologized and in no uncertain terms blogged here, and to my Facebook audience of thousands that the lawyer who failed the screening due to child molestion was in fact Richard Gibson Sr. The truth is, since Richard Gibson’s ‘preferences’ are widely known, NO ONE suspected or believed that he would have molested a girl, knowing that he is a legend when it comes to harassing pretty boys. The Today Paper and Hilbert Haar can try to start another slander campaign about me, because I am laying out the bare truth- but I already visited Richard Gibson Jr’s office to let him know…

I spoke to Richard Gibson Jr. the same way I have maintained communications with ALL of Richard Gibson’s Sr’s EX-WIVES over the years. I do intend to meet with Richard Gibson Jr, to rectify the wrongs that they have done to THIS St Maarten woman- during the past five years.

The Gibson camp even started ANOTHER smear campaign against a very successful female lawyer. I deal with this lawyer, we went to school together- as usual she broke it down to me honestly. It WAS Gibson, and the anger and jealousy of her success has many local and Dutch attorneys angry enough with her in order to try to taint her and attempt to bring her down a notch.

Peggy Brandon failed, because of her partnership and close ties with Former Minister of Justice Roland Duncan. Peggy should have spent more time working on disassociating herself from Roland Duncan – who is under investigation for trying to run a brothel while being Minister of Justice.

Dear Peggy Ann Brandon- I defended you, when they tried to slander you and defame you because you refused to be compromised or involved in a conflict of interest. Your response was to post nonsense on Facebook about me- based on lies by Kendall Dupersoy- never having met me or known me. If that is your skills as an unbiased attorney, then you deserve to fail. How can you become OUR Minister of VROMI when all you seem to have done, is cover for Roland Duncan- everyone knows the back story- and you’re supposed to be a very competent attorney. An attorney with way more legal savvy than Roland Duncan.

What you need to do Ms Brandon, is STOP buying into bullshit on Facebook, and work on YOU!

Disassociate yourself from Duncan and Hypnotique- and you have the intelligence to run your OWN practice, being associated with a whore-monger under investigation, DOES affect you, and this is your the writing on the wall. Roland Duncan is under investigation- cut your losses and move on, maybe down the line you will regain respect for your legal savvy, as opposed to just being known as Roland Duncan’s accomplice.

Leroy de Weever failed not just because of all of his shady connections and crooked ways. The reason that I receive  MORE readers than the Daily Herald, is because they are biased- politically bought and owned- and the people are aware of it. The Daily Herald needs to start reporting actual factual news, and if they are professional journalists then report the truth….

I see myself getting into it with The Daily Herald, Alita Singh and co. You hire all of these foreign journalist-most do not even speak their native English, more or less Dutch.I am not a journalist, but at Parliament or Court, I actually cover the news, I don’t get dressed up, and sit around watching Fragglerock on my ipod like so many so called professional ‘journalist’ and her Guyanese sidekick- Andrew Dick- a criminal supposedly covering OUR St Maarten news. The Daily Herald needs to report the FULL truth, because, as they know- I have no problems coming down there- and forcing the issue.

Leroy de Weever failed, because LIKE it was reported in the Daily Herald when the incident happened, Leroy de Weever in a drunken rage- or maybe he was on something else, attacked ME, Judith Regina Roumou- not because I had done anything to him- he was annoyed that everytime he was involved in another government fall- I was there. His sister Millicent de Weever, that fake Catholic Christian, thought that she her ovaries were big enough to confront me for taking photos and videos on the Boardwalk- because you know the De Weevers and Wathey’s/Heyliger’s believe that they own and run the boardwalk. Millicent tried to get into a battle of words with me, but it was like she brought tweezers to a gunfight, because I was ready for her. When I was done verbally chewing her up and spitting her out, she called up her brother Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever- who showed up with his nephew Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever ( Who I had gotten along with before the incident) And Leroy de Weever proceeded to KNEE me, snatch my brand new work Samsung Tablet, Threaten to assault and kill me, and when I tried to call 911 Leroy de Weever, smashed my phone to the ground. Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever tried to calm down his uncle, and when he smashed my phone to the ground in my efforts to call the police, it was Minister Cornelius de Weever who picked up the phone and put the phone back together for me. They tried in vain- his daughters included, to get him to calm down, and to return my property- But Leroy de Weever does NOT think when he’s in a paranoid rage- but he wants to be our Minister of Justice. The bicycle patrol showed up and tried to get Leroy de Weever to do the right thing, but they had little effect- because he was a Parliamentarian-WITH IMPUNITY AND IMMUNITY, So when we get to court the witnesses will include the local police who I can name. Leroy de Weever refused to return my property, or apologize- he continued to rage on Frontstreet, as the police and witnesses stood by helplessly- because he had immunity. Leroy de Weever upon being asked by the police to do the right thing- told the police ‘I have a meeting to attend to’, and jumped into his jeep and drove off- leaving the police standing right there. It appeared that he actually drunk drove away, but because of his ‘immunity’ the police couldn’t stop him. The local police said “Judith, he assaulted you, and stole your equipment- we can’t do anything, go to the hospital and get checked out, THEN file a police report.” I went to the Medical Center, then filed a police report with Inspector Van Dam of the police department, who handed the information over to the Lands Recherche. The Lands Recherche, came to the scene to investigate and everything- with cameras. They came more than once, interviewed witnesses, and I had to spend a long time at their office going over the exact details of what happened, which is a very tedious process because we communicated in three languages, Dutch – English – Papiamentu. I have no fear of court, because I’ve ONLY told the truth- so my story has ALWAYS remained the same. The Lands Recherche then informed me that the case was ‘official’ and would be handed over to the Prosecutors Office. They then drove me back to the scene in town, where they interviewed more witnesses to confirm my story- and let me go. Since then I’ve spoken to Taco Stein- and I spoke to him this week, both him and his assistant Luke have assured me, that just because the de Weever’s have status and money, doesn’t mean the case is forgotten. It is ongoing.

