henry lynch st maarten


1) Some call them ‘rabbits’, some call them ‘frogs’, but there’s about to be some more jumping next week according to my sources-and Theo’s ‘newly in formation government’ might be just another failed effort.


2) Those reporting that Henry Lynch cannot be found in Dutch St Maarten, and is hiding out in French St Maarten, please check the brothels. We know that brothels are only legal in Dutch St Maarten, and according to my sources- he’s been kickin’ back with the girls. So anyone who is claiming that they can’t find Henry Lynch, isn’t really looking for him… now are they?


3) Henry Lynch evidently was suspended from the SMHDF, according to some he used Government supplies to build his own house or business or whatever- it’s the VROMI method and it’s been going on for years. Don’t forget I have all of those Fowler- ex head of SMHDF emails- I have, and I have posted the behind the scenes chicanery going on at the SMHDF- I also have emails and documents on the games certain VROMI big fish have been playing, and that’s why the ‘own’ so much land, property, businesses and homes- built on STOLEN material.

4)Also someone attempted to kill SMHDF board member Elston Fos, but the gun jammed. As soon as that story broke, people were quick to point out that Henry Lynch ( who they claimed had been getting a Minister coalition when the USPS/NA/DP had a coalition) had either served time for murder or manslaughter, and of course fingers were quick to point to him online, considering that he was involved in the death of someone.

I guess we will all find out when the court date happens- unless of course the main witness dies before the case actually starts like “Masbangu”, where the main witness mysteriously died of ‘natural causes’

6) Roger Gregory Koeiman, former Parliamentarian Romain Laville’s former bodyguard who was busted shipping all those tons of cocaine to the United States CAN be extradicted to the USA, that is according to some higher court ruling.


Netherlands: Rogelio Gregory Koeiman

                                                                 Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in the Netherlands into Rogelio Gregory Koeiman for alleged narcotics trafficking andmoney laundering.                          

DOCUMENT.PDFFile Size: 1.64 MB




xxx / xx / xxxx

Case Number:

Xx Xx Xx




Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx

Court Name – US Federal:

Xx Xxxxxx Xxxx

Requesting Jurisdiction:

Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx

WILLEMSTAD — Rogelio Gregory Koeiman, un eks-polis, ta detené pa ekstradishon pa Merka. A detené huntu ku dos otro persona mas e siman aki. Awor aki lo mester bai kuminsá e proseso pa ekstradit’é pa Merka, entre otro a base di sospecho di trafikashon di droga. Detenshon di e trio ta posibel pasobra Merka i Kòrsou tin un akuerdo di koperashon hudisial. E dos paisnan por pidi pa detene sospechosonan riba nan teritorio den kuadro di loke ta konosí komo un “rechtshulpverzoek”.

Koeiman a traha na Kòrsou, Aruba i Sint Maarten. Ultimamemnte e tabata fungi komo bodyguard di e parlamentario Romain Laville. Den pasado e tabata un di e sospechosonan prinsipal den e kaso di asesinato di e músiko Gabi Castillo den Roodeweg durante di Marcha di Despedida. Wes a konsiderá ku no tabatin sufisiente prueba kontra dje no opstante ku OM a pidi un kastigu di prizon di 15 aña na e okashon ei. El a sali liber di e kaso ei. Koeiman sinembargo tabata enbolbí den diferente otro kaso. Despues ku el a sinta e kastigunan  el a bai biba na Sint Maarten.

Lo por dura algun siman, kisas luna promé ku e ekstradishon pa Merka materialisá. Esei lo dependé si e sospechosonan lo hasi uso di nan derechi pa bringa e ekstradishon tantu den prome instansha, apelashon i kisas te na cassatie.rogelio



7) Dear Dutch………… investigator, detective, inspector……… whatever you want to call yourself- whether its you, the RST, The Marecheusseuse, The Lands Recherche, the VDSM, The Curacao spies, or anybody else who you are tracking and tracing in government- PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR MICROPHONES WHEN TAPPING THE PHONES!!! This is not paranoia, they told me that the government in formation was crumbling again, and I didn’t believe it, until the feeds in my phone came back. There’s nothing that I say or email, that I don’t expect to be recorded or read- so tap away, but TURN DOWN your microphones, so that I can have a decent conversation. Right now we are assisting Andrew Richardson (Mighty Baker Jr) In getting his wife body back to St Maarten for a proper funeral. The microphone feedbacks on my phone is making it impossible for me to establish and maintain communication. So once again- please turn down your microphones, I’ll even speak in Dutch if that makes it easier for you to understand.

Basically I’ve been speaking to EVERY politician to see if they will donate/contribute towards the Richardson family. I’ve been speaking to DP/USPS/NA/UP/Independent- even Jacinto Mock’s little party, now communication is becoming impossible.

Right now, other than Gracita Arrindell and Christopher Emmanuel- few other politicians have stepped up- which is something I will write about soon.

so that’s the latest in what’s going on with your government vs the Dutch government.

To assist and contribute to the Richardson family contact:

721 586 2783

thank you

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