Cornelius de Weever could not control his uncle’s rage and actions at the time, but he then became an aider and abettor to his uncle’s crime, because he fears his rage-a-holic uncle more than me- BIG MISTAKE!.

Although the doctors AND Cornelius de Weever determined that I do have a LIFETIME physical ailment- My SVB and anderstand was promptly dropped. I was PRESSURED to drop the charges. For Seven months I had NO MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, and NO TABLET to work on, I was forced to suffer, and the pressure was applied by Cornelius de Weever through the labor office for seven months. It was spiteful, retaliatory- and meant to break me into dropping the charges, what they did was make me angrier and more determined to see Leroy in court. It was Peggy Ann Dros, who came through and had my SVB re-instated, after I had been forced to go without medicine, food or money for over seven months. I am also following up on a case against The Labor Office and Cornelius de Weever for malicious, endangerment of my life, by refusing to allow me access to my medication.  My medication is for a MEDICAL ailment. Unlike many in our government and police department- I take NO anti-depressants or psychotropic drugs. And there is No shame in anti-depressants, I simply don’t use or believe in anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medication- which is widely used by many in our government and by many civil servants. I don’t blame them, if I had to work for the St Maarten government- I would be taking anti-depressants too. The case is against Cornelius de Weever- Peggy Ann Dross has no part in this case- she actually came through and did the right thing for me. Cornelius has more than one case in court with me. I will not bend, break nor bow- and strangely enough, I still do not dislike Connie, he was put between Judith Roumou and his uncle Leroy de Weever, and I know the stories. First Leroy has boosted Cornelius in politicals, so there is loyalty – secondly, Leroy is a rage-a-holic prone to physical violence!

Since assaulting and robbing me, Leroy de Weever has assaulted several other people- but because I promised confidentiality, I won’t name names, but they told me themselves. Leroy has a history of drinking, getting into a paranoid rage- then assaulting any man, woman, child or animal that happens to be in his way.

Leroy had the opportunity to do the right thing almost 12 MONTHS ago, but I’m a nobody- and he’s a de Weever…..

But guess what? This nobody has certain ‘skills’ and can hold on to a grudge much longer than the Ayatollah Khomeini- when I issue a fatwah against you, like the Ayatollah- I won’t let it go until you’re at least six feet under.

They wanted to appoint someone named Berman- and everyone in the media was asking the question…. who?

Well evidently he can’t pass the screening because of drug charges in his past. The question is.. is his name Bermon or Berman- because we all know of Bermon law firm, but never heard of this guy. Geert Hatzmann, will tell me, I guess I will try to track him down, but I haven’t seen him at the courthouse for awhile, and he’s hard to miss.

How Dennis Richardson passed screening is a mystery to me- evidently the Dutch didn’t dig deep enough- thats alright- I have been -and I will continue to dig- I just got a brand new shovel. Dennis Richardson is as dirty and smutty as the rest, but he knows how to kiss Dutch ass- so that got him a pass. Being good and curry-favoring and speaking Dutch should not be a part of the qualifications to become our Minister. I will contact the Dutch, with my questions and allegations about Dennis- and let’s see if he can still pass ‘screening’.

Marcel Gumbs evidently passed the screening- cha-ching another pension for him, but with Dennis and Marcel, the government is no longer green- too much RED in it. All of a sudden the Green Party is now the Orange party. And Theo Heyliger is losing MANY loyalists because of it.

Claret Connor supposedly passed the screening. Like I told Claret Connor- he better soak in Clorox bleach every night after coming home from work. I wish him the best and success, but if he gets caught up in the greed, like the rest of the boys who came in ‘clean’ and within months- big money had them ‘dirty’- well then Mr Connor- you too will be on my Dinner Menu.

claret conner

I don’t know anything about Rita Bourne-Gumbs, which is a really good thing for her. I guarantee you, if she’s done anything, her enemies will be dying to contact me with info- just like Gibson’s ex-wives…..

Josianne Fleming passed, I guess because the screening is based on ethics not morals- I wish her the best in her job.

I heard that Hassink will have issues with the screening- but that is clearly stated as hearsay.

Theo Heyliger has to appoint one more person.

Theo’s problem is he doesn’t want to appoint the most qualified people, he wants to appoint those he can control and manipulate- and it will cost him dearly.

Much more to come today….

sidenote: I was approached in Parliament by a lady, who told me b.s. about Janchi- the woman is a liar- I have spoken to and resolved my issues with Johan Leonard. I have also taken care of that lady- in my own way. There’s always a chance that someone has issues with a person, and try to use you to go after them- I fell for it.

But I’ve taken care of her.

There’s more to come- now I’m back to Carnival.

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